One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

Have you ever gotten to the end of a quest only to find that you can’t complete it? I managed to get the first half of One Step at a Time several months ago and was only going to try The Crumbling Hall again on my main when it happened to be the daily (after rep and skyshard grinding on an alt). However, after getting exalted with three toons, that achievement lay dormant as I focussed on others.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing some dailies here and there as well as the Treasure Trove scenario so when I picked up the first set of Golden Lotus dailies, I was hoping they would lead me to the Ruins of Guo-Lai. Luckily for me they did and better still, it was the one I needed.

I admit it trivialises the event when you have another person in the party who can re-share the quest when needed but even after a couple of false starts, I managed to get into the last room without taking any damage. However, this is where my frustrations began to take hold. OMG, I couldn’t loot the artifact. I would crouch down to loot but there was no loot window – nothing.

The Crumbled Hall

Cool was able to loot the artifact without any trouble so I tried disabling my bag addon to see if that helped. It didn’t but since I was able to disable any addon on the account without having to log out, I decided to try it followed by /reload ui. Sadly this had no effect. I wasn’t sure if it was loot lag or what so I stayed in a crouched  position but all that did was time out the orb. It looked like I looted it to Cool as it disappeared when he saw me stand up but I didn’t see that on my screen. Although the orb disappeared, I was still in a crouched position.

To make matters worse, I tried sending a game ticket but the ticketing system was down. I knew I wouldn’t get an instant response but short of dropping the quest again I thought it was worth a shot. There was no mention on WowHead (at least that I could see) or on twitter so I tried disabling all my addons and reloading again.

Still nothing.

OK, time to log out and see if that fixes it. I ran outside to see if I could loot something from a random mob but the same thing happened – no window. I guess it was time to fully exit and restart the game. As I opened the launcher, I noticed some pre-patch game data but I decided to download it later. I logged back in and killed another mob. SUCCESS!

By this stage, Cool had handed in his quest but I was going to keep trying until I got it. I really didn’t want to wait until this quest came up again so I kept abandoning and picking up the quest again and again until I was able to reach the last room. In the attempt before, I had aggroed one of the first statues going down and one the the statues at the first orb so I knew which path I had to follow going down. (Timing the falling debris was essential and it only took my third attempt before I had it.)

Things were looking great as I reached the second orb. All I had to do was make it to the next set of stairs leading down to the last room as there was no falling rubble to worry about. I began to get excited when I made it that far but the next room stopped me in my tracks. There were two statues around the outer walls but there were also three statues in the middle who were in close proximity to the last orb. Cool offered to come on another toon but he since he hadn’t opened the gates to the vale, it would have taken a while to catch up. Ironically he was already revered from stolen insignias.

Fortunately for me, he was able to get back on his pali and help me clear the last path which allowed me to grab the atrifact and hearth out. Now I just needed to fly back to the quest giver without taking any damage. I made sure to give the area around the Golden Stair a wide berth just in case those serpents decided to focus some attention on me. By the time I reached the quest giver, I made sure I didn’t take any fall damage (in case I was dismounted) and held my breath for the next few seconds.

OMG, I did it – thx to Cool’s help and confidence that I could do it!

Sadly, I don’t have a screenshot since my addons were still turned off but here’s the next best thing.

One Step at a Time

Fan-bloody-tastic! Oh and I better turn my addons back on…

A Daily Routine

A Daily Routine

We don’t get many Guild achievements so I was surprised when A Daily Routine finally popped after turning in one of my Golden Lotus Dailies. As a reward, you get the Battle Standard of Coordination which should come in handy for the new rep grind.

A Daily Routine

That’s a lot of dailies

I also nudged Cool to get his Roll Club achievement while the daily was up so I was happy to see he did after a few tries.

The other day I was excited to get Survival Ring of Flames done on my hunter without even trying that hard (having done it on Cymre sometime earlier). It was quite funny seeing my grub doing somersaults though. One of the few memories I’ll have while I still had one; although a random comment I received while doing a recent event boss comes to mind when he said “OMG! Why that pet?” I was quite amused at the time.

Why? Well why not?


Then today, while doing the dailies on my hunter, I became sidetracked when I spotted one of Portent‘s tracks leading back towards the ruins. So I took a detour as there was one last colour I had yet to see in the wild – red.


Woot! I now have all four in my collection (although not in my stable). I had tamed the blue and green that first night, but then decided to tame the organic looking one in the water as part of the Golden Lotus chain.

Quilen-Thunder King

That was later replaced by the purple version but when I saw this red one today, I was tempted to tame it too. It’s sad to think I’ve had to abandon a lot of pets already to house all the new ones I’ve accumulated since Mists went live.

Really Blizz, WTB more stable slots but how many would really be enough?

In Uldum, the same thing happened while camping Madexx a long time ago. I had the red and black one tamed while I longed to see the blue and green one, which I eventually did see (and tame). Sadly, I don’t have images of all the colour variants though.

Lastly, I’ve decided to just do the Golden Lotus dailies on Cym since Skyshards will now be Bind on Account after tonight. Whoo hoo!

Now to wait until the Patch goes live… what will you do first when you log in tomorrow? I suspect mine will be pet related :)

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