Happy Ending

As of this morning, I awoke to find several emails from Blizzard stating that they had reinstated my account and all items / money was returned. That was just after another email stating that they had reset my password again. I admit that first email made me a little nervous but it did coincide quite well with the following set of emails.

Since then I have logged back into my account, first through the Battle.net website and then back through the game. From what I can tell everything was returned (including all gemmed/enchanted items) which I wasn’t expecting so that was a nice bonus. Let me tell you though, the ‘Items Restored’ list on Cymre was LONG! The hacker may or may have not been surprised to find that I didn’t have one free bag spot on my gal.

I also managed to get the Core Hound Pup on all my toons so if you were wondering if you can get the pet using a mobile authenticator, there’s your answer. Quite fitting really as he’s ready to spew over any future ‘would be’ hackers so take that you bastards!

Also to commemorate the occasion, I thought a few screenshots were in order since the last few posts were sadly lacking :P

I was originally going to link this music video remembering the lyric as ‘Thank you’ for My Happy Ending, except that listening to it again I realised that wasn’t quite the theme of the song. But who cares, it’s my Happy Ending post so I’m just going to pretend she’s singing that instead… it’s a catchy tune anyway :P

Did you see that? One of the Searing Gorge Rares even made an appearance, all must be right in the World… (of Warcraft) :P

Thanks again to everyone for keeping tabs on me over the last 24 hours. As Navi said earlier, your comments really did boost my spirits. Blizzard also did a great job getting my account back, including all my items. A special shout out goes to GM Mazarhai for his efficient service \o/

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