Pandaren Ambassador

Pandaren Ambassador

Yesterday I became exalted with the Huojin Pandaren earning me the Pandaren Embassy achievement (as well as for the Guild). Although with normal reputation grinding behaviour, I still had to get that bar full so instead of doing one more dungeon, I decided to head back into Blackrock Mountain for some more classic raid farming. The other day I noticed the mobs inside BRD giving me Huojin rep, albeit not much, but I decided to go back there and get my last few hundred.

Pandaren Embassy

After a while, I noticed some mail from Lorewalker Cho only to realise that he sent me the Pandaren Kite String as a reward.

Pandaren Kite String

The mount special animation makes the kite sway left, then right, do a twirl then right itself. Remember that you can only do this while on the ground though.

What I didn’t remember until now was the fact you can buy an Artisan shirt depending on your rank within the Guild. The three versions are for the officer, member or initiate ranks which all cost 180G with the bartering perk.

Artisan Shirts

Officer – Member – Initiate

I can’t say that the shirts really appeal to me being just cosmetic but it’s nice to know that you can show some Guild pride without having to detract from your current set (sans tabard). It’s too bad that the kite looks just like the paid flights around Pandaria but then again, a mount’s a mount, right?

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