Priest Changes – Build 15781

Here are the latest changes:

  • Mind Sear now costs 3% of base mana, down from 6%.
  • Shadow Word: Death damage has been increased by 300%. No longer does damage to the caster. Now also grants a Shadow Orb. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health. If the target dies, you gain an additional shadow orb. If the target does not die, the cooldown is reset. Only one of these effects can happen every 6 sec.
  • Shadow Word: Insanity (New) Blasts the target for (682 + 65.0% of SP) Shadowfrost damage, and causes your shadow damage-over-time spells to erupt, dealing up to 100% additional damage per damage-over-time spell on the target but removing them in the process. 15% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant.


  • From Darkness, Comes Light now also has a 2 charge limit on the Surge of Darkness portion.
  • Mindbender now has a 1 min cooldown, down from 3 min. Now grants 1% mana when the Mindbender attacks, down from 4%. Replaces Shadowfiend.
  • Power Word: Solace (New) Strike an enemy with the power of the heavens, dealing (2,098 + 40.0% of SP) Holy damage and restoring 2% maximum mana. 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast. Requires Level 45.



  • Devouring Plague now does 349 + 16.6% of SP Shadow damage with the DoT effect. Now heals the caster for 1% of their maximum health when it deals periodic damage and no longer heals on direct damage.
  • Mind Spike now costs 1% of base mana, down from 3%. No longer increases the critical strike chance of your next Mind Blast on the target by 30%.
  • Shadowy Apparitions now scales with 97.8% of SPS, rather than 60.0% of SP.
  • Shadowy Apparitions (Shadow) now has a 1.2x damage modifier.

Major Glyphs

  • Glyph of Devouring Plague has been renamed Glyph of Shadow Word: Death: Your Shadow Word: Death can now be cast at any time, but deals 25% damage against targets above 20% health and does not generate a Shadow Orb when used against them. Casting Shadow Word: Death now also does damage to you equivalent to the damage it would do to an enemy above 20% health.

Minor Glyphs

  • Glyph of Smallfiend (NYI) has been renamed Glyph of Dark Archangel: When you apply Devouring Plague to a target, you take on the form of a Dark Archangel for 8 sec.
Shadow ravens

Glyph of Dark Archangel

Shadow ravens

Shadow ravens

Not much to report on my end other than the two images I managed to collect today. It appears that shadow ravens now have a new animation. Here’s what they looked like before.

Priest Changes – Build 15739

Brian over at WoW Headlines reminded me that’s it’s been a while since I did a Priest post, so here’s what’s new:


  • Power Word: Fortitude had a tooltip error corrected: Infuses the target with vitality, increasing Stamina by 10% for 60 min.
  • Shadowfiend now has a 3 minute cooldown, down from 4. Duration reduced to 12 sec, down from 15 sec.


  • Archangel now has a 24 second duration for the Dark Archangel (Dark Evangelism) buff.
  • Mindbender now has a 3 minute cooldown, down from 4.
  • Void Tendrils is now limited to 5 targets.

Major Glyphs

Minor Glyphs

  • Glyph of Fading has been renamed Glyph of Shadow Ravens: Your Shadow Orbs now appear as Shadow Ravens.
  • Glyph of Fortitude has been renamed Glyph of Borrowed Time: Your Borrowed Time is now displayed visually.
  • Glyph of Shackle Undead now changes the appearance of your Shackle Undead.
  • Glyph of Shadowfiend has been renamed Glyph of Smallfiend: You summon 3 small Shadowfiends who each provide a third of the total mana return.

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for some of the glyphs at the moment. I’ve been playing around with the Glyph of the Heavens lately.

Here I am traversing down from a mountain peak in Kun-Lai Summit. I dared Coolidge last night to walk off the edge sans bubble. He declined and said I should try without levitate Maybe we could have a competition, the last to use their ability wins :P


I’ve been wanting to try the Glyph of Confession but haven’t gotten around to buying it yet, although I’ve read it’s nothing special.

I’ve also been using Mindbender which I like but with the new Glyph of Smallfiend (giving us 3 mini shadowfiends who each do ⅓ the damage, I was interested in trying it). I didn’t even have to change my minor glyph slot as it was already active. The only thing to do now was to see it in action.

Hmm, ok it doesn’t appear to be working yet :(

As a reminder, this is what Mindbender looks like. It basically trades out your old shadowfiend for one of these newer models and gives back a bit more mana while dishing out double the damage. That’s pretty good imo.

I’ve since re-learnt Holy Nova through glyphing. Oh how I’d miss you otherwise :P

But I think the nicest surprise was when I noticed that Glyph of Shackle Undead offers some cosmetic appeal.

Let’s compare:

Old shackle animation

New shackle animation

Whoa, what a difference! Although I don’t see using it on live but what better time to test these animations/spells than on the beta right?

A few other animations I observed as Disc:

Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

Since I’ve been playing quite a lot of Diablo III lately, I was quite excited by the new Shadow glyph which turns your Shadow Orbs into ravens :P

I hadn’t tried speccing Shadow before today (for beta) but this changed my mind… what can I say, it was a good opportunity to kill two rav birds with one stone :P

They only last a couple of seconds, so it was a little tricky getting a good shot of them but you get the idea. You’ll see a small flock of them flying around you like the Angelic Bulwark I mentioned a while back.

Priest Changes – Build 15657-62

What’s that? Two batches in the same week?

Here’s what’s changed:



  • Desperate Prayer can now be cast in Shadowform.
  • Divine Insight Shadow effect has been changed – Periodic damage from your Mind Flay refreshes the duration of your Shadow Word: Pain on the target.
  • From Darkness, Comes Light Surge of Light now has a 15% chance to proc. Surge of Darkness changed – When your Shadow Word: Pain deals damage, there is a 15% chance your next Shadow Word: Death will treat the target as if it were below 20% health.
  • From Darkness, Comes Light no longer affects Shadow Word: Pain.
  • Spectral Guise now causes you to be stealthed, not invisible.


  • Grace no longer affects Greater Heal – makes sense since they took the spell out.


  • Mastery: Shadow Orb Power replaced with Mastery: Shadowy Recall – Gives your periodic shadow damage spells a x% chance to deal damage twice, each time they deal damage.
  • Devouring Plague *New* – Consumes all of the caster’s Shadow Orbs to deal 2,099 Shadow damage per orb consumed and afflict the target with a disease that causes (1,049 + 50.0% of SP) Shadow damage every 1 for 2 sec per orb consumed. 15% of damage caused by the Devouring Plague heals the caster. 40 Yards Range. Instant. Costs 1 Shadow Orb.
  • Mind Surge (NNF) *New* – You have a 20% chance when you deal periodic damage with your Vampiric Touch to instantly reset the cooldown of your Mind Blast and cause its next cast within 12 sec to be instant.
  • Shadowy Apparitions *New* – When you deal periodic damage with your Shadow Word: Pain, you have a 12% chance to summon a shadow version of yourself which will slowly move towards a target which is afflicted by your Shadow Word: Pain. Once reaching the target, it will instantly deal 1,025 shadow damage. You can have up to 15 Shadowy Apparitions active at a time.
  • Mind Blast now has a 8 sec cooldown, up from 6 sec.
  • Mind Surge (NNF) now has a 10% chance to proc.
  • Shadow Orbs – New – Generated by Mind Blast and Shadowy Apparitions. Used to cast Devouring Plague and empower Psychic Horror.
  • Shadowy Apparitions now has a 20% chance to summon a shadow. Now deals (615 + 60.0% of SP) shadow damage and grant you a Shadow Orb. You can now have up to 3 Shadowy Apparitions active, down from 15.
  • Vampiric Touch no longer regenerates health but now grants 2% of maximum mana, down from 3%.

Major Glyphs

Minor Glyphs

On a side note, I managed to try the new Stormstout Brewery dungeon today. Is it me or was it a lot easier than Temple of the Jade Serpent? Even with little to no trash it almost seemed like a walk in the park compared to the first one. I didn’t really remember much from the video I saw ages ago except something about balancing on barrels. Even so, I found it to be a much more enjoyable experience albeit short :)

Latest Blue Posts: 6 May 2012
[bluequote author="Blue Tracker" link="" source=""]
Rapture Must Retire
We don’t think Rapture is “fundamentally flawed.” We also added it back because so many Disc priests asked for it. It’s challenging for us to present a design when some players want something and some don’t want it.

Discipline would struggle if the spec was designed around flawless Rapture use, but it’s not. Meditation is still there and in fact a Disc priest with flawless Rapture use would have more mana return than other healers. A priest who totally ignored PW:Shield would have lower mana return, but why are you playing Disc if you ignore PW:Shield? For many Disc priests who say benefit from Rapture every 20+ sec instead of the minimum 12, their sustainability should be comparable to other healers. Keep in mind what I said in the other thread about considering the entire package; the only real measurement of sustainability is how long the various healers can cast in average (low HPS) and scary (high HPS) situations without going OOM.[/bluequote]

[bluequote author="Blue Tracker" link="" target="_blank" source="" target="_blank"]
Discipline Feedback
In the (hopefully) next build you receive, Discipline again has Greater Heal, Strength of Soul, and Power Word: Shield with no cooldown. We are also trying something really different with Spirit Shell. Let us know how it feels.[/bluequote]

Priest Changes – Build 15650

Here are a few more changes in the latest build.


My current tree

Playing around with two of the other talents today, I tried out Mindbender and Spectral Guise. At first I thought we might have the regular shadowfiend and this other one as two sources of mana. However, that’s not the case as your current shadowfiend gets replaced by this improved one. Does double the damage at a 4min CD and lasts about the same amount of time.

Mindbender - my new improved shadowfield

Spectral Guise

Not much to say about Spectral Guise atm, just wanted to try it out really. Still leaves you in combat, even though you’re technically invisible but might be a nice little breather when needed. Although three direct hits and it’s cancelled.

Currently at 163K heath, one stack of Spirit Shell absorbs 55,078 damage. Based on my current gear, I need two casts to cap out at 65,485. Still pretty slow at a cast of 2.28sec unfortunately. Since they’ve removed Greater Heal, I don’t really see this as being a viable option atm without some sort of filler spell.

Glyph of Penance – Increases the mana cost of Penance by 20% but allows Penance to be cast while moving. Without the glyph the cost is 3720, glyphed 4463

I do like the idea of being able to cast while moving, just like during the Alys fight. Will need to test it out in a dungeon or something as I didn’t get a chance today.

An interesting thing happened when I was trying to do a dig at the Temple of the Red Crane.

According to the tooltip for Void Tendrils, there’s a 30sec CD. As I tried to pick up my fragments while fighting a Haunt of Despair, I set off one of my tendrils on it. I was surprised to see after a few seconds, I could lay another one on it so I thought I’d try something. Since the CD on my tendrils wasn’t counting down I just spammed the button for several more seconds. I thought 10 would be a good number :P

Not too good for my mana pool but it sure was fun :)

Priest Changes – Build 15640

It feels like ages since the last lot of new content was added to the beta but with last night’s Patch changes, here’s what’s different:

There’s now a ‘Core Abilities’ tab in the Spellbook. Not sure but I think something’s a bit off :P


  • Fade now temporarily removes all your threat.
  • Mass Dispel now costs 13% of base mana, down from 38% of base mana. Now has a 15 sec cooldown.
  • Void Shift is no longer a talent. Now has a 6 min cooldown. You and the currently targeted party or raid member swap health percentages. Increases the lower health percentage of the two to 25% if below that amount.


  • Cascade absorb has been reduced by 66%. Now scales from 97.5% of Spell Power, down from 261.3%.
  • Divine Insight Discipline and Holy bonuses have been reworked. Discipline – When you cast Spirit Shell, there is a 40% chance your next Power Word: Shield will both ignore and not cause the Weakened Soul effect. Holy – When you cast Greater Heal, there is a 40% chance your next Prayer of Mending will not trigger its cooldown, and will jump to each target instantly.
  • Divine Star now is instant cast, down from 0.25 sec cast. Base damage/healing has been reduced by 28%. Now scales from 32.5% of Spell Power, down from 65%.
  • Feathers From Heaven is now Angelic Feather.
  • From Darkness, Comes Light now has a 2 Charges limit.
  • Halo is now Instant, down from 2 sec cast. Base damage reduced by 50%. Now scales from 195% of Spell Power, down from 390%.
  • Mindbender *New* – Creates a Mindbender to attack the target. Caster receives 6% mana when the Mindbender attacks. Damage taken by area of effect attacks is reduced. Lasts 15 sec. 4 min cooldown. Can be cast in Shadowform.
  • Twist of Fate has been reworked – After damaging or healing a target below 20% health, you deal 15% increased damage and healing for 10 sec.


  • Rapture – When your Power Word: Shield is completely absorbed or dispelled you are instantly energized with mana equal to 150% of your Spirit. This effect can only occur once every 12 sec.
  • Borrowed Time – Grants 15% spell haste for your next spell after casting Power Word: Shield. Lasts for 6 sec.
  • Spirit Shell now costs 6% of Base Mana, up from 2%. Now has a 1.5 sec cast time, down from 3 sec. now absorbs (32,648 + 219.0% of SP) spell damage. Healing now procs when the shield expires or is dispelled.


  • Chakra: Chastise now Increases the damage done by your Shadow and Holy spells by 15%, grants a 10% chance for Smite to reset the cooldown of Holy Word: Chastise, reduces the mana cost of Smite and Holy Fire by 75%, and transforms your Holy Word spell back into Holy Word: Chastise.
  • Greater Heal base healing has been reduced by 17%. Now has a 2.5 sec cast time, down from 3 sec.
  • Serendipity – When you heal with Binding Heal or Flash Heal, the cast time of your next Greater Heal or Prayer of Healing spell is reduced by 20% and mana cost reduced by 10%. Stacks up to 2 times. Lasts 20 sec.


  • Vampiric Touch base damage has been reduced by 75%. Now scales from 37.6% of Spell Power, down from 62.6% of Spell Power.
  • Meditation now allows 25% of mana regeneration to continue, down from 50%.

Major Glyph

  • Glyph of Fade now causes your Fade ability now also reduces all damage taken by 10%.
  • Glyph of Penance now Increases the mana cost of Penance by 20% but allows Penance to be cast while moving.

Tier Set Bonuses

Those bonuses really couldn’t be less exciting. Hopefully they’ll be rectifying that soon…

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