Bizmo’s Brawlpub

Bizmo’s Brawlpub

While I was hanging around in Stormwind yesterday, I decided to check out Bizmo’s Brawlpub – the Alliance equivalent of the Brawl’gar Arena in Org. I knew it was in the Deeprun Tram, as I’d seen the raid alerts come up as soon as I enter the zone. However, from there I was a bit lost as to where to go. Luckily, Veluxia was on so I sent her a “Pst” asking where it was. Speaking of which, guess who spied me in the AH earlier… Turns out it was under the platform in the tram so as soon as you enter the area from the Dwarvern District, head down the ramp and you’ll see the underground entrance.

When I first entered the area, the place looked really familiar from some of the strategy videos I’d seen. But check out the decor… it has a totally different vibe compared to ours on Horde. I mean you could have a couple of drinks there with friends or even a candlelight dinner – if you don’t mind all the blood and violence in the background.


Some of the flavour NPCs are quite interesting too. I mean, check out this bouncer – he snarls! I thought they all did that but when I checked, I couldn’t find another one who did.


Then there’s the Quartermaster with his pet and Keith “The Party” Westin and his Rhinestone Sunglasses as part of the table entertainment.


All-in-all, it was nice to see the differences compared to the one I’m used to.

Finding Your Center

Finding Your Center

Those on the beta may remember a quest called the Wisdom of Ages that was really buggy for Horde but was later removed due to phasing issues. Now if I hadn’t started levelling my Draenei, I probably would have never known about this version for the Alliance. The first time I did this back in April of last year, I failed a few times due to the bugginess of the quest. It also made me squeal quite a bit as the slider was not always as responsive as you’d expect.

So levelling through the Jade Forest, we’re asked to meditate with Lorewalker Cho at the Pagoda within the Dreamer’s Pavilion. Come on Blizz, you left this for the Alliance and not the Horde? I admit it was annoying trying to do this at the time but I think a lot of people might have enjoyed it on live – myself included.

Here are the highlights from the Alliance quest:

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After that, we’re shown a cut-scene with Anduin being chased by some Hozen and when told to return home, he MCs Sully and runs off in search of the Vale.

But it wasn’t long before we were collecting all the lost treasures in the Forest and killing any rares we came across. We even went up to the Shrine of Friendship to complete the Restore the Balance achievement. It was only then that I had my first boo-boo. Cool decided to fly off the top of the mountain while I was an innocent passenger in his chopper, encouraging me to eject as soon as we hit mid-air. I was about to hit my levitate when I hit a cliff instead. At least I didn’t die… so I levitated off to ease my fall when Cool told me “don’t levitate off” figuring he would just bubble me to break my fall, right?

Cliff jumping


Apparently there was an issue of “two trees in the way” while he spammed his bubble. Sure, sure :P Perhaps it was a little payback that backfired a couple of months ago…

S1:7 Report – The Series

S1:7 Report – The Series

During the beta, I wrote about the Horde quest Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel since this was one of two quests which were very buggy at the time. A few days ago, Cool and I managed to quest through the Alliance equivalent which had some similarities in progression, even though the characters and storylines were suitably different.


I will say that on Alliance side, Sully was just as amusing with his preoccupation with raccoons as opposed to Riko  who preferred the company of a particular undead female.

Here are some of the highlights from the quests leading up to the series.

Bubblemaker Ashji

Bubblicious indeed!

OK well, he’s not a quest but what can I say? I always thought this guy was a nice addition… :P


Not to mention the power-levelling of your companions

If only we could level as quickly – these guys literally levelled with every group of mobs we killed.

Jinyu Bubbles

Bubble Trouble

Then to top it all off there was this – WTB bubble damage/healing spells. Can you imagine penance shooting out bubbles? Maybe as a way to make up for the bubble maker I wanted as a child.

Before long, we heard about the investigation which led to the Lair of the Jade Witch.



R.I.P Gizmo and Socks.



All-in-all, it was quite a fun storyline but it did seem a bit easier than our version, including the sniper part for Take No Prisoners but I won’t say what they did to those Orcs….

Alliance Milestone

Alliance Milestone

Today I hit two milestones on my Alliance Priest, Cym. Firstly, I managed to get Honoured with the Guild so that I could buy the Guild Page and I also dinged 85. Woot!

I must say that the quests in Twilight Highlands are very different from Horde. Not only do you get to borrow a gryphon for Dropping the Hammer but instead of using a grappling hook for Hook ‘em High, the Alliance get to use a Shoulder-Mounted Drake-Dropper to Tear Them From the Sky!

Wildmammer quest

Shoulder-Mounted Drake-Dropper

Also, you know the Barrels we need to blow up on Horde side? The Alliance take a swig from each barrel! They even get a buff from drinking a few… although the slightly blurry screen I won’t really miss :P It brought back memories of those spiders in ZG. Ah, vanilla…

To top it off, you get to prepare a wedding! I didn’t finish the preparations for that… but I did help with the song lyrics :P

Spending the afternoon getting half a level through quests was quite tedious although the Guild rep was nice. But since I had two bubbles to go, Cool and I decided to do a random dungeon.

Level 85

This wouldn’t have been my first choice for a dungeon since you can get some really dodgy groups but other than the hunter leaving a few minutes into it we did ok.

When I headed back to Stormwind, the first thing I did was to check the location of the Guild vendor.

Guild Page-A

Say hello to pet no. 184 :D

I really wish you could transfer the Lieutenant Commander title from my Alliance priest to my main on Horde. Really, I don’t see why this can’t be doable, especially since it’s the same account and the amount of effort it took back then was dedication and wins.

Champion Cymre – I can just imagine it.

Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel

Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel

Ugh! Phasing quests! Here’s another one that’s just as annoying as the Wisdom of Ages. A short but fun series of phased quests leads you to this one as you follow the objectives set out by Kiryn, an undead NPC and Riko, one of the monkey people.

This particular quest involved you taking control of a sniper rifle and shooting all the Jinyu enemies you see by right clicking on the targets, allowing Kiryn to sneak in and set down barrels at three points which you blow up. I found you had to be fast with the rifle to get the screen to advance otherwise the scene stalled leaving you no option but to use the only action button in the vehicle (allowing you to reset this bit). The advantage here is that you don’t completely come out of phase meaning you can just re-click the rifle and try again.

I had to do this about 10 times as the quest kept bugging out for me. It’s the same deal as the other phased meditation quest, as someone else can phase into their version and bug yours out. Now I know why there was a number of people hovering around those NPCs back at the camp. However, with perseverance I managed to get it done eventually.

Shooting the Jinyu was actually a fun shoot ‘em up game, something you might find at Timezone or something. As long as your screen keeps advancing with the visual cues while you kill all the enemies, you should be fine. Be aware that there are a few that hide behind the trees but turning on enemy bars for this is a good idea (I’m sure you have these on already) :P

Just remember to kill all the Jinyu as soon as you see them, including the ones behind the trees. Shoot the barrels when Kiryn sets them down at three set points. Unfortunately, I had trouble targeting the third barrel as it appeared halfway behind my portrait so I couldn’t get the targeting icon to come up. On my successful attempt, it seems I only needed to shoot two of the barrels to advance to the next phase. This involved a faster number of the incoming enemies but is easily doable by spamming the right click button.

The dialogue from this series of quests was pretty amusing at times. Here’s a short excerpt from the scenario.

The Coast was clear. Kiryn began to make her escape. Damn, another Jinyu net! We were so close, too… I sensed a commotion in the village’s eastern village.


Shademaster Kiryn says: Riko…

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