A Reaper of a Gift

A Reaper of a Gift

Yesterday Cool gifted me with the Reaper of Souls D3 expansion which includes the Treasure Goblin battle pet. They tend to be quite annoying in Diablo especially if they port away so I’m looking forward to having one by my side (for the most part).

Treasure GoblinDemon hound

They are available as part of the Digital and Collector’s versions but I must admit, the datamined version was kind of creepy looking. It was always impossible to get a good look at them in-game but here they look almost cute! You also get a Spectral Hound Minion to keep you company and some Transmogrified Gear for Diablo.

Over the past week, I’ve been tweaking my build since my wizard is now 60 and having played though all difficulty levels. I’m currently sitting on Paragon level 5 with four pieces of my Tal Rasha set (thanks to Cool).

We’re currently working on the materials for a hellfire ring as I toggle between monster power four and three – at least until I get used to playing again. So far I’ve managed to collect one of three items although it helps when I don’t fight the bosses while zoomed in (Z) the whole fight. I was wondering why I couldn’t see jack. Cool said I wasn’t even hitting the bosses at times which isn’t too surprising.

In my defence I only hit Z because I thought the show all loot button was set to that and not Alt. That’s what I get for playing 15mins at a time :P

Navi Note

This morning I received an unexpected surprise while going through my emails – a thank you poem from Navi. I admit I had forgotten about her blogiversary thank you task but she also wanted to include her thanks for the secret gift I had made for her.


A site more beautiful than Cym’s

Is very hard to find.

Her pics well framed, and great costumes

Look longer! She won’t mind.


Silver dragons and novelties

And transmogs oh so fine!

Achievements, rares and pets are here –

She’s the queen of grand design!

I don’t have many screenshots of us from vanilla. In fact, I almost added the one from Hooters with our chibi heads but thought against it.

Anyway, thx Nav <3



As you know, I recently managed to get my Lil’ Tarecgosa pet and as part of my appreciation, I left a few gifts with some members in Shadow Rising. But what do you get the guy who has all the pets? Well that’s not entirely true… I did try and get him the Searing Scorching since I knew he was missing that for a while – even doing some of the dailies. In fact, it was one of two pets I religiously looked up (the other was for Navi) every time I made a trip to the AH on any server I happened to be on. The pet was intended as a Winter Veil gift but with time running out, it didn’t eventuate.

So with this latest venture, as I leveled a toon on his home server, I tried to think of another way I could reciprocate – the Crawling Claw. I’ve been lucky enough to have mine for a long time now but since I didn’t make the money back in time, I considered putting my effort into discovering another one as a gift. However, soon after I started digging for another claw (mostly through trade-ins to Braun) it brought back memories of farming the Vial of the Sands, the two bug mounts and my own Claw discovery.

In the end, I managed to make quite a bit of Gold, selling off some of the pets from my collection but I also wanted to supplement that with something pet-related. After Christmas, I was lucky enough to get another Pandaren Fire Spirit which I sent to Arv saying that I knew he already had the pet but he could probably try selling it to get some of the Gold back. Little did I know, he gave the pet to Lyss instead.

It turns out that Lyss lucked out and managed to get not one but TWO pets as I originally gave her my Pandaren Water Spirit – with a matching one to Slice.

But the question remained… what do you get the guy who has all the pets available?

How about turning him into a superhero for a night? I had a suspicion that he was partial to Batman so taking that on board, I went back to my original Batman interpretation as part of my Super Sunday series and tweaked it using Arv’s toon.



The true crimefighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt.

Look at him rappelling down the walls of Stormwind in style…

Oh Boy!

Oh Boy!

Reese Cups are one of those things I’ve tried a few times over the years. I was first introduced to them through my Uncle (many years ago) during a visit from The States – that’s probably 20 or so years ago now. Later that year, we happened to have some trick-or-treaters but having no real sweets to give away, I spotted the bag of Reese Cups in the cupboard. I handed one to each kid and off they went. After they left, I looked out the window to see if I should expect any more kids and spotted the three I had just spoken to, talking to another small group of children pointing at my house.

I’m not sure if they were even available in Australia at the time so it turns out they were quite a hit. After that, I pretended not to be home. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have given them out with all the allergies these days, who knows if one of those kids had a peanut allergy. Luckily for me, nothing came of it that year (at least that I know of). We don’t always have kids knocking on the door during Halloween – in fact, I remember it only happening over two years but that was a long time ago now.

Since then, I’ve found you can buy Reese Cups here from various places but I’ve never seen them this friggin’ huge before. Cool said that he was sending me something for Christmas but his only clues were “it’s big but in a small package” and “It’s light but pretty fragile.” OK?

This afternoon, I headed to the PO to see if my package had arrived.

It had!

I was careful not to read the customs declaration as Cool wanted to see my reaction when I opened it.

Reese cups

2 Half Pound Cups!

Reese cupReese-cup-bites

Holy Crap, just look at the size of those things… they’re bigger than the palm of my hand! LOL

Makes me wonder how long they’ll last… :P

I’ll have to add these to the list of things Cool’s sent in the past like the S’mores Pack and Twinkies I hadn’t tried before. The S’mores were pretty good but I must say that Twinkies have a weird aftertaste.

Now if only my package to Cool would arrive already…

Winter Veil Gifts

Winter Veil Gifts

I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Veil this year. As I said before, this turned out to be the most generous gift giving (and receiving) season I’ve had – in the whole time I’ve been playing – so I’d like to thank all the people who had a hand in it.

I also wanted to keep track of who I’d given gifts to this year as I’ll most likely forget by the time this event rolls around again.

Tome - Jade owl

I wanted to give Tome something personal for all her support over the last year. It’s not always easy being the first one to comment on a blog post but she does it more often than not so I thank you.

Matty - Sapphire cub

Again, I felt a personal gift was what I needed (even though Matty was a JC herself) so I looked for something she didn’t have yet. I had even used a battle-stone on it before they hotfixed them all to uncommon.

By now, I had run out of Spirits of Harmony…

To JD (who was so efficient at making the panthers), I thought the Jade Owl and Sapphire Cub were out of the running so I noticed that he didn’t have a Lil Smoky.

In the meantime, I had been trying to get a Gundrak Hatchling (even before Navi‘s birthday) which included some farming and multiple server drop-ins but no luck there. Navi gave me the Burning Spirit I was missing.

For Arv, I saw that I had some spare marks to supplement my Molten Front dailies but no luck on the Searing Scorchling either. Arv gave me another TCG pet.

Angelya scored a Jade Owl (well, it was actually mine – my first one was given to Tome so I ended up remaking her twice). I figured I could just build up some more Spirits over time, which I did. Ang bought me a Guardian Cub as part of my Secret Santa gift

Effy - Aqua strider

As part of Effy‘s #FFW gift, I thought it would make a great Shammy accessory.

Shawndra - Cinder Kitten

For my recent Cinder Kitten giveaway, Shawndra turned out to be the lucky recipient after writing such a playful piece.

Cool - Water spirit

To the person who introduced me to The Last Airbender, Cool’s gift would have to be a Pandaren Spirit, it was just a matter of which. Cool purchased a Cinder Kitten for me as soon as it came out.

Kamalia and Grinder

After Kamalia showed an interest in Pet Battling, I gifted her Grinder.

Others came to mind as potential gift recipients but didn’t quite work out – a few didn’t show the skill for Pet Battling or had lost touch with them since April.

Lastly, thx to Roshii for wishing me a Merry Christmas late that night.

So there you have it, as I said it was a lot tougher in some cases to try and give a suitable gift but at the same time I’d like to thank everyone for their generosity and support over a rough year.

I wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

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