Un’Goro Crater Rares

Un’goro Crater is a lush zone surrounded by three desert areas. It’s filled with devilsaurs, exotic crystals, dinosaurs, and elementals. In the centre of the crater you’ll find a volcanic mountain called Fire Plume Ridge.

Before Cataclysm, there was a long quest series referring to Nintendo characters such as Link. These days you’ll find Maximillian of Northshire who offers a pretty amusing series of quests.

Horde players can do dailies for the Whistle of the Venomhide Ravasaur as well as farming the Ravasaur Hatchling.

Winterspring Rares

Winterspring is a perpetually snowy valley with access to the neutral city of Everlook. Quest chains involve helping the furbolgs, learning about the history of elves and magic, and assisting the citizens of Everlook. Players can farm reputation with Timbermaw Hold and the Wintersaber Trainers, as well as the rare drop Azure Whelpling which is now a zone drop.

Lady Hederine

This rare was removed after The Shattering

Teldrassil Rares

Teldrassil is the starter zone for the night elves. Players learn how times have changed since Malfurion Stormrage has returned to Darnassus and how Fandrel Staghelm was corrupted. It’s a lush spiritual zone, set on an island that’s also a world tree with the elven capital city of Darnassus built in it’s branches.

Stonetalon Mountains Rares

I remember being on my Alliance toon years ago trying to get Sun Rock Retreat on my map but the guards chased me down and pawned my ass. Ah memories. Streams of lava now flow into the Charred Vale. The Venture Co. goblins at Windshear Crag have cut through the mountain creating a passage into Ashenvale – a result of logging the entire area and Stonetalon Peak is now full of invading tentacles and Corrupted Sentinels.

He used to patrol Windshire Crag but has since been removed from the game.

This rare has been removed since the Cataclysm

Southern Barrens Rares

Southern Barrens is a war-torn land after the Shattering. Camp Taurajo has been attacked by the Alliance, in retaliation for the Horde’s offensive in Ashenvale; as well as an attempt to link Theramore to their northern bases.

Naralex, formerly sleeping in Wailing Caverns, has been rescued but has inadvertently created a wild mutant jungle in the zone due to the Emerald Dream breaking though.


This kodo used to roam The Barrens but has since been removed

Alliance Outrunners

Remember these guys?

They used to roam The Barrens are were the equivalent of the Fel Reaver to Horde players or the Son of Arugal for levelling Alliance. Killing Aean would guarantee the quest drop: The Runed Scroll which led you into the Den on Stonetalon Peak. A tough group to kill back then as they were all elite. However, concentrating your efforts into killing Aean if you were just after the quest was an option as the rest would reset pretty easily – assuming you didn’t want to kill them for the green they may drop as well.

Razorfen Kraul

Razorfen Downs


One of my earlier rare shots

Ambassador Bloodrage

The rare used to spawn outside Razorfen Downs

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