Icecrown Rares

Icecrown Rares

Icecrown is composed of solid ice and home to the Frozen Throne and Icecrown Citadel. Due to the heavy Scourge presence in Icecrown, both the Horde and the Alliance use flying gunships as their base of operations instead of the traditional ground base. There are also quest chains covering the Scarlet Onslaught’s final outpost, as well as the presence of the corrupted Vrykul. Players normally return to the zone at max level for the Argent Tournament – a daily quest hub that has many vanity rewards, pets and mounts.

  • High Thane Jorfus – a death knight found patrolling The Fleshwerks, Sindragosa’s Fall or the courtyard by Icecrown Citadel.
  • Hildana Deathstealer – a val’kyr who floats around Ymirheim and Jotenheim.
  • Putridus the Ancient – a huge Scourge giant that patrols around the Bombardment and Icecrown Citadel. His hitbox is so big, you can target him from Dalaran and other zones.

One of my favourite rares and one who surprised Cool and I while were were doing the mini ring of blood in the area. We were mid fight 2P’ing one of the mini bosses and she floated into the ring. Luckily no one else was around but I quickly tagged her while we finished off the mini boss and then added her to the tally.

The Storm Peaks Rares

The Storm Peaks Rares

The Storm Peaks in central Northrend is a frigid mountainous region that used to be the home of the titans, with Ulduar as their city. The storm giants now inhabit the area. Players questing here will learn about the lore behind the titans, the Hyldnir, Brann Bronzebeard, and the Sons of Hodir. If you’re into costumes, a popular item is the Iron Boot Flask which can be obtained fairly easily.

  • Dirkee is a giant mechanical super-gnome located by several Titan temples.
  • Skoll – a tameable spirit beast with a unique lightning saber skin.
  • Vyragosa, a blue drake, takes an elaborate flight path around the western part of the zone. She also shares a spawn timer with the Time-Lost Proto Drake, which drops the Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. To this day I’ve seen and killed Vyragosa several times but have yet to see the Time-Lost in the wild.

The things I go through to get a good shot. This was a tough one to get. He hits hard being a squishy as I spent more time trying to keep myself alive while trying to take a couple of pics. He did get me on that attempt too =/

I finally have a shot of this one! I wrote about this recently in My Favourite rare post.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a live shot of this one but a dead shot (or two) is better than no shot, don’t you think?

Zul’Drak Rares

Zul’Drak Rares

Zul’Drak is home of the Drakkari ice trolls who have gone insane after sacrificing their Loa animal gods in an attempt to fight off the Scourge. The Argent Dawn and the Zandalari tribe have tried to restore order to the zone, after its decimation and betrayal by Drakkuru. The zone is covered in Scourge blight and abandoned ziggurats, with Gundrak at its pinnacle.

  • Griegen – an undead that can spawn by the Reliquary of Agony in the western part of the zone.
  • Zul’drak Sentinel – a giant version of the Voodoo Figurine which patrols the main road in southern Zul’Drak.
  • Terror Spinner – a tameable brown spider which spawns in several areas in the northern part of the zone.
  • Gondria – a tameable spirit cat with a spectral purple skin.

Grizzly Hills Rares

Grizzly Hills is a stunning but sinister pine forest in eastern Northrend. Players investigate Arugal and the curse of the Worgen, PvP for control of the Blackriver Logging Camp and Venture Bay, escort Harrison Jones and the rest of the Zul’Aman crew through troll ruins, and heal Vordrassil, a defective World Tree. Grizzly Hills is home to trappers, ice trolls, iron dwarves, and furbolgs.

  • Seething Hate – a fleshbeast which spawns by any of the three Vordrassil corrupted sites.
  • Grocklar – a stone giant located in the western part of the zone.
  • Syreian the Bonecarver – a vrykul huntress in the eastern part of the zone.
  • Arcturis – a rare tameable spirit beast with a unique spectral bear skin.

Dragonblight Rares

Dragonblight is the central quest hub in Northrend which makes a reappearance in Cataclysm as the backdrop for Dragon Soul and Hour of Twilight in 4.3. It’s an icy valley, covered with the bodies of dead dragons. Players learn about two major plotlines here: the dragonflights at Wyrmrest Temple, and the Wrathgate plot, which has very different stories for Alliance and Horde.

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