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Fishing in Pandaria


Fishing has just become available on the beta today.

With all the bugs with terrain – it was really hard to see where you’re going (pink sheets everywhere), it was only natural that I work on one of my professions; especially when I heard the splash of someone’s bobber in Dawn’s Blossom.

It appears that you get a skill point every 1-5 successful casts of fish. From what I can tell, they’ve opened up fishing all over the zone, though there doesn’t seem to be any distinction btwn what’s fished where. In the handful of spots I tried, both inland and coastal, I managed to fish something up.

In a sample of 100 successful casts, I managed to get:

  • Redbelly Mandarin x19
  • Jade Lungfish x18
  • Golden Carp x47
  • Junk x16

Not too bad in my book. Oddly enough, I’ve had a couple of empty loot windows… I wonder what I would have fished up otherwise?

The Jade Forest

  • Jade Lungfish
  • Redbelly Mandarin
  • Golden Carp

Valley of the Four Winds

  • Emperor Salmon
  • Krasarang Paddlefish
  • Golden Carp

The wreckages around Darkmoon Island were up but didn’t appear to be any different from the crate contents. The other day I managed to get a point up from two successful casts – three wreckage pools, gave me 5 crates and yielded two skill points.

Placeholder items can be pretty amusing at times.

Today, in Krasarang Wilds I found a very interesting spot. If you like Shipwreck debris, you’ll love this although they appear to be related to a daily quest.

So I thought I’d try fishing them up for fun. They gave me lots of Crates – generally one from each pool, although there was nothing unusual in them; as well as loose Azshara’s veil and volatile water.

OK, now I’m excited. Who needs a mushroom chair when you can have Nat’s Fishing Chair. It also looks like we’ll be getting Nat’s Hat at exalted rep with the man himself :P

More info when I find it…


Archaeology in Pandaria


There are three new types of digs for Pandaria – Pandaren, Mogu and Mantid.

Things to note:

  • Every location will give you 6 digs and between 5-9 fragments each time.
  • The fragment limit is still 200, so you’ll have to use them up pretty fast.
  • Common and rare solves will give you 3 skill points.


These digs will give you the Pandaren Pottery Shard keystone. Locations include Emperor’s Omen and The Gong of Hope.

Pandaren Arch find

Rare Items have yielded:


The keystone to use will be the Mogu Statue Piece. Locations include Camp Gormal.

Mogu fragment

Rare items have yielded:


The keystone to use will be the Mantid Amber Sliver. Locations include Sik’vess and The Underbough in Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes.

Mantid fragment

Rare items have yielded:

Sometimes an Ancient Haunt can spawn from picking up fragments. The mob can drop 7-8 Mogu fragments upon kill, regardless of the type of dig. The mob itself is dependant on the level of the player as it scaled whenever I levelled.

Note: If you’re in a group when an Ancient Haunt pops up then the other person can loot your fragments if it’s their turn to loot.

Seat of Knowledge

The common items of Pandaria may be converted into Restored Artifacts. These artifacts can be traded in to Braun Bronzebeard by flying directly into the Seat of Knowledge, located inside the top tier of Mogu’shan Palace in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Not only do these crates stack (which is already exciting) but they may be traded in for any other type of older fragments such as a Crate of Tol’vir Archaeology Fragments. These boxes have yielded the same amount of fragments as if you were doing the dig yourself – between 5-9 Archaeology Fragments. So if you’re still trying to discover the Scepter of Azj’Aqir or any other rare artifact, this will help with the grind.

You will need to be max skill (600) as well as level 90 (for flying) to be able to access this service.

Pristine Artifacts – From time to time, pristine versions of artifacts will be discovered. These items may be displayed in the Seat of Knowledge to learn some extra lore.

Pristine Mantid Lamp

Restored Artifacts may also be traded in for:

If only we could do this with all our earlier Archaeology Novelty Items. Think of all the space it would save and you could still enjoy them.

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