Valor, Darkmoon & Draenei

Today, Cool and I completed our Test of Valour quest as part of Wrathion’s legendary chain. The great part was the ability to follow your progress by tracking the achievement so I knew we’d be a little bit short from last week.

A Test of Valor

The question is now, how are we going to get the next bit done – A Change of Command. We were going to see how doable this was with just the two of us but when we ventured into his room, he wasn’t there. This made me wonder how long it takes for him to respawn as his corpse was nowhere to be seen.

We also wondered if we’d be flagged or not by attacking him. When I asked on Twitter the response was no (at least from what he remembers). So we may try this on the weekend as well as the two BGs that I haven’t tried before. It should be interesting.

Pandaren Cubs

In other news, we’ve been levelling our Draenei a bit. The great thing about levelling them together is we can pick and choose which chains we do since we’ve done them all at least once now. I particularly didn’t want to do the bit with the Jade shipments and the Sha so we skipped quite a lot of the storylines once we hit 86.

Last night I managed to see the Darkmoon Rabbit just chilling in his cave so decided to hang around for a bit to see who turned up for a kill. It was late though and only one worgen turned up before getting a rather nasty wakeup call before rezzing and then riding off on his strider. A little bit later, Navi convinced me to get a raid going and before long we had killed him with 14 in the raid. Unfortunately, no winning roll on the rabbit but you can only try, right? It’s also Day 3 with Jeremy with no sight of the Eye yet… =/. A few more days to go before he’s off for another month though… wish me luck (again).

GL to those still needing it which is pretty much most of the Pet Battlers I know.

Rookie Rabid Crew

Ah, the Darkmoon Rabbit. A foe I’ve encountered several times but managed to kill twice. My first raid on the beta was… interesting to say the least. When he went live, I didn’t expect to win the pet on my first try but was happy to get the achievement.

Now just look at that face…

Rabid rabbit

I happened to die twice during the encounter but was fortunate enough to get a battle rez after the first death – maybe because I was the top healer at the time. The guy who won rolled an 80. I sure hope he uses him well since I saw the rabbit on Alliance side for 300K the other day. Times like that I wish I had gold over there but not for that price.

Darkmoon - raid two

Later on, I was Pet Battling in the Valley when I saw in general: Chief Salyis yells “Loot and pillage, bwahahaha!” so I went to get a closer look. I thought he would be engaged already with one side or the other but it seems to be the zone wide alert when he spawns.

I decided to hang around a minute to see what happened. Sure enough, there was a raid forming so I joined. Someone said he only spawns every three days so I felt really lucky to see him. In fact, this is only the second time I’ve seen him on live servers.

Even with a group of Alliance trying to flag people, we managed to kill it without much trouble. I was really happy to win the Robes of Blue Skies and thought I may as well use my extra roll too. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I also won the Stomphowl Pendant.


Robes of Blue Skies

It’s a little funny that the day I finally decided to mog my set (since setting foot in Pandaria), ended up being the shortest mog ever.

The evening ended with a wave from Veluxia, a fellow pet battler I see often – more often than not with her inner focus going – although I only see the glowy balls during a tamer battle. I did accidentally do the same thing the other day coming out of a dungeon though :P I even gave a 30min tutorial to someone about Pet Battling, when he started asking me questions about it, part of my #26Acts perhaps?

Plus, I’m happy to say that Rookie Pet Mob is now complete! Now if Jeremy would part with his Darkmoon Eye already…

Darkmoon Rabbit

The Darkmoon Rabbit is here!

When I found him, he was just chilling in the cave.

Looking at him he just looks like any other cute and cuddly critter, right?


He’s a world boss with 72 million health, so he’s certainly no pushover.

In researching this post, I went to great lengths to bring you this info. This rabbit has one annoying and pretty painful ability.

He puts this debuff on anyone in melee range so if you can, try and stay at maximum range, have a large raid (he’s been killed with 40) or you’ll be looking at a lot of repair bills. He used to ignore hunter and warlock pets but this has since been fixed. Also, avoid the water line as he has been known to reset. If you die, release and run back.

However, successfully killing this creature will drop the Darkmoon Rabbit which one lucky person will win, as well as the following achievement – That Rabbit’s Dynamite! to everyone in the raid. This is something I hope to get one day on both counts, ever since I learnt about the guy on early beta :)

Proof that the fight is possible, as seen here on day one of the Faire

For those who don’t know, he’s based on a fictional beast from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

So for those of you looking to get a new pet and achievement… happy hunting!

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