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Darkmoon Eye reward

OMG, It Does Exist!


After countless battles at the Darkmoon Faire, it finally happened. There were FOUR items in my Darkmoon Pet Supplies with a Darkmoon Eye sitting in the prime spot. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, it only took thirteen months to get one after all. When you consider that it technically took 13 weeks, it doesn’t sound that bad but we all know the sad truth, don’t we?

According to WoWHead there’s only a 1.9% chance to see one but that’s only counting the players who upload content so it’s only as accurate as the member base allows.

I bought mine after months of disappointment but even after caving and buying the pet, I was still determined to find one the old-fashioned way – plus it’s still an excellent way to level up an additional pet (in addition to the six I do most days). Generally I like to use my Lil’ Deathwing and Darkmoon Zeppelin while I level up whatever elemental pet I’m levelling that week.

Darkmoon Eye reward

Looks like Cool will be getting something special the next time he logs on.

Moon Moon-dance

Just /Dance


After countless Moonfang kills, I finally caved and bought Moon Moon from the AH. Sadly, it’s only one of several pets I’ve ended up purchasing lately but after getting everything other than the drop I really wanted, it’s one less thing to worry about. I did have the opportunity to try him out on the PTR but at the time I wasn’t aware of his dance emote. You really need to try it when you get a chance.

Moon Moon-dance

Make that two new pets today…

Harmonious Porcupette - Mistweaver Ku

If only the other Porcupette was that easy.

Waiting for Moonfang

Waiting for Moonfang


I’ve been doing a lot of waiting lately, waiting for the Monstrous Spineclaw, waiting for Garnia, waiting for Zarhym… the list goes on.

It’s been two days since my first Moonfang sighting. I was excited like many for a chance at another pet as well as a more permanent version of Don Carlos’ Famous Hat companion. I had read the fight was like the Timeless Isle and Isle of Thunder rares where it’s not tied to a faction tag. Fantastic! It would also be as frequent as those on the Isle, woot! This proved true on the first night of the Faire.

At 7pm, I was ready to go through the portal, just like the other twenty odd players ready to give this new Darkmoon boss a go.

It only took a couple of minutes for her to spawn and even quicker for her to die. I was able to loot Moonfang’s Pelt which seems to be a guaranteed drop per character and an easy 10 Darkmoon tickets right there.

The video shows my second kill since the fight took a bit longer. I’ve found it is possible to avoid her Leap for the Kill ability if you’re ranged though, you just have to be on the ball.

When I looted my third Moonfang Paw (which you can see in the video) I thought it might be an idea to try my luck with another toon. This proved harder as the night wore on as less and less people turned up.

Waiting for Moonfang

I’m now up to my 13th (or so) kill with no pet to show for it. In fact, I’ve managed to get everything else several times over on a total of five toons but it’s a little annoying when you wait for her to spawn, watch her evade and reset several times because someone has kited her too far away from the clearing only to find there’s nothing to loot.

The latest set of hotfixes (7 Oct 2013) has rectified this:

Moonfang should now always drop something when defeated

Something I noticed earlier when I looted 2x Sharp Claws.

I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Darkmoon Eye (which I still haven’t seen in my Feasel bag).

Well, a few days to go still… hope your luck is better than mine.

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