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Going to need a bigger bag

Bigger Bag My Ass!


Ah, the Monstrous Spineclaw, what a painful rare to spawn. Considering the fact I’ve been trying to spawn this elusive creature consistently over the last few weeks makes for a very boring grind indeed. I suspected the Spineclaw Crab would be the last item I’d need for this mother of an achievement but it also proved to be the only thing that kept me going. Just look at that drop rate – 1.74% according to WoWHead. I just wonder how much of the player population that actually counts since it’s only as accurate as the member base allows (my latest upload was only a minute ago).

Since the Monstrous Spineclaw can appear anywhere an Ancient Spineclaw can, server restarts offer a great opportunity to see one in the first set of spawns. This can be anywhere along the coast between the Misty Strand/Three Breeze Terrace juncture and the Croaking Hollow. If I logged in to find my favourite farming spot filled with Ancient Spineclaws but otherwise deserted, I would head up the coast on my Azure Water Strider using a Scuttler’s Shell to travel unhindered.

Monstrous Spineclaw double spawn

Now this is what you’d like to see, too bad I only saw it happen once. I killed the Monstrous Spineclaw only to see it spawn right next to the previous spawn spot just a moment before. It would have been amazing to see a pet drop right there but that would require the kind of luck I just didn’t have. I ended up buying mine from the AH and even bought one for Luxy when the Isle first came out. I would estimate the number of kills to be around 40 which is still painful for a low kill number – it can literally take hours between sightings.

But today it happened.

After killing crabs for three hours straight, I saw a skull in the water. As I raced over to engage the creature, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was it. There are usually only two or three items to loot but this one had FOUR! I noticed the Spineclaw Crab for about a second before it was autolooted into my bag. That’s when the achievement popped so I knew I wasn’t seeing things.

Going to need a bigger bag

I can’t believe it finally dropped!

After 2+ weeks of dedicated farming and enough crab meat to feed all Oceanic servers combined, I can finally say after seven long months – I’m officially done with the Timeless Isle.

Goblin bling

Not surprisingly, this is still the least popular exploration achievement on GuildOx with only 0.079% of the population having completed it so I’m glad to say I’m one of the few who did it. Now I can focus on other things, like who I’m going to use my 90 boost on, that weapon, mechbuilder overalls, the scholo rare…

I just noticed this comes exactly one month before my birthday. Pretty interesting timing if you ask me.

Ordon Death Chime

So Close


For the past three weeks, I’ve been down to my last three items – the Ordon Death Chime, Warning Sign and the Spineclaw Crab. A couple of days ago, Cool and I were killing Flintlord Gairan when the Death Chime happened to drop – just not for me. This has happened on several occasions with the Ruby Droplet, Gulp Froglet, Pristine Stalker Hide and Sunset Stone all examples of non ‘group loot’ items. This is especially frustrating when I’ve been consistently trying to farm these drops for months on end.

When the Ordon Death Chime dropped, I said we should both forward a ticket and ask for a transfer. Both tickets would specify the rare in question, item and timestamp of the kill. After patiently waiting two days for a response, I wasn’t quite expecting the letter I received. Here’s the jist – the GM couldn’t just transfer an item in another person’s bag (which I completely understand) and went on to say this person should have sent them a ticket instead. Um, he did that already. When I reopened the ticket to state just that, I logged in to find the item sitting in my mailbox after all. Note that I have five and a half pages of unsold items, ‘already known’ mounts and restoration items (amongst the original ticket response) which is why I missed it the first time. This just shows it can be done and more importantly give credit which wasn’t always the case.

Ordon Death Chime

After speccing over to Disc for Downfall, I hoped Jakur would spawn while I waited for the queue to pop. When he finally did, I was eager to pull him even though it takes me a while to kill him in this spec. I’m not sure if that was the key to getting the item I needed (as I usually go shadow for speed) or it may have been due to my smart heals being tossed around to random hordies in the vicinity. I’d like to think they felt so grateful they gave my a little bit of their collective luck. Either way, I walked away with the last Warning Sign I ever want to see – warped or otherwise. My addon logged 143 kills but that’s not an accurate number since I only reinstalled the addon fairly recently.

Warning Sign

I wondered if my luck would last for the Spineclaw Crab since it’s the last drop I needed for this monster of an achievement. Part of the problem was getting the Monstrous Spineclaw to spawn in the first place. I knew this would be another grind so I specced back to shadow and saw him twice within an hour.

Still nothing.

After another day of coast farming, I was hoping to say I had completed the achievement but there’s no way to tell how long this will take so here I am…

One more!!

Monstrous Spineclaw spawn

Flaming Mushan


If you need to get somewhere fast on the Timeless lsle, I can think of two viable and fun options – provided you have the necessary items. One requires the Falling Flame drop from Cinderfall although it’s a little unreliable like a piece of gnomish engineering. You may just find yourself shooting backwards rather than forwards as I found out quite recently.

I was curious to see how close I could get to Jakur’s spawn spot so when I was ready to leave my spineclaw farming spot, I shot off in what I thought was a good starting point.

Earlier today I was ecstatic to see the Ash-Covered Horn drop from the High Priest of Ordos. It even popped up as group loot which isn’t always the case but summons a very, very fast mushan. Technically it’s not a mount but can be used indefinitely as long as you have it in your bag unlike the Tuft of Yak Fur dropped by the Ironfur Steelhorn.

The horn gives you a Furious Ashhide Mushan buff allowing you to travel at 275% movement speed for 20secs. With only a 1min CD and no charges, you can have quite a bit of fun with it although you can only use it on the Timeless Isle. At least you can steer and unclick the buff to stop but why would you want to?

Ash-Covered Horn-scared

If you look closely, you’ll notice her hands in a defensive position as she protects her head from impending damage (or saddle). Nothing a turtle helmet can’t fix though, provided you don’t need to see where you’re going.


Here’s where I am right now:

Monstrous Spineclaw spawn

It’s just a matter of time, luck and lots of Scuttler’s Shells. Shame they only stack 10 at a time.

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