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Key to the Palace


Earlier today I took part in killing the Haywire Sunreaver Construct, one of the new rare elites on the Isle of Thunder. I was able to loot a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen which allows entry to the solo scenario.

To start, head over to the Bleak Hollow cave (51.4, 46.2) and talk to Taoshi. Once you’ve accepted her quest, you’ll be able to enter the scenario. Once you’re ready, speak to Taoshi again to open the door and start the timer.


As you progress though the rooms you’ll have access to various chests like Mogu Treasure Chests and Golden Treasure Chests while trying to avoid obstacles along the way. You can use the speed boosts around the place by running through the green runes and buy some handy items located at the entrance once you’ve teleported inside or off your faction vendor to increase your chances of success.

With a 5min time limit, don’t waste too much time trying to access some of the more difficult chest placements, especially if it’s your first time in there. The first room will have a series of small spiders, lightning AoE and mogu statues which come to life as soon as you pass them. Once you reach the second room, you’ll have to watch elemental tiles, glowing circles and roaming eyes.

Troves of the Thunder KingChest number twoGolden ChestsTrove room

By then end, you have a chance to loot the following:

Once the timer is up, you’re teleported out of the dungeon to Taoshi’s location where she hands you a Burial Trove Key as a reward. This allows you to open one of Lei Shen’s Burial Troves in the room, unless you’re lucky enough to loot another one in the dungeon.


You can run the scenario as often as you like, if you’re lucky enough to loot multiple keys per week. I was able to run it twice in two days after receiving another key in my daily Sunreaver cache but the quest to receive a Burial Trove Key is a one time only thing. Any others with have to be looted from chests inside the scenario or talking to Tenwu in the last room before your time expires. There is a very small chance to loot a Mogu Rune of Fate from Lei Shen’s Burial Trove as well.


Once you become familiar with the scenario and chests, you can have a go at completing the achievement – In the Hall of the Thunder King.

So GL and happy looting.

Staff of the Hidden Master

Staff of the Hidden Master x5


As one of the many Lost Treasures hidden around Pandaria, this is an interesting item as it has five different spawn spots all within Paoquan Hollow in the north-western part of Valley of the Four Winds. I’ve been lucky enough to spot this item twice. Once on my Hunter while questing in the area and then later on Cymre while pet battling.

Staff in tree

As a rule of thumb, you can only see these items once on each toon (just like the relics used for the Riches of Pandaria) series.


When I saw this second staff, I noticed that Navi was on so I asked if she was interested but she wasn’t sure if she had picked it up already. It turned out she couldn’t see it because she had it already. Shame, since I was hoping to use it as a Winter Veil gift but oh well.

Now if you use some kind of addon that tracks co-ordinates (I use TitanPanel), you can use these to pinpoint the spawn spots.

15.4 29.1 
17.5 35.7 
19.1 37.9 
15.0 33.7 
19.0 42.5

Good luck!

Riches of Pandaria

Riches to Find


I was excited to see some new achievements when I logged in today. I knew 5.1 was bringing a lot of nifty things but I didn’t realise we were getting achievements for the treasures that didn’t count towards the Lost and Found series.

Rikktik's Tick Remover

These are such a great source of XP and money especially while levelling my alts. The hardest one would have to be the sap in Townlong Steppes since it can spawn in several spots around the huge tree. One spot in particular is too high to get to without flying.

So I logged in to find Treasure of PandariaFortune of Pandaria and Bounty of Pandaria complete leaving me with ONE treasure left to find. I suspected that I knew the item concerned as I only found out about the artifact once I had quested through the Jade Forest – a heavily phased area. So I headed over there just in case something had changed. I thought maybe I could fly in fast and click on the item before it phased out (like it had done before). I flew down and saw the Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot just waiting to be clicked but was it now lootable?

Riches of Pandaria

Woot! Another treasure series now complete with Riches of Pandaria!

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