Garrison – First Impressions

Over the last couple of days, I’ve spent some time setting up my Garrison. As you’d expect there’s a real Orcish feel which looks pretty bland but I’m hoping some sort of customisation (albeit minor) will come later on. Personally, I’d love to have some sort of racial or class feel but that may just be wishful thinking.

Garrison overview

So far I’ve set up the initial stage of my barracks and gained one follower but it appears further blueprints may be purchased after the relevant level is achieved. The only exception is the Alchemy Lab at level 90.

It’s important to note the garrison doesn’t just end at the barricade wall so you’ll have to travel a fair way past the gate before you unphase.

Garrison Quartermasters

At the moment you have your own personal mailbox, innkeeper, training dummies and two primary quartermasters located inside the main garrison. The fishing trainer, farmer and several other npcs may be found out back.

Libby Wrench

Yesterday I came across a friendly ogre while questing in the Burning Glacier (just west of the Garrison). He offers you three chat options to trade, visit your garrison, or fight. The second option will cost you 10c before he appears as a regular npc during subsequent visits, located to the left of your Town Hall.

I expected him to sell some sort of random blueprint but was disappointed to see an ordinary looking hat. Curious to see if there was anything unusual, I tried it on:

This is better an any congo line I’ve seen in Org and by the end, I felt like I was playing Snake.

After two days, I’ve sent my only follower on several short missions and will be getting a second one very soon.

Meanwhile, it’s been a very expensive and life-threatening task collecting all the rares and artifacts around the place, particularly this one that burrows.

bone worm death

My Frostfire Ridge collection of rares promises to be the most ambitious one yet and that’s due to the sheer number of them. All I can say is happy shooting, the killing will come later.

First Look at Hearthstone

I admit the main reason I opted into the Hearthstone beta was because of the Hearthsteed. Up until yesterday, I had no real knowledge of the game or games like it. I had purchased a number of TCG packs over the years, purely for a chance at the loot cards and no real interest in the game itself. Unfortunately, the only two loot cards I managed to see came from the Wrath and Cata Collector’s Editions. I even tried my luck with the new Reign of Fire set, buying four booster packs but no loot cards inside.

A couple of days ago, I received my own beta invite prompting me to install the desktop app which is a requirement to play. As soon as I saw the opening screen, I was pleasantly surprised. There was so much animation and the heroes even talk to each other making the opening matches fun to play through. You can even interact with the corners of the board and use emotes to communicate with the other player.

As soon as I finished battling Illidan I was eager to get a priest deck going. Around the same time, Coolidge had made a paladin deck so he was eager to challenge me to a match. I have never played this sort of game before so with only the practice matches to go by, I sent him a challenge.

Hearthstone bench

I was so used to my hero ability doing damage (after playing Jaina) that I made a few boo boos during the match. Let’s just say I didn’t make things any easier for myself and Cool didn’t help much :P

A few hours later, I logged back in to try a few matches in Play mode which meant I was playing against other people. I was able to beat six other players meaning I could start making decks for several other classes. After each win, I slowly began to tweak my custom priest deck so it’s been quite fun incorporating some of the more interesting cards available.

This afternoon I logged in to find a challenge from Arv. OMG, he has a lot more experience with this so I didn’t have high hopes. I immediately messaged him saying “[he was] going to kick my ass” but he said “I’ll go easy on you”. Yeah, right! After a particular move he apologised. Apologies, my ass!

For now, I’ll keep playing for the experience and hopefully some really nice cards. I might have a go at the Hunter, Shaman and Warlock decks before I step into the arena, I’ll just have to wait and see.

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