Timeless Isle Rares

Timeless Isle Rares

With an abundance of rares on the Isle, it was just a matter of time before I encountered each one. Quite a few of them require some sort of interaction before they will spawn which makes it a fun endeavour to discover them all. Never-the-less I’m still surprised by the sheer number of rares on this mysterious Isle.

Archiereus of Flame

Located next to the inner wall of Ordon Sanctuary.
Drop: Elixir of Ancient Knowledge


Croaking Hollow.
Drop: Gulp Froglet


Interact with his ‘Conspicuously Empty Shell’ to reveal his aggressive nature

If one wasn't bad enough you get three

If one wasn’t bad enough, you get three.
Drop: Blackflame Daggers


At the top of the broken bridge.
Drop: Falling Flame


Has an appetite for cranes.
Drop: Pristine Stalker Hide

Dread Ship Vazuvius

Summoned from the Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern after killing Evermaw.
Drop: Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner

Emerald Gander

One of the new tameable pets.
Drop: Windfeather Plume


This monstrosity moves pretty fast around the Isle, even while you’re dpsing him.
Drop: Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern

Flintlord Gairan

Stands on the outer wall of Ordon Sanctuary.
Drops: Ash-Covered Horn and Ordon Death Chime


Swims in a red pool at the top of Ordon Sanctuary.
Drop: Ruby Droplet


Under the bridge at Red Stone Run.
Drop: Odd Polished Stone

Gu'chi the Swarmer

Circles around Old Pi’jiu village.
Drop: Swarmling of Gu’chi

Great Turtle Furyshell

Found on the shore right next to the horde camp.
Drop: Hardened Shell

Imperial Python

Found him curled behind a tree stump.
Drop: Death Adder Hatchling

Ironfur Steelhorn

May replace any of the yak locations on the Isle.
Drop: Tuft of Yak Fur

Jakur of Ordon

Towards the cliff of Firewalker Ruins.
Drop: Warning Sign


Talk to the Fisherman to summon Karkanos.
Drop: Giant Purse of Timeless Coins


It only took two casts to summon this guy


Along The Blazing Way surrounded by sprites (67, 44).
Drop: Ashleaf Spriteling

Monstrous Spineclaw

May be found in any of the Ancient Spineclaw locations with a higher concentration around the horde camp.
Drop: Spineclaw Crab


Event: Once you help the crew fend off some Rattling Mariners, Rattleskew will appear. (61.8, 87.7)
Drop: Captain Zvezdan’s Lost Leg

Rock Moss

Found at the back of the Cavern of Lost Spirits.
Drop: Golden Moss


Spawns in the Mysterious Den after using the Rock-Breaking Hammer to break through the cave-in. (59.1, 48.9)
Drop: Cursed Talisman

Spirit of Jadefire

Found inside the Cavern of Lost Spirits.
Drop: Jadefire Spirit and Glowing Green Ash


Resides in his own little den next to the broken bridge. (54.1, 42.5)
Drop: Pristine Stalker Hide

Urdur the Cauterizer

Inside Ordon Sanctuary.
Drop: Sunset Stone

Watcher Oso

Just off the beaten path of Firewalker Ruins.
Drop: Ashen Stone

Whizzig Probably the most unique is Wizzig who not only appears as a friendly rare (found in several locations around the Celestial Court) but acts as a vendor who sells four items to dress up your pug and pet biscuits.

Spawns just off Old Pi'jiu village

Spawns just off the coast of Old Pi’jiu village.
Drop: Rain Stone

Zhu-Gon the Sour

A Barrel of Skunky Brew will appear in the middle of Old Pi’jiu village. Killing all ten ‘leaks’ will spawn Zhu-Gon.
Drop: Skunky Alemental

The noteable drops are not 100% but you can check out all the rares drop pets on my Pet Additions – 5.4 post.

Isle of Thunder Rares

Isle of Thunder Rares

There are eleven new rares on the Isle of Thunder but only ten are needed for Champions of Lei Shen. They can all drop a Shan’ze Ritual Stone and a the Key to the Palace of Lei Shen (which are lootable once a week) as well as the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion for warlocks – lootable by the first warlock to pick it up. However, each rare is guaranteed to drop a Tome of Valor making it that much easier to be capped for the week.

Northern shore by the Beast Pens

Northern shore by the Beast Pens


Terrace in the Halls of the Grand Imperion, Court of Bones


Has his head in a tree in the Diremoor


Patrols the south-west side of the beach by Za’Tual


At the top of the highest cliff in Ihgaluk Crag

God-Hulk Ramuk

Guards the gate to Stormsea Landing in the Conqueror’s Terrace


South end of the Thunder Forge area

Backbreaker Uru

Patrols the entrance to the Lightning Vein Mine


Located in the tower above the Stormsea Landing gate or inside the Swollen Vault


World Boss

Nalak will be available once all the stages are complete.



It may have taken a while but I finally completed my Glorious! achievement today. Ever since I saw that first rare achievement in the journal, I’ve made it a personal mission to kill all the rares at least once in the game. Back in July ’09, I completed Frostbitten which I was extremely proud of. Then in September ’09, I decided to go back and finish my Bloody Rare achievement too which Navi even wrote about. Unfortunately, Cataclysm had no such achievement but you only had to look back at some of my posts about the Group Rares or even my Silver Dragon page to find them all.

Glorious achievement

These days, the Pandaren Champions are quite tricky to find. Even though their spawn rate is short, the competition is quite fierce depending on which rare it is. Today I was down to my last two, Nasra Spothide and Scritch. I’m not a fan of the monk Champions but after she died, I headed over to Kun-Lai to see if Scritch was there. Nope and there was another person camping him.

So I went to the kitchen to get something to eat while Cool hovered nearby waiting for his last rare to pop up as well in the area. I was probably gone 8mins or so when I came back I saw a big message to “COME BACK!” When I looked at the game, I saw the tell-tale rare icon through the statue I was standing on knowing that Cool had tagged the rare and was holding him for me before I even reached for my headset. By the time I flew down there, Scritch was at 3% with two other players who had tried (unsuccessfully) to kill the rare and Coolidge so they could try and steal the kill. Both failed as I saw their corpses nearby.

They were probably wondering why he was taking so long to kill him but being a Pali, he certainly had the endurance and skill to last the distance until my return. From what Cool told me, Scritch spawned soon after I left but I managed to DPS him down that last 3% yielding me the last kill I needed. Woot!

Cool, what a trooper you are. My BFF buff sure came in handy today. :D

Here’s to another achievement we both managed to get on the same day, even though we had a different kill list.

#IntPiPoMo 2/50

Jade Forest Champions

Jade Forest Champions

Pandaren Champions can drop a Small Bag of Goods, a piece of armour or weapon and in some cases a special item.

Urobi the Walker

Shang’s Valley


The Arboretum


In the middle of a small pool of water in the Dookin’ Grounds, East of Grookin’ Hill.

Mister Ferocious

Standing amongst some overturned pots, etc. close to the Jade Witch


In one of the caves, down south on Alliance side

Kor'nas Nightsavage

Walks through Nectarbreeze Orchard


Stealthed at the top of a cliff in The Thunderwood

Morgrinn Crackfang

Looks like a statue in the Terrace of Ten Thunders

Dread Wastes Champions

Dread Wastes Champions

Pandaren Champions may drop a satchel (containing linens, jewels or skins), a piece of armour as well as a special item.

Check out more about the Hozen beach ball.

Nalash Verdantis

Drop – Hollow Reed

Omnis Grinlok

Drop – Golden Fleece

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