Dun Morogh Sledders

If you venture above Ironforge in the Hills to the West of the City you’ll find a curious group of Dwarfs, spending their day sledding and drinking. I found this spot around Christmas last year after killing Gibblewilt for his Foreman’s Vest (but that’s another story). I had initially made a banner out of the two sledders but thought better of it since it’s Alliance and I’m Horde. :P According to WoWWiki, this area was added in Patch 4.1, so if you haven’t seen them before now that’s why.

From what I can tell there are only two sledders, a male and a female. You’ll even see a dog Ollie on a sled but it appears he’s just there for show as he just gets dragged along by his owner, I presume, first to the top of the mountain and then back towards the cave around the corner path. Ollie originated as a skateboarding term but has since been extended to a skiing / snowboarding manoeuvre. Interesting enough, these Dwarfs are friendly to Horde as well so don’t be shy about taking a closer look the next time you’re in the area. I only wish I could join them in a sled ride. ;P

There are quite a few spectators hanging around, grog in hand and a lot of laughing.

It looks as though they have all the provisions they need for a day of Sledding. A warm fire and just look at those HUGE kegs.

They even planned ahead to prepare a huge mound of snow at the bottom of the mountain as a pretty safe, albeit, abrupt way to stop.

If you look a little past the cave path, you’ll also see what’s left of a plane crash.

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