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Pandaren Air Spirit

Three Times Lucky


Ok, maybe I should do a wishlist more often. When I defeated the third Spirit Tamer today, I found the Pandaren Air Spirit in my reward bag. Then when I logged onto my mage to create my Imperial Silk, the Imperial Moth was inside the cocoon. I couldn’t believe it. Two pets I’ve been trying to get!

Pandaren Air Spirit

Imperial Moth

Some time later, after our short round of Dominance Offensive dailies, Cool and I headed into AQ40 to see if we could get some transmog items and the two remaining pets that I needed. First boss down and another pet drops. EEE! OMG! Three pets in one day!

Mini Mindslayer

So with some extra time for one more thing, we headed down to OS for the Black Drake mount.

Black Drake

What an unbelievable day!

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Solo Drama


Over the past week I’ve spent quite a bit of time soloing the four classic raids introduced in the latest patch for pet farming. On Wednesday, I went in on my priest to see how many I could add to my collection. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any from the six I killed so I ended up caving in the next day and buying the Ashtone Core from the AH as I didn’t think I would be seeing one any time soon.

I had killed the two in AQ40 pretty easily but when it came to Viscidus, I had problems shattering him in time. After several attempts I gave up and left. Then in BWL, I gave one attempt to Razorgore but left after that attempt when I became overrun with adds between MC’ing. In Naxx, after killing Maexxna, I made the error of not clearing the room before trying Patchwerk so it didn’t end well. A few days later, I went into AQ with my hunter to see if I could do Viscidus but without any frost damage to melee, I didn’t get any further than my priest. The twins also gave me issues with my sub-par gear. It’s seemed so easy on my priest a few days before.

Blood moon

Tonight I headed back into AQ on my mage (after the hotfixes) thinking it would be easier at least for Viscidus but forgot about having a fast dagger, etc in my bag for the freezing bit. After realising my mistake, I reset the boss and had a good look in my bag and Guild bank – there was nothing. Then a spark of hope appeared when I thought about a possible vendor option. Never underestimate the power of your Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. I bought the simple dagger from one of the vendors and tried again. Unfortunately, even with Time Warp, I only managed to get 18 hits before he unfroze.

As the time inched closer to server shutdown, I hopped back onto my hunter to try the Viscidus fight again; but not before I had a couple of fast weapons handy. So I enchanted my two vendor bought daggers with Elemental Force before I tried again. Woot! I was able to kill him finally! But best of all he dropped the pet! Hurray for my first pet drop from AQ :D

Viscidus solo

I really need to get some better gear on my hunter and mage to make it more painless next week.

In other good news, I managed to get a rare crow from the Faire in the few minutes before shutdown :D

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A Day of Pets


As soon as I logged in yesterday, I knew what I wanted to do. I started amending my Pandaren Spirit Tamer guide as I was going through the motions myself. When I completed the quest I ended up picking the water spirit – thinking back on the Under the Sea post I had just written. It was a toss-up between the air and earth for a bit as I’m a Taurus – one of the earth signs. A friend and I used to joke that I would look good rolling around in the dirt and she would look good on fire according to our Astrological elements.

Panderen Water Spirit

Defeating all four of the Panderen Spirits was a little tougher than I thought. When you start the fight you have no idea about their team make-up (unless you’ve done some research), so I went in with my usual knock-out team. Once I saw who I was up against, I made some changes to my group and went in again.

After collecting my cute little pet, I headed out to the other three Spirit Tamers and fought them again. In hindsight, I probably should have picked the one that gave me the most trouble so I wouldn’t have to keep fighting that one day after day for the pet – in this case, the Thundering one. But alas, my choice had been made and I’ll be doing the remaining three battles until I get all four rewards.

A little later, I headed out to AQ to see if I could snag any of the pets there. I skipped the bosses I could like the three bugs but it seems they still have a huge aggro range. Wouldn’t you know that the dresses I spent so much time and effort farming both dropped for me again… maybe I can wear them when my other ones are at the cleaners.


I do love that you can now go into these places without having to be in a group or raid but after soloing six of the relevant bosses yesterday in four of the raids, I came out with…. nothing. A sad day for farming indeed but I guess it’s just the first day and should probably go in with some alts to try my luck.

After the old raids, I headed out to find a few of the others around the place. Picking up the ones in Coldarra and Sholazar Basin. I didn’t have much luck with the harpy or infinite dragon though.

Emerald Proto-Whelp

Nexus Whelping

After flying around Northrend though, I did notice something strange…

Friends list

43 years?? Oh Blizzard, you make me laugh sometimes…

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