It’s no wonder Game of Thrones won an Emmy for its outstanding costume design over the past two years. Unfortunately, you don’t always see the intricate designs on many of the costumes but the work is nothing short of exquisite.

In the Season 3 Blu-ray, Designer Michele Clapton explained why Daenerys wears a bright blue dress instead of the traditional Targaryen colors of red and black (which Viserys wore): blue was the colour of royalty in Khal Drogo’s khalasar. It was the colour of the expensive dye which they adorned themselves with, moreso on special occasions such as Drogo’s wedding; so while Daenerys no longer wears a Dothraki-style outfit, she switched to blue as a symbol of her authority as a khaleesi and in memory of Drogo.


Clapton also wanted a dragonscale like textured embroidery which begins to emerge on Daenerys’s costume – a design that keeps growing and evolving as the season progresses.

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Now check out this other Amazon-Exclusive Game of Thrones Daenerys bundle which includes a T-Shirt, POP Figure and Keychain collectible (although that keychain would be too adorable to use).



To finish, here’s my WoW inspired take on her most prominent costume of Season 3 taken from three different images. I had to do a bit of digging through my screenshot folder but I think this old foe works quite well here.

Danaerys blue fire


Yesterday, I was curious to see just how many Daenerys Targaryen Funko Pops I could find. Let me tell you, there are a lot! As part of the 2013 Amazon-Exclusive Game of Thrones bundle, you get three Exclusive Funko Pop Vinyls of Khal Drogo, Daenerys and her dragon Rhaegal as a bonus. 


This dirt covered Dothraki version with a pure green dragon is what makes this one unique. At the time, this was the only way to purchase Rhaegal but I’ve since read that he will be available to purchase individually later in the year.

Now check out the other ones I’ve found with her sporting the same outfit and featuring different coloured dragons.

FunkoPOP Daenerys Targaryen 3Dragons

The red and green dragon on the left is the one Cool bought as an early birthday present. The other two variants seem to exist as part of the same release although I’ve heard the pure red one is quite rare. The bronze and gold version also appears as a Barnes and Noble exclusive. Australia even had its own version of a limited release from JB Hi-Fi.

That’s four right there!

So after all this fascination with the Mother of Dragons, I was inspired to recreate her Dothraki-style outfit which turned out better than my first attempt.

Danereys Targaryen desert

I’d like to give her other costumes a try including her wedding dress and more recent glamorous outfits but I’ll see how I go. Also, featuring her other Funkos in one post would be too much cuteness in one place.

Daenerys Targaryen

FunkoPOP-Daenerys TargaryenI saw an interesting image the other day of Daenerys which I posted on my facebook page. It didn’t seem to have much of a likeness to what I know of her (mostly what I’ve seen in the TV series) but her character fascinates me so I thought it would be nice to do a feature on her. I started watching the series after hearing Bel and Shady talk about it and I must say it’s a very interesting series (not having read the books or heard about it before then).

Daenerys is a young woman just coming into womanhood, small of stature and very beautiful. She has fair skin and her Targaryen family silver-blonde hair and purple eyes. Also known as Daenerys Stormborn or Dany, she is the last confirmed member of the ancient Targaryen Dynasty.

In her youth, Daenerys was a little frightened girl with little self confidence, meek and malleable. She knew no life other than one of exile, dependent and in fear from her brother Viserys, who was often a cruel, abusive companion, prone to mood swings and fits of violence. His abiding obsession with regaining the crown that he felt was his by birthright instilled in Daenerys a similar belief that reclaiming the Seven Kingdoms was the paramount goal of her life. Her marriage to Khal Drogo at 13 was a turning point for her, adapting to life in the khalasar was harsh, yet slowly she strengthened and blossomed into a strong and confident young woman, a true leader of the khalasar.

Daenerys is the only daughter and youngest child of King Aerys II Targaryen and his sister-wife Queen, Rhaella. Daenerys was conceived during the last month of Robert’s Rebellion that that would ultimately end her family’s reign over the Seven Kingdoms. Her father died during the Sack of King’s Landing before she was even born and her mother died giving birth to her. Daenerys was born on Dragonstone, the family ancestral seat, where her mother and brother Viserys were sent, for safekeeping. On the night of her birth a great storm raged. For this reason she is sometimes called ‘Daenerys Stormborn’.

Info from A Wiki of Ice and Fire

Travelling to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria and you’ll hear a very familiar tale.

Daenerys by hungerartist

Artist: Carlos

The above two images are very recognisable from the show itself and the third is simply gorgeous. I managed to get a rather simple costume in-game compared to some of the other ones I’ve recreated in WoW but this post was really to showcase some of the amazing art I’ve come across lately on the character.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen

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