Shadowmoon Valley Rares

Shadowmoon Valley is a fel-infused zone in south-eastern Outland. Illidan Stormrage resides there in the Black Temple, as well as Maiev Shadowsong, held captive there by the Broken. There are several elite areas that document the destruction of the Burning Legion, as well as Illidan’s methods of training demon hunters.

  • Ambassador Jerrikar – a red satyr with an epic weapon, spawns in 5 demon-related subzones.
  • Collidus the Warp-Watcher – a cool floating eyeball that can either be found patrolling the northern ledge, the southern ledge by Dragonmaw Fortress, or in the centre by The Deathforge. Incidentally, he drops a popular eye patch for all armour types.
  • Kraator – a burning infernal that spawns in 5 areas of the zone.

Netherstorm Rares

Netherstorm is located in the northern-most part of Outland. It’s covered in magical currents, giving it an cool sci-fi look – except in the protected Eco-Domes, which are lush green. Goblins and Ethereals have made outposts here, as well as the Burning Legion and Kael’thas’ blood elves, with numerous Mana Forges across the region. You’ll also find numerous quests that grant Aldor or Scryer reputation.

Zangarmarsh Rares

Zangarmarsh is a tranquil area that has largely evaded the demonic influence. The marsh’s innumerable lakes and pools are clean of any taint, and most native animals and fungi give off soothing phosphorescent light. Only recently has the area’s self-contained ecology faltered. Something is causing the water levels to drop. The marsh’s giant mushrooms are dying, as are the creatures that rely upon the mushrooms for food.

  • Bog Lurker – a marsh giant which can spawn in three different locations.
  • Coilfang Emissary – a pink naga located at several naga encampments.
  • Marticar – a white Bog Strider that can patrol around several large lakes.

Terokkar Forest Rares

Found in central Outland and home to Shattrath City, the northern half of Terokkar is a lush area while the quests cover the threat of the Arakoaa and magic-addicted elves. The southern half is a wasteland known as the Bone Wastes, created when the Shadow Council blew up Auchindoun. Skettis is a popular area for grinding rep, fishing up Mr Pinchy, as well as some novelty items and mount rewards.

  • Crippler – Spawns in and around Auchindoun in the Bone Wastes.
  • Doomslayer Jurim – Patrols the roads South and West of Shattrath (as far as the road into Shadowmoon Valley), though he can cross paths with and be killed by patrolling Shattrath Guards.
  • Okrek – Spawns in any of the 4 Arakkoa camps throughout Terokkar (excludes the camp SW of the Bone Wastes)
  • Hawkbane – Behind one of the arakkoa huts on the eastern outskirts of Skettis.

Nagrand Rares

Nagrand is a peaceful lush zone with grassy areas and floating islands in the sky. It’s home to the Kurenai and Mag’har factions. Horde players discover Thrall and his true identity through the final quest chain. Other side quests involve slaughtering more animals for Hemet Nesingwary, picking up poop and learning about demon hunters and fel dangers.

  • Goretooth – a crocodile found in any of the pools in the zone.
  • Bro’Gaz the Clanless – an ogre-mage who wanders the roads of Nagrand in a vain attempt to find a new refuge.
  • Voidhunter Yar – a large voidwalker by Oshu’gun.

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