I’m Sick

I’m sick of hoping people will see the Guild the way you want it to be seen as shown in the Guild Charter and Raid Rules. I want people to care about the Guild enough that they try and get things done for the betterment of the Guild, like some of the achievements and activities that will increase our Guild rep, which in turn will increase our Guild levels since that’s what it seems a lot of people want out of a Guild – the perks if not the people. It seems at the moment, it’s only a couple of people who are the instigators before things actually happen. Even getting the first dungeon achievement for some of Cata still seem to elude us. Even the seven dungeons each week seem to be a struggle as it’s usually a group that I’m in (with the co-leader) where this would actually happen.

That’s another thing. We’ve had some great people joining the Guild in previous months but there’s also been a number of bad apples. Fortunately bad apples can be removed before they kill the Guild. The constant swearing on Mumble would be another peeve and not something I care to listen to every few words. I’ve written previously that we are having an issue finding more people in the Guild. Reasons stated have included:

  • It’s the end of an x-pac, wait until Mists comes out;
  • People want a L25 Guild;
  • People want to be carried;
  • We’re not as progressed as some others;
  • It’s been a downer for my social life;
  • Or some other reasons which have led to new recruits just up and leaving without even a word.

The other reason is that YES, I’ve done the Guild leadership thing before; a few times now and it always seems to end the same way. People not liking the way something is done in Guild, or not understanding the way things are done here.  Just because you’re used to things being a certain way in another Guild doesn’t mean we do things the same way here. There are quite a few of us who try and look at the bigger picture and try and do what’s best for the Guild. You won’t always please everyone and I’m sick of the mentality of people being out for themselves. Of course I realise that people will be that way no matter what but it doesn’t mean they need to be in this Guild.

I’ve put so much effort into the Guild site, trying to keep the content current, even adding some activities and contests to encourage interaction but after a year and half and not that much activity (the most active people have stopped playing) it seems somewhat redundant with one person’s name always coming up in the activity. Although there are a number of people who do use the PM system which is great since you can effectively discuss issues if the other person does not happen to be on at the time (also great for sending mass emails on more urgent matters).

The forum is also a great place to share ideas, info or even hobbies as you never know who else might share the same interests if you don’t volunteer the information first. I used the Journal section for a long time but since I have another place to add these now, I’ve left this section to the Guild members leaving some residual posts which were more Guild specific in an effort to try and offer ideas for posting. I was hoping by now that there would be more Guild activity but I don’t see the point of putting so much of myself into something if it’s taken for granted or unappreciated. So I have shifted my love for updating the Guild site to my blog since that’s where I’m getting so much more return for my effort.

Certain responsibilities of being a Guild Leader or Raid leader can sometimes result in a  number of resentments, especially when more of the negatives start to outweigh the positives. It was nice to just be a number when we made a realm change but on the other hand it’s not that nice to be sat out a lot. When I left my previous Guild after my game partner, we both left a post in their forum about the reasons why. From the number of views and lack of responses, it goes to show that people may have been curious about the why but didn’t care enough to let us know we were valued for our contribution to the Guild. I know there were even individuals who didn’t care if we were in the Guild or not from what I heard, but to me it shows those individuals were just in it for themselves. As a result, a few stopped talking to us entirely but on the flip side, there were a few individuals who did still chat to us casually and continued to do things with us and for that I will cherish those moments and call them friends so to end, I just want to say… thank you. You know who you are :)

Looking for Guildies

Looking for more… Recruiting… Mature, dedicated, reliable… they are a lot of the words I have been using lately. As the Guild Leader of MischiefUs, we have had a lot of obstacles over the last few months.

We only decided to rebuild our Guild in August of this year. It was a decision we didn’t take lightly coming from a small Guild mentality. We previously did the 10’s Guild thing on Khadgar our previous server, but after a parting of the ways we joined a larger familiar Guild since we knew a lot of the players from previous years.

Raiding for four nights a week was a big change to raiding a couple of days on the weekend. Some nights I would just be so tired from work that I didn’t really want to spend the next few hours raiding. But I did it, because it was expected of me and it was a good opportunity to get to play with my game partner who currently lives overseas as it’s one of the few times we can actually do something together. But I digress.

So in August we decided to start recruiting again as understandably the weekend times suited my other half’s playtime better. Something that I was all for because who wants to or even be willing to raid until 7am in the morning? I on the other hand became quite used to raiding in the afternoons albeit over the weekends and late enough for us that it fell between a leisurely lunch and early dinner.

Our first attempts at recruiting, attracted more alts than mains. Understandably so since most raids happen in the evenings. Upon reading the applications of our potential recruits through the Guild site, it was becoming more clear that a lot of people were looking for a place their alts could raid. Perhaps only getting on around the times to raid. At first we didn’t mind this as, among other things, we needed the numbers. If they could give their all during our raids, we didn’t mind if they played their mains, alts or poodles. (Well maybe not the poodle part).

Pugging the rest of the numbers which was probably half the raid at first became a tedious chore as the whispers we received sounded like ones who only wanted to farm trash or get carried. Some of our puggers were also very fond of the raid times, as we were told this frequently from many people but the fact was we weren’t looking for constant puggers; we wanted mature and reliable people in the Guild who could give 100% whether it was a progression attempt or farm night.

I understand that quite a few members raid with different Guilds on their mains or alts but it’s important to note that for quite a few of us, this is our only proper raid time (less LFR) so we want each raid day to be successful.

We’re also not a Guild in the habit of inviting people without checking them out. Being a small Guild, applications are the first step in determining what kind of person they are. Those that say it’s too much trouble to fill in an app or want an instant invite doesn’t really sound like the person we’re looking for. For a Guild of our size, everyone needs to get along. If there’s no cohesive group then there’s Guild Drama and it’s obvious. Bringing this type of mood into the raids in particular is not constructive and should be taken offline.

We’ve had quite a few in the past few months who have joined the Guild and then left without a word. Some of those were within a week of joining. Even with the nice looking app and all the checks made, including a verbal interview on Mumble it’s not always a guarantee. I accept that. But for those who made a realm +/or faction change, I guess they had the money to burn.

I don’t think we would have come as far as we have if we didn’t set our standards where they currently are. Sure it’s been slow going in terms of recruits but it works. Slowly but surely wins the race, right? Even trying the various methods like advertising through Twitter, the Guild and recruitment forums and in trade chat have proved fairly successful but honestly, going through weeks and months of sitting in Org and spamming the recruitment ad every 15mins or so is not my idea of fun. But still, it had to be done.

Even now, we are still having to Pug one or two each week which is getting very tiresome. Recently getting a couple of new recruits we’re still waiting to see if they pan out. Fingers crossed for that at least.

Admittedly we did use rankings as a tool because we felt we had to. With nothing to really go by except for looking us up on Armory and checking out our gear and progression could only go so far when we hadn’t been tested as a Guild before. But even that took some time as we arrived late in the game, just starting Firelands when a lot of other Guild were already working on Heroic modes. It also took a while to get things working smoothly, involving a lot of discussions before the boss pulls since most people came in with varying experience and success.

All-in-all, it’s been a long strange trip (nice name for an achievement imo) and I can only look forward in the hopes that things will be somewhat easier soon.

Current thoughts

Having a break from WOW is something I recommend to everyone at some time of their lives. Esp. when you’ve been playing since vanilla. I can honestly say that the breaks I have taken for extended periods of time had mainly been due to holidays away or feeling burnt out/bored with the game.

Most recently you will know that Coolidge and I spent some time off and his most common response after talking about the game was “it was so peaceful for those 10 days.” Now granted a lot of you only play your alts in this Guild and most of you have killed the end boss in Firelands thus far. That’s great news and a small part of me wishes I could have been there to experience it with you, but pls keep in mind that this is the main Guild for a lot of us so when it comes to our weekend raids it’s still important that we can maintain progression and if we have a new kill one week, we expect to not go backwards in progression the following weeks.

I also realise that we all have RL issues and of course RL comes before game. However, pls let us know ASAP if you know you won’t be able to make the raid – or at the very least be late (leave early). Some of you are vigilant at doing this from using the Shoutbox, sms’ing or letting Cool +/or I know beforehand. So thx for that!

Just keep in mind that to have a cohesive environment for raiding and Guild camaraderie; good communication is in order as well as a somewhat serious attitude when it comes to raid progression. While it may be nice to top the meters during a boss fight, if the end result doesn’t see the boss killed then there’s something wrong here.


So it’s been an effort getting the Guild to Rank 4 and I don’t know how many more dailies I can do. The game is getting quite depressing lately as I’m not feeling too valued as a player atm. I’m been thinking a lot lately about what I might do in terms of the game. I’ve spoken to some about this already but there are pros and cons to any decision I make. Maybe the patch will give me something more interesting to do; at least on my main.

Taking Leave

Some of you may have wondered about the sudden departure from Khadgar recently. I will admit the transfer happened kind of suddenly but first let me say this. I have been on Khadgar since vanilla and have stayed on this server for one main reason. He knows who he is… Khadgar is a server suited to people who live on  the east coast of the States which means that for the majority of the time I am left to my own devices for something to do – especially my evenings which would be past midnight for most of you guys.

Over the last 6 months this entailed levelling up 2 more 80 toons. In terms of raids, we only raided on my Sat/Sun during the day and your Fri/Sat nights. If one day didn’t happen some seemed resentful and depressed. Some people also don’t seem to realise that Coolidge and like to raid together. If he is not there, I choose not to raid. A couple of years ago a lot of my friends who I used to play with moved servers and was something I had contemplated doing for a long time. Not too seriously though as there were certain reasons and people that kept me here.

On that last day however, I was told that my main reason for staying on Khadgar was going to change servers that night so we made a move to an Oceanic server; one that matched my time zone. This meant no more getting up at 4 or 6am just to do the fishing comp /joy! I’m still getting used to the idiosyncrasies of the server though, some are fairly similar to Khadgar and others are a nice change, such as relating to what people as talking about in chat now. Anzac Day being a recent subject.

To the members that were left behind I still regret the way things played out at the end. I’m sure you’ll all find nice homes and I hope Rak and Tikk’s wedding was all they dreamed it could be. Wishing you both a long and happy marriage with good health. I also wish Happy a speedy recovery and for his son too. Some of these things and personalities I will miss.

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