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Mr Bigglesworth

Mr Bigglesworth


I was so happy to get the Anubisath Idol yesterday that I was hoping to see the Untamed Hatchling and Chrominius to finish off the set. But after my previous runs on multiple toons, I caved and bought the last two from the AH.

Anubisath Idol

Doesn’t he look awesome?

I figured I could make this up by doing dailies, etc… eventually.



Once the achievement popped up I was anxious to see Mr Bigglesworth but was a little curious when the pet wasn’t in the journal. There was no mail icon either but I figured it might just take a bit of time to get to me. In the end, after a couple of pet battles, I used my Revive Battle Pets spell which refreshed the journal and BAM! There was my reward.


Just look at those whiskers

I’m not sure that I could think of a better reward to get for such an achievement so thx Blizzard for allowing us to solo those classic raids.

Ringo boots



After getting the third pet I needed in AQ today, I headed into BWL to try and get the last two remaining for Raiding with Leashes. It was pretty uneventful going in on our Hunter and Druid but boy was it a different story on our Mage and Lock. First off, we weren’t attuned for BWL so we fixed that quick smart. Turns out we’d never cleared UBRS either.

Once we headed into BWL, I wasn’t expecting this…

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Cool carked it about a second after he rezed me, luckily he soulstoned himself before the fight.

On Broodlord our pets kept doing silly stuff. At one stage Cool couldn’t find his minion but then realised that he was still fighting whelps on the first level while we were upstairs. After we started on the boss, Cool was getting ping-ponged across the floor when my elemental was glitched on the wall so his health reset. Once I had resummoned him, it took about a minute before Cool asked where the boss was. LOL! It seems his demon was bounced onto the level below and guess who followed suit?

But that was shortly forgotten when I saw this…

Ringo boots

Really? Ringo, you’ve got some explainin’ to do.

Out of all the times I went to BWL on Cymre to try and get Ringo’s Blizzard Boots and they drop not once but twice off the same group of mobs…

Giant Bone Spider

Shadow More or Less


During our Heroic today, we decided to go in as DPS for a change. All was going quite well in Stormstout Brewery until we killed the last boss and Cool said “you let the other ret pali beat you on DPS with a green weapon?” At that moment I decided to open my character tab as I remembered something that I noticed this morning – on armory I still had my dagger on (with no off-hand) from yesterday’s Viscidus fight. Whoops.

Although I was doing a lot of Pet Battling last night so guess what else I had on?

I laughed and told Coolidge to inspect me. I said “yeah, look at what two items I have on.” He picked up my hat and weapon correctly but I wasn’t expecting a third. LOL.

Shadow - non-items

Transportation items are the best aren’t they?

Oh well, we did head to Naxx afterwards and completed the set by getting the drop from Maexxna.

Giant Bone Spider

I’ll be seeing you soon Mr. Bigglesworth.

On another note, I’m about three days away from making bigger bags. Woot! But for all the players out there who can relate to my lack of space problems, pls help me prove to Coolidge that it’s a widespread problem and not just mine… :P

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