Brawler Cymre

It’s been a while since I defeated GG Engineering so today I took the last flask I had been saving to see if I could clear the rank within the hour.

Dark Summoner

Dark Summoner – Use the spotlight to stun the ghosts and DPS them ASAP. Each ghost killed removes the invulnerability shield around the Dark Summoner for ~15secs so save your CDs for that time. Just don’t get too close to the ghosts or you’ll get one-shot as their range is pretty far. Rinse, repeat.


Battletron – Stay at maximum range while saving your defensive CDs for the explosions. I also tried a few talent swaps to help out with any instant casts using From Darkness, Comes Light, Divine Insight and Desperate Prayer for some added insurance.


Meatball – This guy packs a punch when he’s MEATBALL MAD! so stack as many orbs as you can for the Strange Energy buff. I managed to get 44 stacks before I finished him off. I used Mindbender for that extra bit of OOMPH!


Completing Rank 7 gives the Brawlin’ and Shot Callin’ achievement as well as the Brawler title. You also gain access to a special VIP area as well as another fist weapon for a cost of 2175 Justice Points.

Brawler Cymre

To watch my Rank 7 fights, check out the video.

GG Engineering

I was determined to defeat this duo since I’ll most likely be busy on the Timeless Isle tomorrow. Max and Bo would have to be the most difficult fight for this rank, much like Yikkan Izu from Rank 6. After getting a lot of close attempts and trying out different talents and glyphs, I ended up using Halo, Inner Sanctum and Psychic Scream.


In my kill attempt, I dropped Psyfiend and Halo just as they spawned which took off 4% of their health right at the start.

GG Engineering

In the end I died a couple of seconds after I had killed them but worse still – I wasn’t recording the attempt!! OMG! Just as well I recorded the others so I could show my basic strategy.

GG win

Phew, I’m so glad that one’s over although I’m so used to getting a shirt and a big sack of gold, it took a second to remember this wasn’t a challenge fight. :P

Now bring on the patch! I’m just a little disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to clean out my bags before tomorrow especially since I was just taking to Euphy about it earlier =/

More Brawlers Shirts

Part two of my Brawlers Challenge series. This is more of a reference post as I defeat the final few.

Dippy and Doopy

Dippy-and-Doopy Strategy: Dippy moves a lot faster than Doopy so keep both of them dotted while taking Dippy out first. Snares don’t work but Psyfiend and Spectral Guise may be used.
Tuxedo-Like Shirt Rewards: Tuxedo-Like Shirt
Humongous Sack of Coins – 500G
50x Valor Points
Rank 5


Mecha-Bruce Strategy: Bruce is back and he’s brought some major upgrades with him. This is very much a DPS race as he gets faster and stronger each time he upgrades.
Brucehide Jersey Rewards: Brucehide Jersey
Enormous Sack of Coins – 600G
50x Valor Points
Rank 6

 Blingtron 3000

Blingtron 3000 Strategy: Create a chain of smaller Blingtron 2000 bots from Blingtron 3000 to the Tesla Coil at the other end. Once the small bots are all connected via a circuit, activate the Tesla Coil at the other end of the pit (note this has a cast). This will stun Blingtron giving you a 900% damage increase.
Blingshirt Rewards: Last Season’s Shirt
Enormous Sack of Coins – 600G
50x Valor Points
Rank 6


Ro-Shambo Strategy: The fact he follows the Rock, Paper, Scissors order makes it a lot easier to anticipate his next move. However there’s no way to know this from the first time you go in as there’s a one in three chance he will start with rock. Once you understand this, you can defeat him pretty easily. Note that if you win the throw he gets stunned for a few seconds giving you a nice DPS increase. The adds are pretty easy to avoid but if you lose the throw you’ll be taking a lot more damage from him and the adds.
Paper Shirt Rewards: Paper Shirt
Overflowing Sack of Coins – 700G
50x Valor Points
Rank 7

The Bear and the Lady Fair

Bear and the Fair Strategy: Jump between the trampolines to receive Critical Bounce, a buff which causes your next spell to hit very hard so by jumping up to Augh’s platform on the third jump, you’ll have several seconds to DPS before being slapped off the platform. You can essentially ignore the bear by using fear, tendrils and spectral guise.
Gorgeous Blouse Rewards: Gorgeous Blouse
Overflowing Sack of Coins – 700G
50x Valor Points
Rank 7

 Mingus Diggs

Mingus Diggs Strategy: Mingus doesn’t take any damage until all four statues are dead. Each statue will give you a debuff which will build up very fast if you’re not careful. The trick is to stand in front of each statue to disable it. After 5secs that particular debuff will drop off.
Rewards: Digmaster’s Bodysleeve
Gigantic Sack of Coins – 900G
50x Valor Points
Rank 9

Blind Hero

Blind Hero Strategy: He has 3 main abilities: Blind Strike, Swift Strike a 45º arc and Blind Cleave which damages everything within ~20 yards around him. The only thing you really need to watch is his charge. I used Mindbender and Spectral Guise to drop threat and stay at range. For a Rank 9 fight he’s easier than expected.
Sightless Mantle Rewards: Sightless Mantle
Gigantic Sack of Coins – 900G
50x Valor Points
Rank 9

Once you have defeated all of the bosses, you can expect another shirt Wraps of the Blood-Soaked Brawler and accompanying achievement Deck Your Collection.

Gorgeous Bling

A couple of months ago, I managed to defeat Blingtron 3000, one of twelve challenge fights in Brawler’s Guild. I admit it took a few attempts before I was able to complete the fight but it felt good to add another boss to the tally. Oh and Blizz, WTB virtual storage space for all these shirts.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried most of the remaining card fights just to see what the fights were like but after seeing The Bear and the Lady Fair, I was anxious to try it. It uses the same mechanic when farming your Shado-Pan Geyser Gun so I thought it would be fun… and it was… until I died a number of times.

Then last night I was making progress getting the boss to 26%, 12% and remaining consistently under 20% until I died at 2%!!! I was determined to keep trying until my flask wore off and by then it was late so I went to bed.

Today I was going to take a break from Brawlers (as I usually do) but I kept thinking about that 2%. It took several more attempts on my main computer before it happened. I had defeated the ‘lady’ trogg!

Now just five to go as well as my bottleneck boss on Rank 7.


Brawler’s Rank 6 Complete

Holy Crap! I was having a pretty difficult time on this Anzu look-alike but after a number of attempts here and there, I was in the mood to give him a solid attempt today.

Yikkan Izu

Yikkan Izu – My main issues were missing/getting caught in his screech or being overrun by birds. Then when I managed to get him to 23%, 8% and then 2% (with a few dodgy attempts in between), I knew it was close but I was getting quite antsy because I missed his screech a couple of times. If I wasn’t bubbled, I didn’t fare so well but it also depended on how many birds were up at the time. To be sure I caught his first screech on the next attempt, I slowed my rotation down just waiting for his cast.

This boss can be feared and rooted so I used those to keep at range while silencing his first Disorienting Shriek. Just make sure you don’t get overrun by birds as this can happen very quickly if you’re not careful. Killing more than five will enrage him but he is still killable if you are on the ball.


Akama – This was an easy fight for a shadow priest. Roots and fears work like a charm so not much else to say for this one as I one-shot him.


Smash Hoofstomp – This was another one-shot fight, even with two gnomes sitting on his shoulders. I only killed one but noticed a considerable damage increase to Smash so to make the fight faster, I should have killed the second goblin too. Fear and roots also work.


Unguloxx – I didn’t think there was much to this boss until I realised he could hit you for about 30-60K in melee. Again just keep him at range with root and fear and you’ll have him in the bag.

Beating all four meant a new achievement, a new rank and a Brawler’s Pass.



Now on to rank 7… Eek!

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