OMG, It Does Exist!

OMG, It Does Exist!

After countless battles at the Darkmoon Faire, it finally happened. There were FOUR items in my Darkmoon Pet Supplies with a Darkmoon Eye sitting in the prime spot. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, it only took thirteen months to get one after all. When you consider that it technically took 13 weeks, it doesn’t sound that bad but we all know the sad truth, don’t we?

According to WoWHead there’s only a 1.9% chance to see one but that’s only counting the players who upload content so it’s only as accurate as the member base allows.

I bought mine after months of disappointment but even after caving and buying the pet, I was still determined to find one the old-fashioned way – plus it’s still an excellent way to level up an additional pet (in addition to the six I do most days). Generally I like to use my Lil’ Deathwing and Darkmoon Zeppelin while I level up whatever elemental pet I’m levelling that week.

Darkmoon Eye reward

Looks like Cool will be getting something special the next time he logs on.

Valor, Darkmoon & Draenei

Valor, Darkmoon & Draenei

Today, Cool and I completed our Test of Valour quest as part of Wrathion’s legendary chain. The great part was the ability to follow your progress by tracking the achievement so I knew we’d be a little bit short from last week.

A Test of Valor

The question is now, how are we going to get the next bit done – A Change of Command. We were going to see how doable this was with just the two of us but when we ventured into his room, he wasn’t there. This made me wonder how long it takes for him to respawn as his corpse was nowhere to be seen.

We also wondered if we’d be flagged or not by attacking him. When I asked on Twitter the response was no (at least from what he remembers). So we may try this on the weekend as well as the two BGs that I haven’t tried before. It should be interesting.

Pandaren Cubs

In other news, we’ve been levelling our Draenei a bit. The great thing about levelling them together is we can pick and choose which chains we do since we’ve done them all at least once now. I particularly didn’t want to do the bit with the Jade shipments and the Sha so we skipped quite a lot of the storylines once we hit 86.

Last night I managed to see the Darkmoon Rabbit just chilling in his cave so decided to hang around for a bit to see who turned up for a kill. It was late though and only one worgen turned up before getting a rather nasty wakeup call before rezzing and then riding off on his strider. A little bit later, Navi convinced me to get a raid going and before long we had killed him with 14 in the raid. Unfortunately, no winning roll on the rabbit but you can only try, right? It’s also Day 3 with Jeremy with no sight of the Eye yet… =/. A few more days to go before he’s off for another month though… wish me luck (again).

GL to those still needing it which is pretty much most of the Pet Battlers I know.

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