Staff of the Hidden Master

Staff of the Hidden Master

I’ve been searching for this staff since the beta as it was one of the few lost treasures I really wanted to find. Tonight my search was finally over. Feeling somewhat lucky after taming Savage yesterday, I thought I’d do some questing in the Valley. It wasn’t long before the quests led me to the Hidden Master so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check all the spawn spots for this lost treasure.

I was only familiar with a couple of the spots having seen some of the screenshots on WoWHead. With the quests I picked up, I took my time checking each set of co-ordinates staying in the area for about two hours – killing multiple mobs, collecting eggs and finishing my trials.

After completing the chain, I decided to check each spawn spot one last time so I started killing the beasts around the first set of trees. Knowing I was on the wrong side of the tree, I hovered my mouse around the base and couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw the ‘Staff of the Hidden Master‘ text come up. CRAP! I had to kill these things quick!

So I killed the handful of mobs while manoeuvring myself around the area in an attempt to take a pic of the staff sticking out of the tree before someone came along and grabbed it before I could. Luckily, no one did.

Staff of the Hidden Master

Staff of the Hidden Master

Staff of the Hidden Master

Now all I need is a staff to mog :)

Cymre the Relic Hunter

Cymre the Relic Hunter

Wow, what a day. I was determined to get my 20th item tonight when I managed to find my 19th item earlier today. I was sure that the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm would be one of my 20 items when it happened to be my first and only one on the beta. It’s funny how things turn out though.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get credit for both the Pick and the Hammer. I wasn’t sure which one wasn’t counting at the time but it appears that it was the Mining Pick which doesn’t make that much of a difference with getting the odd gem.

Relic Hunter

There was never a more fitting title

Phew! I made it.

In the end I needed another 11 items to get the achievement but at least I have it now.

Cymre Jones – Relic Hunter… doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? :D

One Man’s Trash…

One Man’s Trash…

After competing the Finders Keepers achievement last week, I’ve been consistently looking for more lost treasures to add to my count. My tally was stuck at seven and then nine for a few days until I managed to find one more item to give me the next achievement – One Man’s Trash…

Cymre Jones has a brand new torch :)

Cymre Jones - torch

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers

After getting the Lost and Found achievement on the beta, I was really looking forward to getting the same one on live. However, this appeared to be harder than I anticipated, especially when Cool managed to find one without even trying =/. After about a week, I managed to find my first one in the Wilds. I was so happy to finally collect one that I worked hard at getting the next achievement for finding five lost treasures. Let me tell you, it’s pretty time consuming having to hoof it everywhere (pre-90) but over the next few days, I found another four giving me the Finders Keepers achievement.

Here are the five lost treasures that I managed to find which count towards the achievement.

Banana Infused Rum

Nayeli Lagoon

I looted the Seafaring Advisor’s Slippers from the locker but I suspect the item may be armour specific.

Tablet of Ren-Yun

Neverest Pinnacle

On a side note, I wanted to see what I actually looked like as a Hozen Pirate (without the haze) but Blizzard took out the setting a long time ago.


Effect from consuming the Banana Infused Rum

However, if you’d like to remove the haze yourself, type in:

/console ffxGlow 0

Change 0 to 1 if you wish to re-enable the haze effect, esp if you’re doing Catch the Wild Wolpertinger!

Rum - no daze

Hozen Pirate – no haze

Now to find some others…

Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman

Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman

The Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman is a rare spawn which appears on the north side of Cattail Lake in the Valley of the Four Winds. As expected, he’s quite transparent, so he’s quite easy to miss if you don’t have names turned on.

Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman

He even sparkles!

“Beautiful day for fishing, don’t you think? You a fisherman, [name]? I’ve got this old fishing charm if you’d like it, works wonders in the waters here.”

Being the first one to talk to him (and click through his chat response) will reward you with the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm. However, he despawns once he’s given away the charm so be quick to talk to him if you see him.

Also make sure you have a free spot in your bags before you select the chat bubble so the trip wasn’t wasted.

Lost and Found

You can also get the Lost and Found exploration achievement for finding one of the lost treasures hidden throughout Pandaria. BONUS!

Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm-fishing

The item itself is reusable and doesn’t need to be added to a pole like a lure so feel free to fish without one if desired. I tested the charm in a couple of Pandarian pools and can confirm that on occasion, you’ll get 2x [fish] per cast instead of one. Just don’t forget to change your fishing spell in the Profession book if fishing poleless is not working for you.

Frenzyheart vs Oracles

Frenzyheart vs Oracles

It might have been a while ago since you did your rep grind for either the Frenzyheart Tribe or The Oracles. You might have even changed alliances for Mercenary of Sholazar or the rewards. I actually did both for those reasons, changing from Oracles to Frenzyheart once all the rewards I wanted were in my possession.

Being a pet and mount collector, I was anxious to start my rep grind with The Oracles. Upon revered reputation you can start buying the Mysterious Egg which turns into a Cracked Egg after three days (real time). This egg has a chance to contain one of four companions, a very rare Green Proto-Drake or some Aged Yolk. Bad luck if you get the Aged Yolk though as you’ll have to wait another three days for another egg to hatch. Older players could rejoice as it used to be a seven day wait!

Reins of the Green Proto-Drake

Special Mount animation

Proto-Drake Whelp

White Tickbird Hatchling

Tickbird Hatchling

Cobra Hatchling

Once again at revered reputation, you can start buying the Disgusting Jar which also needs a few days to ferment and has a rare chance to give you another costume item. This is not a trinket so you can use it as long as it’s in your bag, lasts 5mins and has a 30min CD.

Frenzyheart Brew: Brings out the Wolvar in you!

So whatever your preference, there’s sure to be something for everyone… provided you have the patience for the rep grind and three day wait each time.

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