To all the rares I’ve loved before… except while camping them

Just found this gem this morning.

If you know me well you wouldn’t be surprised to read that I’ve been known to camp a beast for days or for several straight hours. Lupos in Duskwood is one that comes to mind, as well as King Krush back in Northrend. There are still some I have yet to see though; like the blue and green scorpid and 2 flying rares in Deepholm. Two group rares have also eluded me so far but it’s not just about the loot for me. It’s about the tame, and most importantly – the shot. There’s nothing like an epic action shot to capture the uniqueness of a mob that is only in the game for periods at a time.

The following guide encompasses a lot of information I have in my head to date, but will give the reader some information they may be lacking in terms of location or achievement. So for those looking for something in particular; this may just be the guide you’ve been waiting for – Beyond Bloody Rare: A Guide to all Rares



When I first started playing WOW, I created a Human Paladin on a random server I liked the sound of. When I told my brother I was on this realm his response was “Wasn’t the point of you creating a character was so you could help me out?” True enough I guess; although he never told me the name of his realm at the time. Shortly after, I created a NE priest on his server Khadgar – the guys at the game shop apparently recommended this realm as the one to be on. That was six years ago now.

Tallys wasn’t always a female Tauren mind you. I started her as a male Tauren since the males always seemed to have better stats in the previous games I played. So I created a male hunter, levelled him to L17 and then realised I couldn’t take a tauren scratching his ass every few seconds so I re-rolled a female and the rest is history. A lot of things have changed since then. My first and really only character to get to 60 in Vanilla was my hunter Tallys. She remained my main until BC came out. Actually a little before that since Cool and I decided to do a trial run of our future BE’s on a couple of humans we created.

Since then my Priest has been my main for a long time and I pretty much stopped playing my Hunter. Partly because I really like the BE race and priest class. I’ll always have found memories of my first 60 but my interest in her has dwindled over the years. I’d go through long patches not really paying her much attention but out of all my alts I consider her my main alt. I tend to play the minority specs, not necessarily the most popular or the like.

Lately though, I have been trying out different specs and filling up my stable with A LOT of pets. In fact my 20 slot stable is almost full :P After trying MM for a while, it was a nice change but yesterday I went back to my familiar SV role. After doing 4 heroics yesterday I think I’m starting to like my hunter again. It’s been a long time coming and I’m glad.

It Comes in Threes!

I still can’t believe it!

What an awesome 3 days it’s been. Two days ago I managed to get The Horseman’s Reins on Tallys, the next day the same thing happened on Cymre. The Pièce de résistance came when after days and many hours of camping King Krush, he was finally mine!!

Persistence really does pay off :D

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