Christmas Comes Early

Christmas Comes Early

It was kind of amusing. Just as I was responding to Tome‘s blog post earlier, I noticed a new notification under my blog admin. I suspected it may have been Tome responding to my earlier post since she’s the most consistent commenter I have on the blog and I was right. Then a few minutes later I heard my phone beep. It was a DM from Tome which read:

I give up, I got lucky with Navi but no one is selling what I need for you so in case they don’t before Winter Veil’s end I’m sending you ..

Aah, don’t leave me in suspense, LOL

Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long. About a minute later, I received the second half of the message.

OMG, a Game Key code! I knew it must be a mount when she mentioned my armory profile.

Ooh, a Winged Guardian.


I’m told you’ve been searching for a – truly – exotic mount.

Does an ancient Winged Guardian of the Titans sound exotic enough?


Mei Francis
Exotic Mounts

It just so happened I had a video of the mount (recorded from the PTR) just last week – something I tend to do for mounts I don’t own on live. Now after making the Sky Golem a while ago, I began to wonder if this one did anything unique in the water…

Thank you so much Tome.

I love it! <3

Winged Guardian and Rotten Little Helper

Not only did I get my Rotten Little Helper and the staff I’ve been trying to farm, but an epic new ride too.

Flying High and Drunk to Boot

Flying High and Drunk to Boot

I was excited to see the Enchanted Fey Dragon and Alterac Brew Pup available to purchase in the Blizzard Store today after seeing my twitter feed and blogroll inundated with posts and pics. When Coolidge came home he promptly bought the package deal for both of us.

Enchanted Fey Dragon Enchanted Fey Dragon Enchanted Fey Dragon

If you right-click the pup, he will dispense some Mulled Alterac Brandy which is a strong alcoholic beverage and only took four to see this…

Alterac Brew Pup

Oh and watch what happens when you target him with /helpme.

As usual, I spent part of my evening levelling this guy up.

Thx Cool for adding another two beauties to the collection. <3

I still wish I had a pair of flying goggles to match though :P

It’s also great to read that Blizzard is matching employee donations for the recent disaster in the Phillipines caused by Typhoon Haiyan. For more info, you can visit the Red Cross Typhoon Appeal to make a donation directly.

Blossoming Ancient

Blossoming Ancient

The Blossoming Ancient is now available in the Blizzard Store. Cool surprised me with one yesterday after buying one for himself as well.

Even the mightiest of ancients was once a single, tiny seed.

In time, this sapling will grow into one of the Cenarion Circle’s greatest protectors.

Until then, it will serve as your faithful companion.

Malfurion Stormrage

Blossoming Ancient

I love how he has the ability to change with the seasons and have almost levelled him to 25. You can’t help but think of Tome when you see this pet – more for the name than being a tree though.

Blossoming Ancient-seasons

Thx again Cool :)

Adopt a Cinder Kitten

Adopt a Cinder Kitten

As Winter Veil begins for another year, I will be giving away one fiery little Cinder Kitten to a lucky reader over the next few days. All you have to do is add a creative comment under the post. The winner will be selected on Christmas Eve so you have until then to enter.

Cinder Kitten

Only US servers are eligible, sorry EU readers.

The code will be emailed to the winning recipient so please make sure your email details are valid before posting.

Bonus point if you’re a new commenter and have a Gravatar image (**cough** Slice).

Good Luck!

Edit: Congratulations to Shawndra for a great entry.

Cinder Kitten – Coming Soon

Cinder Kitten – Coming Soon

Last year, in support of the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief efforts, the Cenarion Hatchling was added to the Blizzard Store to assist the great work of the Red Cross. In the coming weeks, Blizzard will be adding another pet in response to Hurricane Sandy.

Cinder Kitten

Cinder Kitten – Courtesy of Blizzard

Support the Red Cross’s Superstorm Sandy Response relief efforts and adopt a Cinder Kitten when this fiery feline arrives in the Blizzard Store later this year. Your support will enable the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, emotional support, and other assistance to survivors of disasters like Hurricane Sandy with 100% of the US$10 adoption fee during this charity drive going toward this worthy cause.

Taken from Blizzard’s Blog site

What better reason to buy a pet for yourself or a friend… and he’s cute to boot :)

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