Spires of Arak Rares

For travelers limited to two legs, Arak is an autumnal, swampy forest, framed in crooked trees that rest chin-level with giants. High above the trees towers a landscape rarely seen by outsiders: impossibly tall rock spires too steep to scale. The arakkoa gaze out from these treacherous perches, watching their land like incarnate gods . . . and paying homage to the blessed sun by burning the “low races” alive.

From the official site

Betsi Boombasket Blade-Dancer-A Durkath Steelmaw EyelessFesterbloom

Read from the Fel Grimoire inside Voidpriest Sekkta's hut

Read from the Fel Grimoire inside Voidpriest Sekkta’s hut

Gochar Jiasska-the-Spore Kalos-the-Bloodbathed Mutafen Nas-Dumberlin Nightpaw Oskillra-the-Vengeful Poisonmaster-Bortusk

Interact with A Strange Mushroom

Interact with A Strange Mushroom

Sangrikass Shadowbark Solar-Magnifier Stonespine


Event: Stingtail Nest – Kill bugs until Sunderthorn spawns

Swarmleaf Talonbreaker Tesska-the-Broken


Interact with Varasha’s Egg

Nagrand Rares

Nagrand is chock full of interesting beasts but I have to say I was really excited to find one of the rares below. Serious pet collectors will recall the hours spent fishing a certain little lake in the hopes of looting their own Magical Crawdad. I really can’t tell you how many hours I endured because it took a total of FIVE Mr. Pinchys to collect my own but you can be sure I’ll be having a good stern word with his dad very soon.

Seafaring ogres claim the south of windswept Nagrand, and they seek to dominate both the land and the orcs who dwell upon it. But more cryptic threats abound: a strange mist pours from the center of the plains, embodiments of nature stir around the Throne of the Elements, and the otherworldly crystals of Oshu’gun draw questers and fortune-seekers from all over Draenor.

From the official site

AogexonExplorer-Nozzand FlinthideGazorda Garlua Gnarlhoof-the-Rabid GorepetalGraveltooth Greatfather Grizzlemaw Hunter-BlacktoothHyperiousKarosh-Blackwind Malroc-Stonesunder Mr Pinchy Sr Drop: Netherspawn, Spawn of Netherspawn Ophiis Outrider-DurethaRedclaw-the-FeralRuklaaScout-Pokhar Turaaka Windcaller-KorastXelganak

There sure are a lot of rares starting with the letter G. As of now, I’m still missing the River Calf so if you’ve seen one in Nagrand, please share the location below. In the meantime, I hope to post my Wild Pets of Draenor very soon.

Talador Rares

Talador is the heart of Draenor. It rests at the crossroads of the continent, divided by rivers that flow from the Sea of Zangar and enable marine trade and movement from east to west. At the center of Talador shines the glorious cathedral city of Shattrath: a museum metropolis, an architectural marvel, a preserved recreation of ancient draenei culture—entirely occupied by the Iron Horde.
Description from the Blizzard site





Matron of Sin




Sikthiss, Maiden of Slaughter






This list is subject to change

Gorgrond Rares

Gorgrond is the next destination for both Horde and Alliance and offers a stark contrast between the perilous jungles and vast canyons of the zone. I admit when I first saw Bashiok, I couldn’t help but engage him. He has an interesting drop.

The industrial development of the Blackrock clan has left the once-glistening oasis of Gorgrond a desolate, rocky badland, its only remaining natural produce the steam that boils up from massive vents beneath the earth. Gorgrond has become the source of the Iron Horde’s arsenal—its foundries churn out weapons, armor, and torrents of smoke great enough to be seen from neighboring lands.

From the official site

GerohnaBlademaster Ro-gor
Char-the-BurningDefector DazgoDurp the HatedFossilwood-the-patient Gelgor-of-the-Burning-GorgerHorggHive Queen Skeeter MalkorMother-AraneaeMorgo KainRiptar Rolkor Stomper-Kreego SulfuriousSunclaw

A couple of memorable spots included the Gronn Canyon and sulfur springs where you can find this magnificent looking elemental but even more impressive was the colour of the water. Gorgeous stuff.

This list is subject to change.

Shadowmoon Valley Rares

In Warlords of Draenor, the Alliance crash land in Shadowmoon Valley after escaping their first encounter with the Iron Horde in Tanaan Jungle. This gorgeous zone is filled with rich draenei architecture as well as forming the base camp of the Alliance Garrison.




Click on the draenei corpse
Drop: Varandi Family Crest.


This frog requires some creative jumping to reach
Drop: Hypnosis Goggles


Drop: Legacy of Om’ra (has a chance to be epic)




Speak to the NPC at the Embaari Defense Crystal and protect him from the wolves and matriarch which follow
Drop: Windfang Sabre

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