Death and Plushies

Guess who stopped by to wish me happy birthday? It was none other than Navimie with the kids to drop off a present. When I saw the bag, I knew it was another plushie but since I already own the wind rider and gryphon, I wasn’t sure which one it could be.Chen Plushie

A Lil’ Chen Panderen Plush. He sure is cute but that wasn’t all. Navi told me there was something else in the bag.

Oh, a card… and something that fell on the floor.

OMG, a scratch code and it wasn’t a TCG loot card.

What? What?

This happened to be one of the exclusive items from a previous Blizzcon (which also happened to be on my Ultimate Wish List. At first I thought it was two pets but even so, one is still an excellent gift. In this case, Deathy was awarded to those attending the 2010 convention.

Blizzcon 2010 Loot Card

I was hoping to log on before the servers went down so I could powerlevel the pet but at least I could redeem to code in the meantime.

Thx again Navi :D


An Early Celebration

It isn’t officially my birthday for a couple of weeks but that didn’t stop Coolidge from sending me a package half a month early. Since my gift arrived just short of his birthday, he ended up opening it slightly early but thirteen days is a long time to wait.

I suspected I knew what one of the items would be since Cool knows how much I love the Daenerys Targaryen Funko Pop. There was even a giveaway which had one as part of a set of three Game of Thrones figurines but sadly I didn’t win. As it happened, one of my followers on Twitter happened to RT my entry and won.

When I went to pick up the package, it was a lot bigger than I expected. Apart from the Daenerys Funko Pop, I wondered if there were more Game of Thrones Funkos inside. Cool surprised me when he said there were SEVEN items!


Now I’d seen several versions of Daenerys Pop Vinyls including several different coloured dragons on her arm and one in her wedding dress so I couldn’t help but wonder which one he’d be sending. The unusual thing about the Wonder Woman Pop Hero was seeing more silver where she usually sports iconic gold. Apparently there’s a monochrome version which is one of two limited editions but seeing WW who is completely silver just looks odd to me. The last was the original Superman suit with his trademark curl (making a pair with my other Man of Steel Funko received last year).

The folded t-shirt threw me off when it looked like a minecraft shirt – at least until I saw the label. Ooh, Firefly! The last three items included a Firefly keyring, Domo keyring and bendable Superman.

DanerysDanerys dragons

I couldn’t help staging her with some of the dragons I’ve collected over the years.


Now the question is to keep them in their boxes or not? I think I’ll leave them out for now :)

Plushies Unite

If one birthday gift wasn’t enough, guess who surprised me with a visit from the Blizz fairy? Yes, you guessed it. Navi had mentioned that she had another gift for me so I wondered if this was it. I originally suspected that this was the gift that she was talking about in that first late night whisper when she said she wanted to send it early. But no, she meant a virtual gift wrapped in a red ribbon and not something you would need to send via the post office.

As soon as I saw the bag, I knew what it was. In fact, I have a matching one on the filing cabinet with a couple of other stuffed animals collected over the years. Navi admits she was checking my collection very closely to make sure I still didn’t have one so it worked out in the end.

Plush set

So what do you think? Even as a Horde player, it’s hard not to appreciate the cuteness of a plushie Gryphon Hatchling.

Although the gift wouldn’t be complete without it’s matching in-game companion.


So here we are on a scenic flight past Stormwind.

On a side note, pet battlers may have noticed a look-a-like through pet battles but no equivalent for the wind rider.


Thanks again Navi, you’re a special friend indeed, especially since our friendship has lasted almost 20 years!!

High As A Kite

Considering how things were a year ago, there have been a few special moments which have really made my day – whether it be a random whisper, some advice about pet battles or an invitation. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some really wonderful people over the last twelve months, especially since it took a real effort to log in and play so to those individuals, thank you for making my days (and nights) that much brighter.

A couple of months ago, Navi whispered me about a gift she had bought for my birthday (albeit a couple of weeks prior) but added that she wanted to send it to me early. But Navi… sending it to me would mean that I would be looking at a package for two months, wondering what it was and then having to take it out before the mail expired so wouldn’t it be better if you held on to it instead? :P Although on the other hand, this also meant that I could enjoy the gift sooner which was also her intention. So not wanting to spoil any surprise she had for me, I left it in the mailbox for about a day since I knew it would likely be a pet, but which one?

It’s no surprise that I’ve been an avid collector for many years – even before it was its own mini-game (joining WarcraftPets back in 2008 when it became a more serious hobby) but there were several coveted additions I was missing. Unfortunately, some still rely on RNG cough rabbit and eye

So about two days later, I decided to collect the gift and hold it in my bag until my curiosity got the better of me. (What?)

OMG! A Tuskarr Kite!


I used to admire them in Northrend having spent so much time there so when I returned recently, I couldn’t help but take a pic.

So when I saw the kite in the mail, it took me a few seconds to retrieve and learn the pet as I just stared at the icon (quite stunned) but when I did, I summoned it immediately. What better time to see it in action, but at night (when not many people are around)? My way of keeping the gift a secret but still able to admire it from time-to-time.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve slowly worked on levelling my flyer so it’d be 25 by the time my birthday rolled around. This was achieved last Thursday, making it the second last flying pet in my arsenal.

Tuskarr Kite

On a recent pet trade, one individual even asked if I would be willing to trade my kite for something of theirs but little did they know it was one I would never part with – especially since it was a birthday gift that hadn’t officially happened yet.

Flying a kite with Navi

So thank you Navi for such a wonderful gift. I know I told you this already but I love it! <3

Oh and 16hrs until my egg hatches… right on schedule :)

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