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Staff of the Hidden Master

Staff of the Hidden Master x5


As one of the many Lost Treasures hidden around Pandaria, this is an interesting item as it has five different spawn spots all within Paoquan Hollow in the north-western part of Valley of the Four Winds. I’ve been lucky enough to spot this item twice. Once on my Hunter while questing in the area and then later on Cymre while pet battling.

Staff in tree

As a rule of thumb, you can only see these items once on each toon (just like the relics used for the Riches of Pandaria) series.


When I saw this second staff, I noticed that Navi was on so I asked if she was interested but she wasn’t sure if she had picked it up already. It turned out she couldn’t see it because she had it already. Shame, since I was hoping to use it as a Winter Veil gift but oh well.

Now if you use some kind of addon that tracks co-ordinates (I use TitanPanel), you can use these to pinpoint the spawn spots.

15.4 29.1 
17.5 35.7 
19.1 37.9 
15.0 33.7 
19.0 42.5

Good luck!

Staff of the Hidden Master

Staff of the Hidden Master


I’ve been searching for this staff since the beta as it was one of the few lost treasures I really wanted to find. Tonight my search was finally over. Feeling somewhat lucky after taming Savage yesterday, I thought I’d do some questing in the Valley. It wasn’t long before the quests led me to the Hidden Master so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check all the spawn spots for this lost treasure.

I was only familiar with a couple of the spots having seen some of the screenshots on WoWHead. With the quests I picked up, I took my time checking each set of co-ordinates staying in the area for about two hours – killing multiple mobs, collecting eggs and finishing my trials.

After completing the chain, I decided to check each spawn spot one last time so I started killing the beasts around the first set of trees. Knowing I was on the wrong side of the tree, I hovered my mouse around the base and couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw the ‘Staff of the Hidden Master‘ text come up. CRAP! I had to kill these things quick!

So I killed the handful of mobs while manoeuvring myself around the area in an attempt to take a pic of the staff sticking out of the tree before someone came along and grabbed it before I could. Luckily, no one did.

Staff of the Hidden Master

Staff of the Hidden Master

Staff of the Hidden Master

Now all I need is a staff to mog :)


Cymre the Relic Hunter


Wow, what a day. I was determined to get my 20th item tonight when I managed to find my 19th item earlier today. I was sure that the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm would be one of my 20 items when it happened to be my first and only one on the beta. It’s funny how things turn out though.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get credit for both the Pick and the Hammer. I wasn’t sure which one wasn’t counting at the time but it appears that it was the Mining Pick which doesn’t make that much of a difference with getting the odd gem.

Relic Hunter

There was never a more fitting title

Phew! I made it.

In the end I needed another 11 items to get the achievement but at least I have it now.

Cymre Jones – Relic Hunter… doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? :D

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