A New Blingtron Appears

Several days ago, Jonathan LeCraft tweeted something very interesting:

This pint-sized trainer looks familiar. She might just visit your garrison in the future

Garrison trainer

Check out this Gilnean child with her epic looking Diablo team. While many can relate to having only the Treasure Goblin in their collection, I was excited to see both Mini Tyrael and Mini Diablo on the PTR a while ago. I just didn’t have the heart to level them. Talk about a dream team.

TheCrafticus was even asking for names, so what about Scrooge, Justice and Terror?

Today there was even some engineering news. When asked if we’d be getting another Blingtron for WoD, TheCrafticus responded:

Yes. Engineers will be able to construct a new Blingtron (new gifts), and it will fight other Blingtrons to the death. Savage!

I must admit, I was quite intrigued by this and was left wondering what materials we’d need to craft it. Here’s his response:

I could tell you, but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense without more context. It will be difficult, but it won’t be permanently destroyed if it dies in a Bling-fight.

With some concern about possible exploits like players of the other faction dropping several to demolish yours, it will only be:

Same faction. It will be a free-for-all. Idea is to grant a bonus to the creator of a winning Blingtron. We’ll keep an eye on the exploits — the bonus may just be bragging rights.

So what about a new style of teleport:

Wormhole Centrifuge: Pick two locations from a list. You will get sent to one. We don’t want it to be a perfect teleport. It will be useful half the time, and that’s just about right for engineering.

When asked if it could ever go wrong and teleport you elsewhere:

Nope, but you might be a sheep. Or on fire. Or both.

Hmm, maybe today I’ll finally get to change into something… *fingers crossed.

Now for mount lovers, when asked if there would be anything new for WoD:

Engineers recently got the Sky Golem, so probably not going to have a brand new mount with WoD.

I can’t say I really mind about the mount, we did get three this expansion and that’s just from engineering.

Cooking up a Rascal

Fifteen days after creating my Sky-Golem, I now have two more pets to show for it. Cool started work on one while I started building up another 15x Peculiar Energy Sources for the other. However, I didn’t realise that we only had 20 Living Steels in the Guild Bank meaning I would be short 10 to make mine today. I had a lot of Spirits saved on my hunter so I traded them for some trillium ore. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any on my alchemist for Riddle of Steel transmutes so I did the only thing left – a regular transmute.

Cool helped with the remaining ones so I had all the Living Steel I needed. After making my last Energy Source this morning, the set was complete.


I had an opportunity to try them out on my PTR so I was looking forward to seeing them in action.

Robots and Broodlings

I couldn’t resist having a look on the PTR and for good reason. A few new additions in my pet journal included the new Rascal-Bot, Zergling, Terky, Murkablo, Deathy and the Onyx Panther so I tried a few pet battles to test out all of their abilities.

GruntyZergling Onyx-Panther-

A couple of these I haven’t seen before since they were only available in Taiwan and Korea so they made up a couple of my dream teams.


Then today there was this little beauty. She has some nice abilities including Life Exchange and another healing ability which I tried out during another pet battle.


In other news, I reached 100 wins for my PVP pet battles (on live) which isn’t quite half way but felt it was worth mentioning. This included one of the longest pet battles to date where a particular opponent let the timer lapse EVERY SINGLE TIME. Talk about dragging the game on… it took over 10mins but at least I won.

I also tried one of the Proving Grounds scenarios as Disc which was easier than I expected for bronze. I look forward to collecting these achievements on live and wonder how far I’ll get with endless mode. Time will tell…

I’m leaving the other stuff as a surprise though so the next part of the legendary will be fresh. No sign of the new minor glyph yet either.

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Today Coolidge surprised me with the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling – the new pet from engineering. He actually used his 6x trillium bars as well as two Spirits of Harmony to make the pet without even having his profession maxed yet! Not to worry though, I’ll be using my transmute CD to make Trillium > Living Steel for him to help with his levelling.

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Isn’t he cute? I’m currently sitting at 307 unique pets.

Thx Cool <3

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