Mogolympics Concludes

The final week of Mogolympics arrived with our last three medal events – Equestrian, Freestyle and Fencing.

The criteria:

  • Equestrian – Build an outfit to compliment one of the horse mounts in the game. (Faction limitations apply, so no Orcs on a Stormwind pony)
  • Fencing – Time for some swordplay. Build your best outfit around the 1h sword of your choice.
  • Freestyle – Build your own NPC.

(Death Knight Plate)
Head: Conqueror’s Darkruned Helmet
Shoulder: Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates
Chest: Conqueror’s Darkruned Battleplate
Belt: Belt of Absolute Zero
Legs: Legplates of the Violet Champion
Boots: Boots of the Funeral March
Gloves: Bladebreaker Gauntlets
Horse: Acherus Deathcharger

I was going to do a whole Headless Horseman theme at first but in the end, it looked more like a death knight than anything else.

(Alliance Plate)
Head: Steel Plate Helm
Shoulder: Imbued Plate Pauldrons
Chest: Glowing Breastplate of Truth
Belt: Girdle of the Righteous Path
Legs: Handcrafted Mastersmith Leggings
Boots: Life Force Chargers
Gloves: Flash Freeze Gauntlets
Sword: Windforged Rapier

This was a cross between my jouster and fencing idea. I was going to have the jouster theme as the equestrian entry but it wouldn’t make sense to be holding a weapon so this is what I ended up with.

Alliance Pirate
(Alliance Leather)
Head: Rifle Commander’s Eyepatch
Shoulder: Desecreated Shoulderguards
Chest: Cuirass of Calamitous Fate
Belt: Girdle of Lenience
Legs: Leggings of the Broken Beast
Boots: Sandals of Corrupted Water
Gloves: Marshseeker Gloves
Main Hand: Corpseweed Sickle

I always loved the look of the Alliance corset but since it’s also leather, there’s even less of a chance to see it on my Priest so even though I submitted my entry on a female Draenei, I’ve given myself some creative licence and showcased my entry using Cymre as the model :)

Stay tuned for the Closing Ceremony in (hopefully) a days time.

I also posted this just in time for my Round Table appearance in half an hour. Maybe I’ll see you there :)

BTW, there is now a Mogolympics website. Check out the post that features all my outfits and scores.

Mogolympics Midway Mark

Here we are, past the half-way mark for the Mogolympics. This week revealed the results for the Wrestling, Javelin and Archery events.

The Criteria:

  • Wrestling – Using one of the “championship” belts, design your own Azerothian pro wrestler
  • Javelin – Build an outfit around the polearm of your choice
  • Archery – Build an outfit around your favourite bow

Here are my contributions:

WrestlerWrestling (Mail)
Head: Arc-Scorched Helmet
Shoulder: Spaulders of Incoherence
Chest: Combat Training Vest
Belt: Firemend Cinch
Gloves: Gauntlets of Completion
Legs: Swiftarrow Leggings
Boots: Cleated Ice Boots

I originally used a male Draenei for this event but ended up using him elsewhere. Then I thought about what races were left and felt the Pandaren could pull the look off even better. I fell in love with this outfit and model as soon as I switched the race. In fact, I think it’s my favourite design out of the bunch.

Head: Crown of Flame
Shoulder: Bloodlust Epaulets
Chest: Glimmering Mail Breastplate
Belt: Masterwork Girdle
Gloves: Magnificent Gauntlets
Legs: Glimmering Mail Legguards
Boots: Triumphant Sabatons
Polearm: Blood-Tempered Ranseur

This set was going to be used for the Archery event with the Sunfury Bow in Kara but when I saw the polearm, I decided to swap my Archery and Javelin models. Looks like my gamble worked :)

Head: Guise of the Tidal Lurker
Shoulder: Soul Eater Shoulderguard
Chest: Grizzly Jerkin
Belt: Belt of Potent Chanting
Gloves: Shardtooth Gloves
Legs: Stormrage Legguards
Boots: Mindstrainer Treads
Ranged: Skyfire Hawk-Bow

My first thought consisted of a female Night Elf wearing a lot of brown and green leather pieces while wielding a leafy green bow but due to the weapon change above, I was able to follow through with my original idea.

I’m so excited by my first medal considering there’s a lot of stiff competition :D

Mogolympics Begins

As the first week of Mogolympics drew to a close, three of the nine medal results were revealed. But in case you missed out on the Opening Ceremony, take a moment to check it out.

So far we’ve seen a wide range of really great mogs. I really don’t envy the judges or JD for that matter – especially with 40+ competitors to get through.

As a recap, I was representing Ramkahen for this epic event.

The criteria for each medal qualifying round:

  • Cycling – Build a biker outfit to compliment the Chopper. It must be either Leather or Mail
  • Hammer Throw – Build an outfit around your favourite two-handed hammer
  • Discus – Build an outfit around one of the shield skins here

Here are my contributions for the first three events.

Head: Mok’Nathal Beast-Mask
Shoulder: Talondeep Spaulders
Chest: Ghostworld Chestguard
Belt: Lifecycle Waistguard
Legs: Legguards of Nature’s Power
Boots: Cleated Ice Boots
Gloves: Gloves of the Passing Night

I don’t quite remember how this transmog started but it soon developed into a more ‘beastly’ mog so I thought it would be cool if my Mogolympian in her human form brought out her inner worgen.

Hammer Throw
Hammer Throw (Paladin Plate)
Head: Crimson Beholder Eye
Shoulders: Burden of Mortality
Chest: Crystalforge Chestguard
Gloves: Gauntlets of Annihilation
Belt: Girdle of the Righteous Path
Legs: Crystalforge Legguards
Boots: Boots of the Protector
Hammer: Hammer of the Naaru

After a recent LBR, Coolidge managed to score the Hammer from Gruul’s Lair so I thought it would be fun to try a mog for it.

Discus (Paladin Plate)
Head: Helm of the Thousand Needles
Shoulder: Spaulders of the Righteous
Chest: Breastplate of Avenging Flame
Belt: Vicious Gladiator’s Clasp of Cruelty
Legs: Legguards of the Emerald Brood
Boots: Sapphiron’s Scale Boots
Gloves: Diemetradon Plate Gloves
Off-Hand: Glyphed Buckler

Designing this set, there was a definite ‘Tron-like’ feel to this but I wasn’t sure if it was due to the blue tones or the disc itself. Either way this was one of my favourite designs in the competition. Ok, so maybe Tron / Riverdance :P

Lost Entry in the Cyclist Round

So it appears The Aldor representative was not the only one who was left out of the first round of the Mogolympics. I recently became aware of a race known as the Hozen who wanted to enter but didn’t know how to get to the Slaughtered Lamb (or own a tabard for that matter).

Hozu rider

So after hearing about their plight, I took it upon myself to post their entry here.

However, I think Ook-Ook in Stormstout Brewery summed it up perfectly when he said:


Me gonna ook you in the dooker!

Well, maybe next time guys…

I leave you now with Born to be Wild still playing in my head :P

Ramkahen Representative

The cat-people of the Ramkahen are the distant but direct descendants of the Tol’vir – much like what the Dwarves are to the Earthen. Protecting Titan secrets remains part of their rigid tradition despite losing their stone bodies. The curse of flesh caused them to turn into the fleshy, wingless versions of their former selves. The process can be reverted by powerful beings such as Siamat, as a ‘reward’ for swearing allegiance to Deathwing.

Ramkahen - King Phaoris

They are one of the three clans of the Tol’vir race living in Uldum – the Orsis and the Neferset being the other two. When Deathwing came back to the world and entered an alliance with the Old Gods and the elemental lords, he set out to make some allies (or more realistically servants) in the deserts of Uldum. The Neferset tribe were the first one to fall under his persuasion, as he had promised to lift the Curse of Flesh off them, restoring them to their former stone forms. The Orsis clan became the first victims of Neltharion’s new allies – their entire clan was obliterated by air elementals and former Neferset brothers. The Ramkahen were the last Tol’vir bastion against the combined forces of Al’Akir and Deathwing, and with the aid of Azeroth’s champions could we help them reclaim the lands they’d lost.

So with great pride I hereby represent Ramkahen in the Mogolympics.

It was actually quite difficult to find a uniform I liked to represent the clan as they don’t tend to wear a lot, but since they look so majestic, I decided to go for a more ornate look.

Head: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Satin Hood
Shoulder: Titan-Forged Shoulderpads of Salvation
Chest: Lo’ap’s Tunic of Muck Diving
Waist: Relentless Gladiator’s Cord of Salvation
Legs: World Mender’s Pants
Hands: Marshseeker Gloves
Feet: Sandals of Crimson Fury
Main Hand: Horde Guild Banner

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