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Mask Acquired


After years of trying to get the mask from the Love is in the Air boss, I finally received the Vile Fumigator’s Mask in my Heart-Shaped Box. Best of all it was on Cymre – my mog queen. According to WoWHead, it’s a 6% drop but that seems higher than it really is.

I was excited to use it after seeing all the people around me getting one so I wanted to try it on Cool until I realised I had to use it on an enemy. Unfortunately, he was in the shrine while I was on the Isle so I was going to try the mask out later but I forgot about server maintenance.

For now, I’ll leave you with these pics I took last year.

Mask effect

Hmm, I wonder what sort of costume I can create for this… hopefully I can pull something together from her wardrobe without having to farm anything. Too bad it’s not moggable though.

Now if only I could loot the rocket as well… might be another few years on that one with a 0.03% drop.

In other news, I’ve collected another rare item from Timesink Isle.

Glinting Pile of Stone

I suspect the Eroded Cliffdwellers felt a sense of impending claustrophobia after kiting one into the cave the other night. All it took was three more kills to get my Glinting Pile of Stone.

Hallelujah, only four to go!

By the way, if you’re a fan of Cool’s art, check out his new blog.

Lunar Festival and Snowy Owl

Lunar Festival 2014


There doesn’t appear to be anything new this year so if you’ve collected all your achievements, recipes and festival outfits, you won’t have much to do at all. As usual, you can check out the one on WoWHead for a full guide.

I decided to try and collect all the outfits (including the pant sets) this year so I’ll be visiting a number of elders to buy the three off the vendor. To begin, I needed some runecloth and firebloom for the festival dress and pant suit so I headed to BRD and Searing Gorge for each of them respectively.

Lunar Festival and Snowy Owl

After logging back on my priest, I headed over to Winterspring to see if I could find any Snowy Owls around. I happened to find one pretty easily so if you’re still missing one from your collection, now is a great time to get one.

Chinese New Year falls on the 31st January so Kung Hei Fat Choi to all the Horses and other zodiacs out there.


Winter Veil 2013


There are several new additions for 2013 including the Rotten Little Helper – a new battle pet from the Stolen Present daily reward. I managed to get mine off the third try (see below).

Rotten Little Helper

Rotten Little Helper (Humanoid)
Abilities: Club, Booby-Trapped Presents, Greench’s Gift, Ice Lance, Ice Tomb, Call Blizzard.

Note that while the Rotten Helper Box is rare, the pet itself is uncommon and can be caged so expect to see these in the AH. It’s also been reported that a couple of SoO bosses are dropping the santa hats.

The special gift will be the Crashin’ Thrashin’ Flyer Controller found under your faction’s capital city tree as well as two achievements – Crashin’ Thrashin’ Flyer and The Danger Zone.

Players will also be able to purchase the 2012 Winter Veil gifts: Foot Ball and The Pigskin from Toy Vendors Blax Bottlerocket, Clockwork Assistant, Craggle Wobbletop, and Jepetto Joybuzz if exalted with the vendor’s faction.


You’re a Mean One… (daily) requires you to save Metzen the Reindeer and recover some stolen treats after defeating The Abominable Greench. Completing the quest rewards you with a Stolen Present and a small chance to contain a Lump of Coal which can summon Lumpy as well as a Miniature Winter Veil Tree.

Just make your way to the Growless Cave in the Alterac Mountains (south of the Ruins of Alterac) to find the Greench standing guard outside his cave.

There’s no need to race and tag but you may require a group of 2 or 3 to kill him.

Taken from Wowhead

He randomly casts Abominable Crush on players or other objects (winter veil trees) that appear throughout the fight – You’re supposed to run out of it like with Blitz from the first boss of Grim Batol (otherwise huge damage and getting knocked in the air = +fall damage). Snow Crash freezes a player for 6 seconds and deals a bit of damage. This can NOT be cancelled with PvP trinket! It’s cast by the Snowman spawned from Throw Strange Snowman. It is reported that you can avoid Snow Crash if you move far enough away from the Snowman. The Abominable Greench doesn’t hit that hard himself, but the freeze makes it really hard to kill solo unless you have quite good gear and are a blood DK you have to find a small group, maybe a healer but if everyone runs out of  Abominable Crush there isn’t that much damage coming. Throw Winter Veil Tree is also cast during the encounter. The Winter Veil Tree is a valid target for Abominable Crush.

Once he’s defeated, multiple gift bags will spawn which any player can loot. As long as you loot a bag and speak to Metzen within 5 minutes of the Greench’s death, you will complete both criteria for an easy hand-in.

A-Caroling We Will Go requires you to use your Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater (also available to purchase from the General Goods vendor) to carol in your enemy capital cities during the Feast of Winter Veil.

In 2012, we had the transition of Winter Veil pets into Battle Pets:

with the addition of several animations:

The best part is they no longer cost a Snowball to summon.

For more info, check out WoWHead’s complete Feast of Winter Veil 2013 Guide.

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