Hell mode continues

Hell mode continues

Here we are in Act II, with the tree I’m currently going with.

I seem to be dying with a lot more regularity in Hell mode and not just at regular intervals either. There was one instance I died 4 or 5 times in a row!!

Act II- Zoltun Kulle - transform
Act II  hell - Kulle

As soon as I levelled to 56, I was excited to try my Diamond Shards rune. Looks impressive when I use it but I haven’t had to much of a chance to try it out in battle as I levelled just before I logged yesterday.

Wizard - 56

Wizard – 56

I have one question though, what are those balls around Coolidge’s neck? I hope they’re not some type of souvenir… although they look a bit too buffed to be that!

My Week in Hell

My Week in Hell

We’ve really slowed down our playing due to our time zones and new scheduling so here’s what we got up to this week.

Last woman standing

From time to time, I’ll die to multiple trash mobs but this time I did it. I finally actually killed Coolidge! Well I have to get my rez achievement somehow :P

But then it happened… I died on Butcher. Coolidge tried four times to rez me and at around the 20% mark, he managed to complete the cast so I was at least upright when he died.

A new day also meant the opportunity for some new spell combinations. So we headed into Maghda’s Lair to try them out. I added one of the shields back for another defensive ability and it worked out pretty well.

A monk’s cannon needs lots of fire… or should I say arcane power.

Wizard – 54

Coolidge offered me a legendary bow he found so I could get my achievement :D It had some pretty nice stats on it and boy was it fast so I decided to use it in the end. I can see myself using it for a while :P

I also tried out the AH yesterday selling some dyes and old gems to test the system. Managed to sell quite a few things, some were even instant sales.

Has anyone tried out the real money AH and if so, what have been your experiences so far?

I’m in Hell

In Diablo III that is…

Crypt of the Skeleton King

There I go, not paying attention to where my cursor is again. What a way to ruin a shot, I couldn’t be bothered cloning it out though :P So far Hell mode doesn’t seem to bad, I have died a few times but that was due to those annoying chain mobs and a lot of purple groups who drop those annoying molten puddles plus chains or grenades….

Reign of the Black King

I’ve been getting quite a lot of the Tomes of Blacksmithing and Tomes of Jewelcrafting but have yet to find one of the Legendaries other people have been getting.

Wizard - 52 (trying out the Desert Dye)

I logged in and out today, after I saw one of the new dyes. After trying the Desert dye above, I thought I’d see if I could see some other ones after my obligatory character screenshot following a boss kill. I found three more :)

I’ll try them out soon enough, hopefully after I get a nice upgrade.

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