Childrens Week 2012

Childrens Week 2012

This year, the holiday will begin on April 29 and end on May 5.

One quest has changed this year. Previously, we were asked to visit the raceway in Thousand Needles but due to changes from the Shattering the quest has now been changed to Ridin’ the Rocketway.

The rest of the quests appear to be the same, including an ice cream treat and flying a kite together.

The most exciting thing for me is that I FINALLY have all of the pets! Being a Blood Elf, I was always one behind with the ones in Orgrimmar. So yesterday, I was able to complete my collection with the Rat Cage.

For those who don’t have all the pets on your main, don’t worry as Mists will be bringing account wide pets, meaning you can have them all spread out amongst all your toons on the same account right now. So if you’re missing some, just do the quests and collect a different pet on each toon.

Alternatively, if you already have all the pets, you can choose one of the other two rewards: Magical Pet Biscuit (new for this year and works just like Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit – the TCG item) or Curmudgeon’s Payoff.

April Fool’s Day 2012

I logged into the live server to do my Darkmoon Dailies after midnight so I could get in my extra day of dailies only to find a loud booming voice on loading screen. It said,

I remember you, in the mountains…

I said to Cool, What the heck was that? he said What? So I told him and he replies, “That’s Thorim, he’s the only one I know who says that…” Ok, but why am I hearing that, I thought? So when I went through the Darkmoon portal I heard something again.


Hmm, ok I know that audio queue for sure.

Seems DBM has added some sound files to the loading screens which I’m told can be turned off via a setting in DBM. Since, I’ve only heard a handful of these so far, I’ll see if I can stand it but then again I’m on the Beta more than live these days so it probably won’t be much of an issue.

No, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! – XT
Simple fools! Time is the fire in which you’ll burn! – Prince Malchezaar
Oww, you… you…infuriate me! – Lord Rhyolith
Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic magic betrays you! – Sindragosa

Although I did get a game crash as soon as I jumped into the tonk for my daily. Playing on the wireless sure didn’t do me any favours for  the number of tickets I needed, but I was pretty tired though.

The other ones I’ve noticed so far:

I did check my armory profile in case they decided to do something there too but didn’t see anything. I didn’t think too much about the jokes this year until I saw the Warcraft Pets one. But then again, wouldn’t you want Blizzard putting most of their effort into Mists? From what I’ve seen on the beta, I haven’t been disappointed with the content or scenery. Well, the female Pandaren do tilt their head a bit too much for my liking, but as long as all the bugs get worked out, I’m really looking forward to playing Mists on live servers.

Anyone notice anything else today?

Winter Veil 2012

The most notable changes for 2012 are the transition of the Winter Veil pets into Battle Pets.

Opening your Winter Veil Gift this year will give you both of The Pigskin and Foot Ball which are only available between December 25th-January 2nd and awarding the Feat of Strength – They’re Both Footballs?


You’re a Mean One… is a daily, requiring you save Metzen the Reindeer which rewards you with a Stolen Present. There’s a small chance this reward will contain a Lump of Coal which can summon Lumpy and a Miniature Winter Veil Tree.

To do the quest just make your way to the Growless Cave in the Alterac Mountains (south of the Ruins of Alterac) to find the Greench standing guard outside his cave.

There’s no need to race and tag him any more but will require a small group of 2 or 3 to kill him otherwise he’ll one-shot would be hopefuls.

Taken from Wowhead

He randomly casts Abominable Crush on players or other objects (winter veil trees) that appear throughout the fight – You’re supposed to run out of it like with Blitz from the first boss of Grim Batol (otherwise huge damage and getting knocked in the air = +fall damage).

Snow Crash freezes a player for 6 seconds and deals a bit of damage. This can NOT be cancelled with PvP trinket!

It’s cast by the Snowman spawned from Throw Strange Snowman. It is reported that you can avoid Snow Crash if you move far enough away from the Snowman.

The Abominable Greench doesn’t hit that hard himself, but the freeze makes it really hard to kill solo unless you have quite good gear and are a blood DK you have to find a small group, maybe a healer but if everyone runs out of  Abominable Crush there isn’t that much damage coming.

Throw Winter Veil Tree is also cast during the encounter. The Winter Veil Tree is a valid target for Abominable Crush.

All in all, he’s not too bad a fight so don’t worry. Once killed he will spawn multiple gift bags that any players can loot upon death. As long as you loot a bag and speak to Metzen within 5 minutes of the Greench’s death, you will complete both criteria for the quest. Interestingly enough, the first day I did this I managed to get credit for freeing Metzen before I even landed or talked to him, meaning the Greench must have been killed just before arriving. Thus easy to loot and hearth back for the hand-in.

Also thanks to Garrett for this short story.

The Abdominal Greench spawns instantly because he heard someone had been crafting pet’s using him as a model! So he used a Noggenfogger Elixir that he got from Bro’kin (who lives around the corner), to shrink himself down to the size of a companion pet. He then sneaked into Ironforge on December 25th and grabbed himself a Ticking Present from under the tree. No one was the wiser since he looked like on of the pet’s everyone had at the time.

So, when back in Alterac in his secret cave he opened the present and was shocked to find a toy that looked exactly like himself, namely a Mechanical Greench. He was so furious that someone had breeched copyright laws, he thought to himself, “A contraption that looks nothing like me, and some Gnome or Goblin reaping in the gold while I’m up here being killed every other hour and getting NO ROYALTIES!”

Anyway, this gave him an idea to solve one of his problems. He plotted a nice little plan that would stop him from being killed. He got Bro’kin to brew up a batch of Elixir of Giant Growth‘s. Then he got his old questing pal Mekgineer Thermaplugg to copy and craft a whole bunch of Mechanical Greench‘s! So what he does is fill a Mechanical Greench with the Elixir of Giant Growth as fuel, which makes it grow as big as himself. Then he let’s his new “dummy” loose outside.

Nowadays The Abdominal Greench sits in his secret cave sipping on Greatfather’s Winter Ale (that he swiped while in Ironforge) and eating Red Hot Wings while reading the Green Hills of Stranglethorn. When he hears a fight going on he looks out of the peep-hole in his cave with an Ornate Spyglass. If his new Mechanical Dummy gets killed he just releases another!

A-Caroling We Will Go requires you to use your Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater (this years reward from under the tree) to carol in your enemy capital cities during the Feast of Winter Veil. Owning the sweater even has its own Feat of Strength: Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater. However, if you decide you don’t want to keep it you can exchange it through the optional quest Thanks, But No Thanks giving you Scrooge’s Payoff (a bag of 5G) instead.

Before heading back from Stormwind we went looking for Nessy. It wasn’t long before we found her.

Other things to try include the additional animations for the seasonal pets including:

The best part is they no longer cost a Snowball to summon so have some fun :)

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