Act I Complete

Late last night I decided to get through a bit more of Act I, working my way up to the second boss – The Spider Queen.

Not too bad a fight, even though I had to get through quite a lot of spiders just to get up to that bit. I was very glad to have that section completed though.

Wizard - Level 14

A pretty ugly mask if you ask me but Effy had me all excited by her dye post yesterday. Not only can you colour your gear but you can hide certain pieces too. OMG! Let me at the dye lady!!

Today I logged back in and one thing was on my mind. Where are the Dyes? I asked Coolidge and he told me that they could be bought from one of the vendors out the back. Arghus the Collector in Act I will sell them under his ‘Miscellaneous’ items tab.

I'm in Heaven

Look at that, another achievement. They seem to be frequent in this game, not that I’m complaining :)

So first thing of course was to hide the helm. I bought one of each colour just to save for later but decided on using the blue for my chest and gloves. In Act II, you can buy some dyes from Squirt the Peddler in the Bazaar.

Blue Dye

Unfortunately I still haven’t settled on a banner design I like, although every few levels you get some new additions to the shape or icons, etc.

I admit I didn’t know anything about The Butcher before the last encounter as I wanted to be surprised. The only thing I was warned about was to watch my feet. On the way to find the Butcher you’ll fight a lot of mobs in the dungeons with  very hot grates and lava shooting up from time to time. This is what you’ll be watching for during the final encounter in Act I.

I’ll admit here that I died the first time as he has an ability to pull you in with his meat hooks and then hit you hard if you’re still in melee range. The first time I died, he managed to get a hard hit on me while I was trying to run out of the molten grates at the same time. I did manage to get him past 50% though so I was pleased with that first effort.

After that first death, Cool told me to look out for two of the healing wells on the back left and right wall. I have to say both of those came in very handy during the fight. You can also tell which grates are about to be ‘no standing zones’ as they glow just before they start burning.

So once you get the hang of that and get range on him just after his meat hook ability you should be fine. Again Diamond Skin and Ice Armour came in handy for this one.

Just look at those goodies :)

Now see you in Act II.

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