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There’s a new world boss at the Darkmoon Faire. The best part is she’s not faction tagged like the Darkmoon Rabbit but you will need to summon her by killing a number of Moonfang Snarlers followed by Moonfang Dreadhowls on the western side of Darkmoon Island. Once enough have been killed, Moonfang will appear.


Moonfang (174.5M) has several abilities:

Moonfang howl

To see the fight, check out the video.

She can drop a number of items:

Shimmering Moonstone – only available while the Faire is up

See Moon Moon’s animations and pet abilities.

Moonfang's Paw costume

Moonfang’s Paw – Moonfang costume

Moonfang Shroud

Moonfang Shroud – wolf mask

Moonfang’s Paw - transmoggable fist weapon
Moonfang’s Pelt – quest which rewards some gold and 10 Darkmoon tickets

It appears you can summon her every hour.

Darkmoon Top Hat

Darkmoon Luck


Quite a while ago, I splurged and bought the Darkmoon Eye from the Auction House as I’ve had no luck from doing the battles each month. Then after my latest trouble with a rabbit raid several weeks ago, I wasn’t looking forward to another week of trying but then today, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a Darkmoon Rabbit for just 2K in the Auction House.

Say what?

I know, I couldn’t believe it either – especially since I’ve been trying to generate money on other servers just to buy one but it never worked out… until today.

I was a little worried about the AH pet bug I read about earlier as I didn’t want my gold going down the virtual drain. Apparently some people experienced some pets in the AH coming up as ‘Pet Cage’ and having empty cages in their bags but a rabbit for 2k was too good to pass up so after a few seconds of hesitation, I bought and learnt it immediately. After the run of bad luck I had last night, I figured I was due some good luck or rather good karma.

Darkmoon Eye Darkmoon Rabbit

I can’t believe I have my very own rabbit (ever since I saw my first one on the beta) and the eye completes the set!

Darkmoon Top Hat

Now with the new additions to the Darkmoon Faire, I’ve been doing my dailies on several toons in the hopes of getting my Brawler’s item from the Darkmoon Game Prize. So far, I’ve managed to get quite a few of the Darkmoon Top Hats and Carousel rides like the Darkmoon “Rocket”. One day I’ll even fish up the Darkmoon Fishing Cap.

Now to level up my latest additions… where are some rissoles when I need them? I guess the hot dogs will have to do :P

icon - courtesy of Warcraft Pets

Darkmoon Pets – 5.1 Edition


The Darkmoon Faire is here for another month with a lot of exciting changes from Patch 5.1. A new Pet Tamer to defeat, wild pets and vendor pet.

First off is the Darkmoon Glowfly which may be captured on the outskirts of the island. Note that the level of pet can vary between 1-10 but may be seen in all quality levels (after a recent hotfix).

Darkmoon Glowfly

The Crow is a little more elusive as it only appears as one of several possible secondary pets to the Glowfly. Due to the level of the Darkmoon Glowfly, you’ll also find the crow in a wide variety of levels and qualities. However as the level of the Darkmoon Glowfly dictates whether you’ll have a secondary pet or not, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort to camp for a rare.


You can also try your luck with the very snazzy looking Tamer of the Faire. Each day he will offer the quest – Darkmoon Pet Battle! for the price of a game token. Completing the quest will reward you with the Darkmoon Pet Supplies which has a chance to include a Darkmoon Eye – currently seen as a member of his team.

Jeremy Feasel

Jeremy Feasel <Master Pet Tamer>
Location: On the west side of the lane between the shooting gallery and souvenir stalls – 47, 62
Level 25 Epic Pets: Fezwixk (Beast), Honky-Tonk (Mechanical) and Judgement (Magic)

The fight itself was fairly easy compared to the Pandaren Spirit Tamers – unless of course you forget to switch out your low level pet first :P

But if you’re looking to spend your stash of tickets, look no further than Lhara who has the Darkmoon Hatchling on offer for 90 tickets.

Darkmoon Hatchling

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