garrison mapGarrisons are designed to play a major role in your progression so here’s a rundown on what you can expect. The buildings you choose for each outpost will determine what blueprints you get for your Garrison, shape your questing experience, provide different followers and unique buffs for that zone.

The Garrison Calculator can help you determine what plots to choose and how it will look once fully upgraded (only six of the central buildings may be altered) according to your plot choices.

The Basics

Level 1 – One small and one large plot.
Level 2 – Two small, one medium, one large plot plus a Herb Garden and Fishing Shack
Level 3 – Three small, two medium, two large.

Soon after you establish your garrison, your garrison architect asks you to find and learn the barrack blueprints left in one of the outer buildings. Construction requires an initial 350 resource cost and once you finalise the building, you’ll receive the Call to Arms perk.

The Garrison Cache located just outside the Barracks plot initially contained 1,000 garrison resources with a variable amount every other visit to the garrison. Once you upgrade your Town Hall to level 2, the cache can be found along the right wall.

Be sure to loot Lady Sena’s Extra Stash for a small boost of garrison resources. They are located on the left side of the mine entrance (overlooking the cliff). It appears Lady Sena is a bit of a hoarder with a secret stash of stone in the underwater cavern (right next to the fishing shack). There’s also an unused wood pile on the outer north-western end of the garrison border.

Along they way, you’ll pick up profession specific items like the Cracked Band which can be handed into the relevant quartermasters once repaired. Each turn-in will net you between 5 and 20 garrison resources. You can only hold 10,000 Garrison Resources at a time.

These buildings cannot be changed and unlock at different stages of progression.

Town Hall

Town Hall L2

The central hub of all garrison activity. Access to your Architect and Mission Commander can be found inside. The Garrison Hearthstone (received as an early quest reward) returns you to this building.

  1. Unlocks access to a large and small building plot.
  2. Unlocks access to a medium and additional small building plot. Also unlocks access to small, medium and large buildings. The quest Bigger is Better requires level 93 and 200 resources.
  3. Unlocks access to an additional large, medium and small building plot. Also grants access to three custom monuments and a direct transport to Ashran. Any archaeology finds will appear in the left alcove. Requires max level, 2,000 resources and 5,000 gold.

Frostwall Mines (unlocked with a Level 2 Town Hall)

The Mine was once abandoned, but there are still underground riches ready to be discovered.Frostwall Mine

  1. Allows players to mine Draenic Stone from mineral nodes in Draenor. Draenic Stone can be converted to work orders for Draenor minerals.
  2. A new mineshaft allows access to additional mining nodes and lootable supply carts. Also allows up to 3 work orders at once.
  3. A final mineshaft allows access to rich mining nodes. In addition, garrison guards will patrol your mine, keeping it clear of hostile Goren. Also allows up to 5 work orders at once.

Requires Draenic Stone Collector to unlock the Level 3 blueprint.

Fishing Shack

FishingL3The Fishing Shack provides support to those looking for their next big catch.

  1. Allows small Draenor fish to be caught in Garrison waters and provides access to daily Fishing quests.
  2. Allows medium Draenor fish to be caught in Garrison waters.
  3. Grants you a chance to catch unique fish in Garrison waters. These can be used to lure Cavedwellers onto the shore.

Requires Draenor Angler to unlock the Level 3 blueprint.

Fishing Specialist

Nat Pagle – Quest: An Angler On Our Team (requires 700 fishing)

Herb Garden

FarmA bountiful garden for the planting and harvesting of Draenor herbs. Quest for the Herb Garden.

  1. Grows Draenic Seeds into herbs each day and herbalism nodes are available in the garden.
  2. Increases the amount of herbs that can be harvested at the Garden. Also allows up to 3 work orders at once.
  3. Grow a unique Draenor fruit tree in your garden that grants food buffs. Also allows up to 5 work orders at once.

Requires Draenic Seed Collector to unlock the Level 3 blueprint.

Pet Menagerie

MenagerieThe Menagerie provides new opportunities to develop and enhance your pet retinue.

  1. Attracts elite pets you can battle for rewards. Also lets 5 of your battle pets to hang out in your garrison.
  2. Increases your trap chance while in Draenor, and lets 10 of your battle pets to hang out in your garrison.
  3. Reduces the cooldown of the Revive Battle Pets ability by 50% while in Draenor.

Requires Draenic Pet Battler to unlock the Level 3 blueprint.

In order to unlock the menagerie, you’ll need to defeat three pests around the garrison. The daily challenges become available once your Town Hall is upgraded to Level 3.

Large buildings enhance your garrison’s followers


Barracks L1

The Barracks houses your garrison’s military forces and followers.

  1. Grants the Call to Arms ability and unlocks Patrol Missions. Patrol Missions have higher than normal follower experience rewards. (200 resources)
  2. Allows a follower with the bodyguard trait to accompany you as a guardian in Draenor Zones. Increases your follower limit by 5. Requires Comprehensive Outpost Construction Guide. (300 resources)
  3. Allows you to instantly complete a mission once per day.

Complete Patrolling Draenor to unlock the Level 3 blueprint.


StablesStables provide significant benefits to your mounts.

  1. Enables the capture and training of special mounts on Draenor.
  2. You may remain mounted while interacting with objects in outdoor Draenor zones.
  3. Increases mount speed in Draenor by 20%.

Goblin Workshop

Crush your enemies with your mechanized might!

  1. Unlocks a personal engineer that attaches rockets, mines, and speed boosts to your mounts. Exceptional work!
  2. Your engineer now grants you access to a Jet Pack.
  3. Allows the creation of a siege vehicle once per day. Drive it to victory in Draenor!


The Armory stores and maintains the armaments used by the Garrison’s inhabitants.

  1. Doubles the chance for your quest rewards to get a rare or epic Bonus Upgrade.
  2. Allows the collection of armor scraps from the Orc clans of Draenor for armor transmogrification use.
  3. Grants 1 of your 3 seals of tempered fate (raid bonus loot roll) at no cost each week.

Medium buildings increase your garrison’s productivity

Frostwolf Tavern

Adventure! Excitement! A Hero and his followers need all these things, along with a place to rest afterward.

  1. Each day, a visitor offering a quest will spend the day at your inn. These can be dungeon, world, or raid quests.
  2. Recruits random followers each week. (requires 225 resources)
  3. Unlocks the particularly lucrative Treasure Hunt missions


BarnThe Barn houses captured creatures that provide the Garrison with leather, meat, and fur.

  1. Allows you to capture Clefthoof, Elekk, Wolves, and Talbuk for leather and fur. Used for leatherworking and tailoring recipes.
  2. Allows you to capture Boars and Riverbeasts for rare meats used to create the most powerful food.
  3. Allows you to capture elite beasts to harvest for savage blood, used in all epic crafted armor and weapons.

Lowlands Lumber Mill

lumbermillThe Lumber Mill enables access to different types of Timber throughout Draenor.

  1. Allows you to mark small trees in Draenor for harvest. Harvested Timber can be converted to work orders for Garrison supplies.
  2. Allows you to harvest medium trees for additional timber.
  3. Allows you to mark large trees for even more timber.

Upgrading The Mill – Place 75 Work Orders at the Lumber Mill, complete Reduction in Force and Legacy of the Ancients to unlock the Level 3 Blueprint. There are several achievements tied to the Lumber Mill: Choppin’ Some Logs, Choppin’ Some More Logs, Choppin’ Even More Logs Choppin’ Even More Logs.



  • Phylarch the Evergreen – requires a level 3 lumber mill. Phylarch can randomly spawn at large timber nodes but will only become a follower after you defeat him 3 times.

Trading Post

TradingPostThe Trading Post is the Garrison’s center of commerce with the natives of Draenor.

  1. Allows the trade of crafting reagents for garrison resources and vice versa, for a profit!
  2. Enables access to the auction house. Also grants access to the Shattari Defense or Laughing Skull factions.
  3. Increases reputation gain in Draenor by 20% (account-wide).


Cacklebone – Requires revered rep with Laughing Skull Orcs

Sparring Arena

Sparring ArenaShow your might over opposing hostile players across Draenor and hone your strength on the blood-soaked arena floor. Slay your enemies and return with proof of their demise to earn powerful tributes!

  1. Increases your out-of-combat regeneration in outdoor Draenor zones and allows the collection of broken bones from defeated enemy players (used for Conqueror’s Tribute).
  2. Enables safe fall in outdoor Draenor zones. Also enables the Nemesis quest series for defeating enemy players of specific races.
  3. While below 35% life, all damage is reduced by 50% in outdoor Draenor zones. Grants access to the Battle Royale arena event.

Small buildings focus on professions. Working More Orders unlocks all the Level 3 profession blueprints

Gem Boutique

The Gem Boutique allows for the creation of wondrous gems and other jewelcrafted items. Blueprint rewarded when you find Gem Grinder Orolak, the owner of the pendant chain.Gem Boutique L3

  1. Refines raw materials into special Jewelcrafting reagents each day, and allows the production of Jewelcrafted items.
  2. Allows followers with the Jewelcrafting trait to work here, granting a unique bonus. Also allows up to 3 work orders at one time. (150 resources)
  3. Allows up to 5 work orders at once.

Jewelcrafting specialist

  • Ulna Thresher – Stonefury Rescue mission (appears to be related to finalising this plot although I didn’t one with the JC trait)
  • Alexi Barov – under a fallen log, right next to Terrokar Refuge, Teladar (requires lumber mill) or in Nagrand

Engineering Works

The Engineering Works produces a host of useful gizmos and parts for the intrepid tinkerer, and also creates wondrous mechanical devices. Starts with Burned-Out Hand Cannon.Engineering L3

  1. Allows the production of Engineering items.
  2. Allows followers with the Engineering trait to work here, granting a unique bonus. Also allows up to 3 work orders at one time. (150 resources)
  3. Allows up to 5 work orders at once.

Engineering specialist

Salvage Yard

The Salvage Yard turns other people’s trash into your treasure.Salvage Yard L3

  1. Allows Salvage to be occasionally recovered from missions.
  2. Increases your chance at recovering Salvage from missions. In addition, you may now discover follower items in Salvage. (Only usable on followers which are 100)
  3. Greatly increases your chance at recovering Salvage from missions. In addition, you may now discover player items in Salvage.



StorehouseThe Storehouse has room to keep your and the garrison’s items safe and secure.

  1. Enables access to your personal bank and increases the total number of active work orders for all buildings by 1 (requires 150 resources)
  2. Enables access to your guild bank.
  3. Enables access to an Ethereal Trader for Void Storage and Transmogrification and increases the total number of active work orders for all buildings by 2

You will need the Outpost Building Assembly Notes for any medium and small blueprint upgrades. Two will be rewarded from quests in Gorgrond and the Spires of Arak. Once I had upgraded my first plot to Level 2, the quest for the Fishing Shack appeared.

More Plots rewards the small & medium blueprints.

After completing your outpost questline in Talador, the Comprehensive Outpost Construction Guide may be used to upgrade your large plot to Level 2. A second one will be rewarded after you complete your outpost in Nagrand.

Choose between a Lumber Mill or Fight Club at 92.

Lowlands Lumber Mill

The Lumber Mill enables access to different types of Timber throughout Draenor.

Includes access to a Turbo Shredder which will cut through tangled vines throughout the zone. You will sometimes see various treasures which give you more garrison resources.

Savage Fight Club

A perfect location for strength and conditioning tailored to the rigors of Draenor. The Savage Fight Club will provide training missions to improve existing followers.

The zone perk Champions Honor allows you to summon a champion to can aid you in different ways. For example, you’ll need Beatface to break through Odd Boulders (similar to tangled vines from the Lumber Mill).

Followers – Gorgrond

  • Bruto – Sparring Arena questline
  • Kaz the Shrieker – Starts in Deadgrin
  • Penny Clobberbottom – Meet her just before you build your outpost at Beastwatch.
  • High Centurion Tormokk – Go to The Destroyed Expedition in the south end of Gorgrond. You’ll see a big armored Ogre being attacked. Help him defeat his opponents and he will join you.
  • Blook – On the border of Gorgrond and Talador – directly south of Evermoon Springs (Horde flight path), take the path leading up to his overlook. Talk to him, fight him and win.
  • Spirit of Bony Xuk – Quest: Zero Xuk’s Given

Choose between an Arsenal or Arcane Sanctum at 94.

Arcane Sanctum

Enables instant travel to strategic points in Draenor!

  1. Unlocks a portal to Ashran
  2. Unlocks a portal to Talador
  3. Unlocks a portal to Gorgrond and Nagrand

Includes a Guardian Orb that follows you around and electrocutes enemies for 30secs.

Vol’jin’s Arsenal

Doubles your chance for quest rewards to give you a rare or epic bonus upgrade.

  1. Doubles the chance for your quest rewards to get a rare or epic Bonus Upgrade.
  2. Allows the collection of armour scraps from the Orc clans of Draenor for armour transmogrification use.
  3. Grants a free raid bonus roll once per week.

Includes Artillery Strike, a zone perk which orders your armory to begin an artillery strike at a targeted location. Three volleys will be be fired with a maximum of three charges.

Followers – Talador

  • Magister Krelas – Spirit Lodge Outpost questline
  • Morketh Bladehowl – War Mill Outpost questline
  • Pleasure-Bot 8000 – see Gem Boutique above
  • Aeda Brightdawn – Quest: Gatekeepers of Auchindoun
  • Soulbinder Tuulani – Starts with Powering the Defenses
  • Ahm – Quest: Dying Wish

Build a Tavern or Trading Post at 96.

Stonefire Tavern

The Stonefire Tavern will provide housing and additional troops and boosts the morale of your forces. Once fully operational, the Stonefire Tavern grants the use of Home Away from Home within the zone.


Smuggler’s Den

The Smuggler’s Den will open up trade roots with other forces, granting access to rare supplies and materials. Once fully operational, the Smuggler’s Den grants the use of Smuggling Run! within the zone.

Followers – Spires of Arak

  • Benjamin Gibb – Admiral Taylor’s Garrison graveyard
  • Kimzee Pinchwhistle – see engineering above
  • Ziri’ak – obtained from the Smuggler’s Run merchant window
  • Leorajh – Follow the path leading up to the Apexis Chamber from Leorajh’s Den (south of Bloodmane Valley)
  • Talonpriest Ishaal – becomes available once you complete the Achievement: Between Arak and a Hard Place

After completing the Challenge of the Masters, you’ll be able to choose between the Corral & Tankworks at 98.

Wor’var Corral

The Corral will provide Frostwolf wolf mounts for your troops. Once fully operational, the Corral grants the use of a Frostwolf War Wolf allowing you to pick up items while mounted and increases movement speed within Nagrand.


Wor’var Tankworks

The Tankworks will provide demolishers for your troops. Once fully operational, the Tankworks grants the use of a Wor’var Demolisher within Nagrand.

Followers – Nagrand

  • Lantresor of the Blade – Starts with Meet Me in the Cavern
  • Abu’gar – Find three of his belongings scattered around Nagrand. Return them to his current location at Stonecrag Gorge.
  • Goldmane the Skinner – Go to the top of the tower at Ironfist Harbor and kill Bolkar the Cruel. Use the key to free him from the cage.

At 100, you can switch over any of the outposts for a 10K fee. Just speak to the relevant foreman NPC in each camp. There will also be a quest to repel a garrison invasion (located just outside your Town Hall) giving you another source of Frostwolf Orcs rep and a chance at epic items.


Followers – Frostfire Ridge

  • Olin Umberhide – You first encounter Olin Umberhide at the Dark Portal and again as you escape the jungles of Tanaan. In Frostfire Ridge you’re asked to rescue him after being ambushed along the garrison perimeter. He officially becomes your first follower after freeing him in a nearby cave.
  • Ka’la of the Frostwolves – reward from your first garrison mission Gronnlings Abound
  • Mulverick – Quest: Slavery and Strife (Sootstained Mining Camp)
  • Shadow Hunter Rala – Quest: We Be Needin’ Supplies
  • Dagg – After you free him from two cages in Daggermaw Ravine and Grom’gar, he appears outside your garrison offering to join you.
  • Gronnstalker Rokash – Quest: Only the Winner
  • Lokra – Quest: The Battle for Thunder Pass
  • Blademaster Na’shra – Quest in Magnarok (requires level 100)

Followers – Ashran

Followers – Miscellaneous

  • Image of Archmage Vargoth – locate 4 items scattered around Draenor
  • Meatball – Brawler’s Guild Rank 5
  • Choluna – Quest: The Sleepers (The Garrison Campaign)
  • Croman – Achievement from Bloodmaul Slag Mines (Heroic)
  • Leeroy Jenkins – Achievement: Leeeeeeeroy? from UBRS
  • Talon Guard Kurekk – Achievement: Mantle of the Talon King
  • Fiona – ?
  • Muthala Greyhoof – ?
  • Gemana Burhoof – ?
Game Director Tom “Kalgan” Chilton explains how followers will work:


We’re removing the concept of dismissing followers and instead changing to a limit of 20 active-duty followers that can go on missions. What that means is, if you’re over 20 active followers, you won’t be able to start a mission until you’re down to 20 active-duty followers. Your followers that are on inactive duty still show up in your UI (but marked as inactive), and don’t lose any levels, progress, etc. One follower per day can be returned from inactive duty for 250g.

Once you have followers at ilvl 615, the second tier of level 100 missions unlocks, at 630 the third tier unlocks (includes missions with ilvl 645 gear for your character), and when you have followers at ilvl 645 the fourth tier unlocks. The fourth tier is special in that they show up rarely, but they’re raid missions for your followers that reward your character with raid quality loot of a tier higher than you’re currently running.

If you’re doing LFR, you’ll get normal quality raid loot, if you’re running normal raids you’ll get heroic quality loot, and heroic raiders will get mythic quality loot. Mythic raiders will get mythic loot and 1k gold. These missions show up rarely enough that you won’t be able to deck out your character in these items before the next raid zone shows up, but having a handful of them will give you a nice edge.

Subject to change as the beta continues