Smashing Rocks and Bubbles

When you spend so much time on a certain little isle, it’s doesn’t take much to break the monotony so after killing countless rock giants between Jakur of Ordon spawns, I had the sudden urge to kite one into the mysterious den. My worst case scenario had him stomping and throwing boulders only as far as the entrance so I was happy to see him follow me inside.

The things you do to amuse yourself when it’s late and you’re alone.


I’ve had a number of individuals helping me kill these giants on occasion so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them now in addition to LightPali and Kamelle for their buffs and pokes when AFK at a spawn spot.

Cool and I headed back into Stormstout Brewery to complete Hopocalyspe Now! but had to reset the mobs after misjudging the number. We waited until we had a pretty painful number (at least for Cool) before stomping the crap out of them.


We walked out with an achievement and a broken shield on Cool’s part so I appreciate his effort even more.

Let me end this post with a bit of eye candy from Cool’s latest creation which illustrates my enjoyment and elation whenever I see an Ogre Pinata.


Keep an eye out for more Cool doodles in the future.

An Artful Surprise

When Cool asked me to log in this morning, he surprised me with this awesome mash-up of Cymre and I. In fact, it’s probably how I look when I’m working in Photoshop as I edit one of my rare spawn portraits, Super Sunday images, camp a rare or spend my time on the Timeless Isle. Funnily enough, the pose (minus the expression) reminds me of a portrait I did many years ago.

Cymre with glasses by Coolidge

Cool calls it an experiment as he plays with his new toy – the Wacom Cintiq 13HD and PS6. I think it looks fantastic and I’m excited to see what else he can create in the future.

If The Wallpaper Fits

A while ago, CajatheCupcake asked if I’d like some wallpaper for my phone or iPad. It was such a nice surprise for someone to create something for me out of the blue. Although I admit I was a little intrigued at who this person was so I took a peek at their work on DeviantArt.

Today, she sent me an update with the design.

Cymre phone wallpaper by cajathecupcake

Turns out it was someone I knew from the blogging world:

You may know me as Incinderella from If the shoe fits, mog it but as I haven’t been very active on the blogging scene you may have forgotten

I hope you like it, you are such an inspirational blogger. Had lots of fun making this for you.

I think it turned out great.

Thanks so much :D

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