Giants and Goblins

Giants and Goblins

Tonight I had a random tweet from Joe asking if I had a picture of Golganarr yet. Until today he was the only rare I needed on the Timeless Isle and it’s been bugging me for quite some time. I would log in and camp his spot just in the hope of seeing him once. The only thing was, the rare was on another PTR server so I initially selected a premade toon to fly out and get a shot. I was just hoping he’d still be alive by the time I got there.

It took some time to redo my bars/talents and spec as well as flying out there but MAN, I still had to turn off my UI so I had the default portrait for rares. When I raced over there, I was excited to see he was upright and not engaged, albeit not in the exact spot I had expected =/

OMG, was I really camping the wrong bridge all this time? Unless he can spawn under either…


As I started heading out, Joe mentioned that he needed some footage of the kill for his video so I was happy to offer my help. While I went to copy my main priest over, he did the same with his shaman meeting up soon after.

I admit I haven’t killed many of the group rares on the Isle yet. In fact, I had not killed any of the rock giants at all since I was more interested in exploring and documenting what I’d found.

Golganarr in combat

So here were are, three people attempting the kill. I wasn’t sure what their abilities were except for boulder throwing but for ranged it was pretty easy. I didn’t envy the melee, they died A LOT and with the fast spawning mobs around the place, we eventually got him down with a few more people.


Thanks again Joe for the tweet. Remind me not to tweet so much on my phone, damn autocorrect!

If you haven’t seen much of the Isle yet, here’s my initial exploration video:

Unexpected Meets

Unexpected Meets

Random whispers can be funny sometimes. It was only last month when a particular conversation revealed that I was known as the first Relic Hunter on the server (which would be awesome if it were true) but the other day I received another unexpected whisper from a name which seemed familiar.


He went on to say that he writes for Zwingli’s blog so I paused my battle with Farmer Nishi to check it out. One of his recent posts caught my eye prompting me to leave a comment and then hit the home button.

What I saw left me both surprised and flattered. Zwingli had written a post about our encounter :P I couldn’t help but whisper him “LOL, I just saw your homepage :)” There was a slight pause but I guess he was surprised that I saw his post. I was also asked not to reveal his secret mission to Matty which I did not.

Yesterday, when I hopped into Terrace LFR, Cool asked to copy my Sandstone Drake transformation while I copied his illusion. Just before the first pull I had another shadow priest wink at me, so I winked back thinking nothing of it. When the mobs started dying I told Cool how amused I was at seeing some dragon shadow clones but noticed that some were coming out from funny angles. It was only then I realised what the other shadow priest was winking about.


If you look closely, you should see three drakes in the pic

Just after we killed the Sha, I happened to see an update on Twitter.

A chance encounter and I didn’t even realise until after…

Hmm, I wonder who I’ll meet next?

Visit to Dath and Fizzcrank

Visit to Dath and Fizzcrank

On Saturday morning, Navi woke me up to tell me that someone had come for a visit on our server and would like to see me. When I asked who it was, I had a few names pop through my head but was pleasantly surprised to hear it was Ironyca. As soon as I had logged in I was invited to group. First thing we did was go for a ride, giving Ironyca an aerial view of The Barrens and Mulgore heading towards the junction where you can see critters at war. But this didn’t prove to be a very nice spot for any pictures so we headed over to the nearby abandoned tauren camp above Red Rocks.

Soon after this shot Navi (played by her daughter) started hiding in the bushes

It was nice to see a familiar blogger in the pixel, especially when it was on our own home server. Although this was not a first for Ironyca, she came here several months ago for my Birthday. Well, not really for that reason, as the Dath’remar fashion show happened to fall on the same night.

Navi had to leave due to a prior engagement but Ironyca and I had a nice chat about blog posts, screenshots and transmog. Not really surprising that mogging would come up as a subject, right?

My Cymre Jones outfit

The next morning, while reading Kamalia’s blog I saw that she had been asked to be a guest judge on Fizzcrank, a US server. It just so happened that the show was going on at about the same time so I took a chance and made a toon on that server. Creating a gnome, I began my journey sending Kamalia a pst on the way there. Seems they were just entering Round Two which meant selecting the Top 10. I also made sure I whispered Ironyca as it was something I wanted to do last time but didn’t want to intrude with the proceedings. Meanwhile, on my side and two deaths later… I ran as fast as my little legs could take me – over to Cathedral Square. Just as I entered the cathedral, I could already see the chat going on as Elvine announced a winner. Then as soon as I entered the main Hall, I heard Noelani on the stream say: “…and hello Cymre.” :)


Three of the winners – Pixiefied – Shivara – Peak

I must say that I’m not used to being so low to the ground as a gnome. It was pretty crazy in there, with all these giants running around. It was interesting being on the other side of it though, not competing or judging, I could just take my time and have a look at the contestants. Be sure to check out Kamalia’s follow-up post though as it was great to be able to see what I missed at the time.

Chance Meeting on the Beta

Late last night I logged back in to the beta to do a bit of pet battling as I was having some trouble beating the Grand Master of Outland. As soon as I left our City, I noticed an Alliance character hovering in the air. When I highlighted their name it was none-other than Euphyley. I waved, but she seemed to be AFK so I headed off into another zone.

Reaching the gate entrance into the Vale, I saw I had a dig there so I paused for a few minutes. In the meantime, I decided to send Euphy a quick tweet:

So I headed back for a quick photo opportunity. It was pretty exciting as it’s the first blogger I’ve found on the beta. It’s just unfortunate that we couldn’t communicate better other than emoting to one another and tweeting back and forth. The spot turned out to be a pretty blinding one so we focused on other things.

I was trying out my new Battling costume at the time (which Euphy admired) so she did the next best thing…

I took the opportunity to show her my newly acquired toy from earlier. His emotes proved quite funny.

Before riding off into the sunset, I took special notice of Euphy’s pet. It’s one of the new unique hunter trackable pets coming in Mists. Another pink pet for her stable :P

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