Western Plaguelands Rares

Western Plaguelands is starting to mend thanks to the efforts of the Cenarion Circle, but other parts are torn apart by war, such as Andorhal. After the fall of the Scarlet Crusade and victory in Northrend, Hearthglen was reclaimed by Tirion Fordring and now serves as a major friendly quest hub. The Battle for Andorhal questline also features reappearances of Thassarian and Koltira Deathweaver, two deathknights who wanted to remain friends after their experiences at Acherus instead of picking a side to fight on. The area is also the location of the Scholomance dungeon.

The Husk


Putridius used to roam the streets of Andorhal, but now spawns in the doorway of Scholomance.


No longer in the game


Northern Stranglethorn Rares

Northern Stranglethorn is a new zone in Cataclysm since old Stranglethorn Vale was split in half after the Sundering. The land just south of Grom’gol Base Camp has collapsed into a large whirlpool.

Nesingwary’s Expedition is now a large encampment while the Venture Company Base Camp has been deforested. The large vortex on the border between Northern Stranglethorn and Cape of Stranglethorn is known as the Sundering. Be careful though, it’s nothing like the Maw of the Void.

Players can also learn about the political changes to Zul’Gurub which includes rescuing a cute Lashtail Hatchling after u kill Bloodlord Mandokir. Just look for the exclamation mark for An Old Friend once you’ve killed him (to the right of where Mandokir normally stands). Note that only one person per lockout can complete the quest assuming you’ve done the pre-chain.

You can also get involved in Nesingwary’s expanded hunting operations as well as check out the changes to Yojamba Isle where the majority of structures have been removed.

Mogh the DeadRoloch

Burning Crusade Starter Rares

Eversong Woods is the starter zone for the Blood Elf race. It is a golden forest with typical high elf buildings. In the center of the map is a blighted strip known as the Dead Scar, a remnant from Arthas’ battle against the High Elves. Quests involve learning about the blood elves’ rich history, decadent lifestyle, and their struggles to keep the Dead Scar from growing.

Eversong Woods is also home to the capital city of the Blood Elves, Silvermoon City.

Ghostlands is a low-level zone focusing on the alliance between the Blood Elves and Forsaken in pushing back the Scourge’s presence. It is dark and shadowy with corruption throughout the land, culminating in Deathholme. It’s also the site of the ancient Amani troll empire, Zul’Aman and the low-level reputation hub of Tranquillien.

Azuremyst Isle is the zone the Draenei spaceship crashed into, leading to the formation of the Exodar as their capital city. Quests focus on the draenei acquainting themselves with the land and trying to strengthen their struggling settlements. Since this island was so far out, there was very little other civilization before the crash.

There are no rares in the zone but the closest thing would be the Blood Elf Bandit who has a chance to drop the Blood Elf Bandit Mask. To find out more, check out the post from Euphyely.

Bloodmyst Isle is a low-level zone covering the struggles of the Draenei to rebuild their civilization. It gets its distinctive red look from the corrupting red crystals found on the Exodar, the Draenei’s spaceship that crashed.

There is a special draenei-only questline on Bloodmyst Isle, which culminates in The Unwritten Prophecy and Tabard of the Hand.

Duskwood Rares

Duskwood is even creepier than I remember, especially where the spiders are. I had to go back since there have been a few new rares in the area, although one has been transformed into a rare – Eliza. Boy was that an annoying chain while levelling.

The zone has been warped and cursed due to the Scythe of Elune. Alliance aid the Night Watch, who protect the  town of Darkshire. They also learn several chilling stories about former residents such as Abercrombie, Jitters, and Morbent Fel.

In the centre of Duskwood is a dormant volcano known as the Twilight Grove. This area looks very different from the rest of Duskwood and used to be one of four locations tied to the dragons of nightmare and portal to the Emerald Dream.

One of the more unusual things were the numerous chests in the area, especially under random trees.




Old rare in the crypt of Raven Hill Cemetery

Nefaru - old worgen model

Old worgen model

Burning Steppes Rares

The Burning Steppes are located north of the Redridge Mountains and south of the Searing Gorge. It is dominated by Blackrock Mountain in the northwestern area. It’s home to a large orc settlement, Twilight Hammer cultists, and the black dragonflight.

This rugged region is full of craggy foothills, scattered boulders and warring factions. Rivers of lava dot the landscape, as well as charred earth and burning ruins. The sky is a red hue here, due to sporadic eruptions from Blackrock Mountain.





A lot of these were taken in vanilla. I originally thought that the reaver was new as I didn’t have a pic but it’s actually a re-skin to differentiate it’s look from the other reavers. It also used to roam the area, where it now remains stationary. I’m not quite sure what’s happened to Terrorspark these days but he’s HUGE…

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