It all started when Cool asked what set he should use on his latest doodle. Since I don’t really know the Mage sets that well, I headed over to Draynee’s Mog Companion site and found the Tempest Regalia set to be quite unique.  At the same time, I don’t really do much on my mage so her gear isn’t really gemmed or enchanted (short of the tailoring ones) but I was curious to see how well I could solo Black Temple.


As I started with the first boss, I wondered if I would still get spiked since I had my frostberry with me. It appears you don’t – unlike the MC’s on the Kael’thas Sunstrider fight. Now I really didn’t have any trouble with the place until I reached The Illidari Council. After my first wipe, I had to change my strategy a little, opting to spellsteal the buff off the mage and then focus on the Pali until I could spellsteal the Mage again. The fight still took a while as my mirrors came up for a second time but I was happy to see the second piece of my tier drop before heading up to the final boss.


I’ve killed Illidan many, many times but never alone. He usually dies pretty quick so I don’t often have a good opportunity to take pics of him when he’s hovering in the air. Today I wanted to change that.


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Yeah… big mistake (especially after he throws his warglaives) :P

I didn’t realise how much the elementals hurt especially when you’re taking pictures of the sky so I tried standing next to one blade and DPSing the opposite elemental but I wasn’t able to kill him fast enough. After a second wipe, I logged onto my main to cut myself some gems and a meta netting me a nice stat boost. I ended up standing in the middle of the circle allowing me to kill both elements a lot easier. As expected, I received the achievement to say I had completed the raid.


However, I wasn’t expecting to see this in the loot window. Cool and I were trying to get the set for my newly boosted rogue so I was kind of bummed to see it here on a character who can’t even wield it but that wasn’t the end of it.


As I looted the item, I saw this…


Say what? The achievement only requires the ‘owner’ of a set of warglaives but note I only ventured in there for the first time today meaning the one Coolidge looted a couple of years ago must be the other half!!

How exciting to have another Guild Edition legendary achievement completed.


Now to see if I can get the other pieces from Hyjal.

Laid Back Raid – or was it?

I finally made it to one of JD’s raids this morning, although it wasn’t exactly what I expected :P I managed to get together with Coolidge and met in pixel form, JD and the Mrs, plus Kam as well. On the agenda was Black Temple and we managed to kill Mother Shahraz before Coolidge had to leave. Although before we even got to that stage we, or should I say I had a few interruptions along the way. Firstly, on pulling the second boss, I experienced a blackout. Luckily I was able to flick the main switch to get power back after a few minutes. Just after that problem was sorted though, I noticed a gas leak near the power box. So I turned it off while I waited for the gas man to come. Turns out it was a regulator issue. Talk about a busy morning.

Kamalia, Cool, Cym, JD and Faenix

So this is where we were just after killing Mother Shahraz. A pretty groovy bunch of people if you ask me.

Here are a few highlights from the rest of the raid:

We managed to give Illidan a go before one of the elementals melted Kam’s face and then proceeded to do the same to me. The second attempt didn’t go so well with us all experiencing lag issues so we called it there.

So thx JD for an… interesting raid :P

…and Grats to everyone who managed to get some transmog gear.

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