OLRG in Firelands

The OLRG headed into Firelands with exactly ten including Matty, Tome, Shoryl, Helke, Taik and Starre. This allowed us to tackle everything without much trouble until we planned on completing the Bucket List achievement. Not an Ambi-Turner was easy since we only had to focus on one leg.

Not an Ambi-Turner

Even Baleroc was an easy burn.


But one near wipe was all it took to get Shannox down a second time. Granted we needed to look up where the Path of Corruption was and it helps when the tank doesn’t die :P

Luckily we didn’t need to go far when we reached the path to Beth’tilac’s enclosure although I later read that you could just kite him along the cliff closest to her room for credit. As you can see, we managed to kill him just in the nick of time.


As someone mentioned afterwards, Rag seemed pretty anticlimactic after kiting Shannox around the whole zone and I’d have to agree. It might take a couple more trips to get the other six I need for Glory of the Firelands Raider but in the meantime, thanks for the fun and achievements guys. I hope the rest of your run was just as eventful.

Disc and Firelands

Disc and Firelands

Sure it’s nice being able to do some of the new content via quests and dailies but it seems to progress further you need to raid to be eligible for some rep upgrades and anything else from the raid you hope to get. Not really surprising news.

Since it’s been stated that a lot of the spirit gear will not drop in the raid, there’s been a lot of talk from priests that it’s been an oversight of Blizzard. While it’s true that all Tier pieces have spirit on them and some of the other pieces from tailoring, rep and valour items, getting a workable set is doable. The ideal thing about Disc is that you don’t necessarily need spirit on all your items since we are proactive healers and get mana back from talents such as rapture it works for our spec. This is another reason why our combat regen isn’t too high; although when I’ve wanted to roll on a non-spirit piece for my MS, I’m still not sure if some DPS would understand this reasoning.

On a side note, I’ve wondered why the tank group often has a ranged person there. If anything I would have liked melee and/or possibly myself in the group since it’s about survivability. It’s really the range DPS’s fault if they die from premature aggro. It’s also not my job to top up a player, it’s really just to prep them or stop them from dying. That’s why you have other healers in the raid and DPS / tanks who know how to work their CDs, healthstones, lightwells and bandages.

Over the last year though, I often passed on items in raids unless it was an ideal piece for me and not just a side-grade. I was able to gather a lot of pieces just by working on my valor points, getting rep items and some made pieces. Everyone should be able to do this and not just rely on raiding to improve gear. Gear doesn’t make the player, skill does. Unfortunately, latency does seem to be a valid issue for all of us on this side of the world, although some more than others. If you say that time is an issue then prioritize your time and with Blizzard abolishing the daily dungeon limit it should be easier than before.

My 4.2 Breakdown

I must say, I was looking forward to the new patch for several reasons. New quests and rep to grind; new tier and raid plus a 2nd boss in BH. There weren’t any changes to note for Discipline, although there were a few for Shadow. Basically DOTs do less and my boom boom spells have been increased.

But why, oh why did they have to change the animation for Aegis? It was one of my most favourite things for my spec. When I crit it just looks like I just popped a regular bubble with sparkles. With any luck they will change this back. Probably just wishful thinking though. The other thing I’ve noticed is one new hairstyle for the female BE. I feel Jamaican with the long plait in my native black colour. I even experimented with a lighter shade but soon went back to black. It would have been cool though, if you could see the plait with my helm showing.

It’s interesting to note how many new achievements have been added for quests, in particular. It was especially nice to log in on Wednesday and see a number of achievements added to my tally automatically. Particularly for the non-combat pets. Three new pets in the mail were a nice surprise. It’s taken a bit of research to see what achievements I can accomplish so far and I’m doing pretty well – getting 3 just today :P

The new raid so far seems quite easy, well the trash at least. With a few attempts on Shannox too.

This is how he’s been described by Blizzard.
The ferocious flamewakers of this Elemental Plane are terrifying enough, but Shannox has brought companions to his side in defense of the Firelands. This mighty hunter will require that you find a way to deal with his blazing pets before he burns you to a crisp.

Probably why he’s on the G wallpaper :P The theme seems pretty popular with the votes so far – 4/6 as of this writing.

Anyway, look forward to opening up another NPC to get some nice stuff in a couple of weeks :)

That reminds me, I need to check out the balloon thing in Org tomorrow…

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