Shadow More or Less

During our Heroic today, we decided to go in as DPS for a change. All was going quite well in Stormstout Brewery until we killed the last boss and Cool said “you let the other ret pali beat you on DPS with a green weapon?” At that moment I decided to open my character tab as I remembered something that I noticed this morning – on armory I still had my dagger on (with no off-hand) from yesterday’s Viscidus fight. Whoops.

Although I was doing a lot of Pet Battling last night so guess what else I had on?

I laughed and told Coolidge to inspect me. I said “yeah, look at what two items I have on.” He picked up my hat and weapon correctly but I wasn’t expecting a third. LOL.

Shadow - non-items

Transportation items are the best aren’t they?

Oh well, we did head to Naxx afterwards and completed the set by getting the drop from Maexxna.

Giant Bone Spider

I’ll be seeing you soon Mr. Bigglesworth.

On another note, I’m about three days away from making bigger bags. Woot! But for all the players out there who can relate to my lack of space problems, pls help me prove to Coolidge that it’s a widespread problem and not just mine… :P

Boo-Boo Number Three

Last night I was catching up on the latest From Draenor with Love comic when I ended up walking away with something unexpected. So after a round of pet battling, I logged onto my mage and headed over to Scarlet Halls. Ah, Scarlet Halls, we do have a bit of a history don’t we… especially on my first two trips there.

For those who don’t know, there’s a book in Flameweaver Koegler’s room which teaches you the Teleport: Dalaran spell (as long as he doesn’t set fire to the shelves). Now you may be thinking that’s old news but there’s a twist. It teleports you to the OLD Dalaran location in Hillsbrad.

Ancient Dalaran Tome

When Coolidge logged in last night I said I wanted to show him something. So I told him to fly to my location in the Vale and to not focus on where I was sending him. Little did I know that I hit the Teleport: Dalaran spell instantly teleporting me to the Dalaran crater – only I was in mid air and falling. Having seen the comic I expected this but I was a bit shocked that it was my personal port and not the group one. As someone who hasn’t used her slow fall or played her mage for such a long time, I had forgotten where I put the spell so I fell to my death.

So in an attempt to be quick but remain casual about things, I told Coolidge to just wait there, I’d be back in a jiffy so I spoke to the Spirit and rezzed my body. Meanwhile, I looked up WoWHead to see where I could get the Portal: Dalaran spell. For those interested, you can buy the tome from Endora Moorehead in Dalaran’s Magical supply shop for a cheap price.

Endora Moorehead

Once I had learnt the spell, I ported myself back to the Vale and tried again. As before, I told Coolidge not to look at the location but to just go through. I went through first, hitting my slow fall button and expected to see Cool’s body fall to earth in a bubble. There was nothing. So I looked up and saw he was still on his Jade panther mount… sigh.


This time the only casualty was Jorny…

This also reminds me of a LFR incident in DS. I summoned my Stonard portal at the top of Wyrmrest Temple. The placement and timing were perfect as I caught out a number of people. :P

Boo-Boo Number Two

Ok well, I guess it’s not good to feel too cocky when going into a low level dungeon. After yesterday’s fiasco, I wasn’t even going to mention the Reinforced Targets in Scarlet Halls except that Cool make a passing remark about them which made me play coy. When we got to Houndmaster Braun I decided to go ahead and clear the path while Cool went ahead and finished the boss. Only about a second after I ran to the wall of men guarding the doorway, I was dead.

I wasn’t sure what had killed me at first, I mean it was a small group of level 21-22’s. But just look at the combat log :P

Boo-boo two

I think the numbers speak for themselves. OUCH!

So take it from me and don’t try and run ahead. When the boss dies, they pretty much disappear.

The rest of the instance was pretty non-eventful, except for the loot I managed to get. It was the reason we were there in the first place.

Obediant Hounds

Thx Cool for the idea. You really changed my melancholic mood from last night <3

Boo-Boo in Scarlet Halls

Along the same lines as Where not to go if you’re Horde, here’s a boo-boo moment from Scarlet Halls, one of the new dungeons on live. On Heroic, you need to use one of the Reinforced Archery Targets to protect yourself from the Archer’s assaults while avoiding the fire damage on the ground.

Today, Cool and I headed in there again. I thought I’d pick up one of the targets for fun, since the last time I just hid behind his. Little did we realise that once Cool had killed Commander Lindon before I got to him with the target, I would be stuck carrying the damn thing (that slows down your movement speed by 50% btw) for the rest of the instance… sigh.

Reinforced Target



I did try relogging and getting into combat but because he was already dead, I really was screwed!

So I told him to go on ahead and I would catch up. He did wait for me before each boss though and even though you are technically silenced (so no casting of spells to try and drop the target), I could pick up the bundles of gold on the ground when the Scarlet Treasurers died. I was excited for a second when the target disappeared when I bent down to loot but then it reappeared =/ I almost left the dungeon to get rid of the thing but Cool convinced me to finish it with him. I did get a couple of nice transmog items though – Scarlet Sandals and a cloth belt :)

Flameweaver Koegler-dead

By the time he had killed the last boss, we ran all the way back through the instance so I could port out. What I didn’t realise by the time we made it back to Lindon’s courtyard was that Cool had grabbed one of the shields too. It was such a sweet moment but I think the least he could do :P

Two targets

Woot! A new achievement. I feel so behind but you do what you can when you don’t have a guild to help. Maybe people will reciprocate one of these days…

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