Fumigation Set

Today I spent some time building something around the Vile Fumigator’s Mask from yesterday. It wasn’t long before I decided upon the Blessed Regalia of Undead Cleansing set from the Scourge Invasion back in 2008.


I was determined to only use items I had in my inventory and I was quite happy with the finished result even though the mask isn’t moggable.

Vile Mask

I made sure to shoot Cool with some vile fumes before we logged out though.

Mask spray

Now to mog my gear back to my Vampira set.

Mask Acquired

After years of trying to get the mask from the Love is in the Air boss, I finally received the Vile Fumigator’s Mask in my Heart-Shaped Box. Best of all it was on Cymre – my mog queen. According to WoWHead, it’s a 6% drop but that seems higher than it really is.

I was excited to use it after seeing all the people around me getting one so I wanted to try it on Cool until I realised I had to use it on an enemy. Unfortunately, he was in the shrine while I was on the Isle so I was going to try the mask out later but I forgot about server maintenance.

For now, I’ll leave you with these pics I took last year.

Mask effect

Hmm, I wonder what sort of costume I can create for this… hopefully I can pull something together from her wardrobe without having to farm anything. Too bad it’s not moggable though.

Now if only I could loot the rocket as well… might be another few years on that one with a 0.03% drop.

In other news, I’ve collected another rare item from Timesink Isle.

Glinting Pile of Stone

I suspect the Eroded Cliffdwellers felt a sense of impending claustrophobia after kiting one into the cave the other night. All it took was three more kills to get my Glinting Pile of Stone.

Hallelujah, only four to go!

By the way, if you’re a fan of Cool’s art, check out his new blog.

Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air may be celebrated this year from Monday, Feb. 10 through Monday, Feb. 24.

Something is in the air in the major cities of Azeroth. Some call it love, and some just call it friendship and admiration. Whichever it is, many guards and townsfolk now spend their days giving and receiving tokens and gifts to other amorous citizens.

The more sceptical, however, are suspicious of the strange “love sickness” clouding the hearts of so many. Will this widespread occurrence be simply taken as a recent outbreak of amore? Or will our brave adventurers find a sinister plot behind the source of this plague of passion? Only time will tell…

There is nothing new for 2014 but the changes last year included some upgraded (ilvl 480) amulets as well as the addition battle pet abilities for Peddlefeet and Toxic Wasteling.

Undercity Love Boat

Take a Love Boat ride with that special someone in your life. Just head to The Undercity

Gondola in Stormwind

Stormwind City or Darnassus

Romantic Picnic Basket

Perhaps a Romantic Picnic is more to your liking…

Seasonal Boss: Players can queue up via the Dungeon Finder or by speaking to the Steamwheedle Shyster, located in Orgrimmar (near the path to Grommash Hold) or Stormwind City (by the Trade District Auction House). At 88, you can queue for the encounter to take down Apothecary Hummel and his two companions. A successful group will be rewarded with a Heart-Shaped Box (which contains special holiday loot like the elusive Big Love Rocket).

The boss will drop one of the following:

Each Heart-Shaped Box will contain between 5-10 Love Tokens, as well as a chance to loot:

Toxic Wasteling:  a non-combat oozeling companion which will grow in size as it eats critters that cross your path. The nice thing about this one is it won’t give you the debuff like the Disgusting Oozeling.

Forever-Lovely Rose: Wear this rose tied in your hair for female characters, or in your mouth for a male character. Also available for Love tokens at your faction’s Lovely merchants, although this will only be the temporary version.

Vile Fumigator's Mask
Vile Fumigator’s Mask: a cloth (WOOT!) gas mask that includes a backpack which holds two pressurised canisters of the concentrated perfume used by Hummel. The fluid inside the canisters (as well as the gaseous spray) is the perfume Hummel uses during the fight. When you use the mask, it sprays an enemy with vile fumes, incapacitating them for 30sec. Any damage caused will revive the target and has a 20min CD.

Note that you can hide the mask when you hide your cloak/head but the canisters on the back will always be visible.

The Heartbreaker: This strange experimental device will cause the target to cry while a broken heart appears above their head.

The Big Love Rocket has an extremely low chance to be looted from the The Heart-Shaped Box, the only mount befitting those hopeless romantics out there. According to GuildOx, it’s currently owned by only 0.42% of players (1 in 238) so you’d have to be extremely lucky to get one.

Completing all the achievements for the event will award you with ‘The Love Fool’ title.

Note: You can get more than one of these items per box, but you can only get one box per character (per day).

In 2012, the Swift Lovebird was a new Epic Ground Mount available to buy from the Lovely Merchants for 270 Love Tokens. It looks just like the low-level rare mob Mazzranache found in Mulgore, so you’d be able to have the vanity pet, hunter pet, and mount out at the same time if you’re a hunter.

Note that the Lovebird and the Truesilver Shafted Arrow pet are not BoP so expect to see some in the AH.

Swift Lovebird

Swift Lovebird and Peddlefeet

To get a list of all the dailies, check out the Guide from WowHead. The good news is, the collection boxes you used to hand into your favourite faction leader no longer exist. Instead you’ll be asked to create and turn in Lovely Charm Bracelets created from the Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit. Get one from Kwee Q. Peddlefeet who’s located near the Crown Chemical Co.’s camp, found outside the AH in each of the major cities. In Exodar, the NPCs are located just outside by the ramp leading down into the city.

Once you have obtained this item, you will then be able to gather Lovely Charms from “worthwhile enemies” – any enemy you kill that is “honourable” (green or higher difficulty) has a chance to create a Lovely Charm. It doesn’t appear that you need the killing blow on the enemy in order to gain a Charm, as I managed to get one from my shadowfiend. However, be prepared to farm a bit as not every kill will give a charm, more like one every few kills.

Combining 10x Lovely Charms will create a single Lovely Charm Bracelet, which can be turned in to the faction leader of your choice as a daily. You can turn in each of the four faction leader daily quests once per day. It’s possible to get up to 40 Love Tokens per day from the dailies and the Heart-Shaped Box meaning it will take a minimum of 7 days to get enough tokens for the Swift Lovebird.

Also, if you have an overflow of Lovely Charm Bracelets they can be traded between characters or converted to Love Tokens at a trade one 1 Bracelet = 1 Love Token. This means that the rate at which you acquire the tokens will be up to you.

Now I don’t remember ever seeing this commercial but in 2007 but Blizzard created this little gem during Burning Crusade to highlight the “Love is in the Air” event as well as the new Jewelcrafting profession.

From the official website:

What do you get the blood elf who has everything? This Valentine’s Day, make it an epic jewel! Yes, the industrial empires of Azeroth aren’t about to let anyone escape the relentless marketing campai- er, bloom of true love associated with this time of year! Take a look at this new commercial but be warned that you may be struck by a sudden impulse to spend all the gold you’ve saved for your epic mount.

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