Beta Highlights

It was a pretty productive weekend on the Beta, with not much happening on live, I can only farm SM so much. We were able to get exalted with The Lorewalkers, as well as catch a lot of the Champions in Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes.

The Yowler

Talk about being a hoarder

Cool and I also experimented with a faction change – can’t remember how long it lasted but it seemed like AGES! I had The Lorewalkers post all set to go except for a few pics I couldn’t take until I managed to change myself into a BE again. Unfortunately, the ability to do so took a while to come back up.

Last night, I finally managed to see the option next to Cym’s name and was so excited I did the faction > race > customisation changes but when I went to confirm the changes, it said I was over the Gold limit. ARG! So I logged in and sure enough I was 1K over the 50K mark. Trying to decide how to dispose of the extra money, I almost chucked it using the ‘amount to pick-up’ feature but I thought that was just a waste – even though it’s beta. I was thinking of flying to a vendor and buying a lot of crap (like the starter sets for example) but you can’t DE them so I thought I’d have a look at the AH.

The prices there are super inflated but I figured I just need to get something around 1.5-2K. After a couple of antsy minutes, I ended up buying 2 pets which were 1K each. Even though I had them both, they were the closest to what I could get without being over 50K. So after emptying my mail and relearning the pets, I excitedly logged out.

But the faction change was no longer there.

I felt deflated.

So I tried logging in and out to other toons hoping it would pop up again. The randomiser did its thing but not for my main again last night. I went to bed.

Today, I logged in and the option still wasn’t up… until some time later. I was so happy and knew I was still under the 50K limit. SUCCESS!

I feel right again. Free to take pics without feeling odd.


Wearing Mozu’s Robe with my new pet Grinder

Both items drop from Karr the Darkener in the Dread Wastes.

I must say that I’m loving all the profession type dailies and I’ve even started doing the initial farming quests on my alts to help out with ingredients for my priest.

My farm

Still no luck with the pet though, even after all the farming hints.

The other day, I decided to start the grind for the Order of the Cloud Serpent. I chose the blue hatchling after a choice of three colours – gold and green being the other two. Come live, I might actually choose the gold one but we’ll see.

Blue serpent hatchling

I particularly like the fact that the Cloud serpent dailies will give me meat and fish for my Tillers hand-ins and the cloth I pick up from mobs can be used for hatchling bandages. High Five to Blizzard for giving us such varied dailies of which there’s no limit cap and the materials are able to be used in multiple ways.

This definitely seems a lot less wasteful.

Darkmoon Tickets

Sayge’s Fortune #22 – “An answer in blue is always true.”

So after three days of the Darkmoon Faire, there seems to be a lot of discussion about how fast you can acquire tickets in a Darkmoon week, given that the Faire is only up the first week of every month. I don’t think that it’s necessarily a bad thing as I wouldn’t want to get sick of the dailies and games at the Faire like I did with the Molten Front ones. Granted they took a lot longer to do, especially once you had opened all the dailies but I think the Darkmoon Faire keeps it’s carnival feel when it’s only accessible certain times of the month.

Darkmoon Faire Pet and Mount Vendor

Darkmoon Faire Pet and Mount Vendor

One of the main points lately has been about how many tickets you can actually get from the dailies. So let’s have a look at where they come from. Bashiok has stated that the maximum number of tickets you can receive is 145 each Darkmoon Faire week. Now if you were planning on getting a mount first then you’ll be doing a bit of waiting since they cost 180 tickets. From what I can tell this was Blizzard’s intention if you have a read of what the Blue had to say:

Bashiok stated:
The design intent of the Darkmoon Faire is that it’s available for one week out of the month, and in that one week we expect you to be able to obtain a significant amount of tickets. …it would in fact only take 4 Darkmoon Faire weeks to complete an entire set. That’s of course still no quick task, and the intent is not for it to be. There are plenty of rewards that can be obtained in one or two weeks of the Darkmoon Faire, but we expect that an entire set will take a few events to obtain.

Here’s the breakdown:

Tickets Per Faire
Dungeon: 40
Heroic Dungeon: 15
Raid: 10
Tradeskill quests (primary): 8
Tradeskill quests (secondary): 12
BGs: 15
Kill Quest: 10
Mini Games*: 35

Total Tickets per faire: 145

* 5 mini games, available daily: 7*5=35

As an example, here are some options that you can choose over the course of two Darkmoon Faires (2 weeks over 2 months):

Prioritizing mounts/pets: 1 mount + 1 pet, with 20 tickets to spare
Prioritizing pets: 3 pets, 20 tickets to spare
Prioritizing cosmetic armor: 4 pieces of cosmetic armor, with 30 tickets to spare
Prioritizing heirloom armor: 1 piece of heirloom armor + 1 heirloom weapon, with 20 tickets to spare.

…we’re looking forward to incorporating more goodies to be won, and more activities to the faire, in the future.

Note: If you time the dailies right you can actually get and extra day in since the Faire starts around Midnight and the dailies reset at 3am. You can technically do two set of dailies on the first day. However, the other quests which you can do once per fair will only become available after the quest resets.

It’s important to mention that the Darkmoon artifacts will drop even when there is no Faire. I was initially worried about this as I had picked up the Imbued Crystal twice over two days only to find that the second time I tried to accept the quest it said “You have already completed that quest”.

I’ve since found that as long as you’re carrying the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide in your bag, you’ll still be able to collect the artifacts and hand in one of each whenever the Faire is up. This is great news as you’ll be able to build up multiples of each artifact for that very purpose – also taking some of the grind out of thinking you need to farm them all in one week. Hurray!

Don’t forget that the artifacts are also tradeable so it will be easy to farm them on your alts and then trade them to your main, if you so desire. Be on the lookout for some being listed on the AH too although I suspect they won’t be cheap.

By the way, if you’re into Souvenirs, don’t forget the vendor above, as well as the balloon vendor who walks around the Faire.

After the first week of the Faire, I did indeed have 125 tickets so it is entirely possible to get 145 for the week. The only things I was missing was two of the  artifacts for extra tickets.

So Good Luck with your ticket and artifact grind. May we all roll high in the dungeons, and loot fast in BGs :)

At the start of the second Faire, two of the artifact hand-ins seem to be bugged right now (Adventurer’s Journal and Captured Insignia) giving the error “You have completed that quest.” However, it appears the others are working as intended. There also seems to be an achievement bug as I only had one more artifact to hand-in for ‘Darkmoon Dungeoneer’. But as of this morning, I need to hand in three others again. Not Happy Jan!  Blizzard has stated they are aware of the issues and are working on a fix.

07/01/2012 – Support has stated that they won’t be able to offer assistance with the achievement bug BUT if you already hold the 2 buggy artifacts, you can contact them through their online Customer Service system and get a somewhat good resolution. My in-game GM ticket gave me a 10.5hr wait, so I also put through an online web version (since I heard there was a much faster response). Needless to say, my web ticket was fixed up in a couple of hours. Just make sure you have the artifacts in your bag for the exchange.

05/02/2012 – All the artifacts are able to be handed in with no issue. The achievements to hand in all the artifacts have reset again due to the last patch we had. Blizzard have stated that they cannot make any adjustments in relation to achievements so don’t ask. Just make sure you hand them all before the DMF week ends or they reset again.


So it’s been an effort getting the Guild to Rank 4 and I don’t know how many more dailies I can do. The game is getting quite depressing lately as I’m not feeling too valued as a player atm. I’m been thinking a lot lately about what I might do in terms of the game. I’ve spoken to some about this already but there are pros and cons to any decision I make. Maybe the patch will give me something more interesting to do; at least on my main.

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