Silver Dragons


Gorgrond Rares


Gorgrond is the next destination for both Horde and Alliance and offers a stark contrast between the perilous jungles and vast canyons of the zone. I admit when I first saw Bashiok, I couldn’t help but engage him. He has an interesting drop.

The industrial development of the Blackrock clan has left the once-glistening oasis of Gorgrond a desolate, rocky badland, its only remaining natural produce the steam that boils up from massive vents beneath the earth. Gorgrond has become the source of the Iron Horde’s arsenal—its foundries churn out weapons, armor, and torrents of smoke great enough to be seen from neighboring lands.

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GerohnaBlademaster Ro-gor
Char-the-BurningDefector DazgoDurp the HatedFossilwood-the-patient Gelgor-of-the-Burning-GorgerHorggHive Queen Skeeter MalkorMother-AraneaeMorgo KainRiptar Rolkor Stomper-Kreego SulfuriousSunclaw

A couple of memorable spots included the Gronn Canyon and sulfur springs where you can find this magnificent looking elemental but even more impressive was the colour of the water. Gorgeous stuff.

This list is subject to change.

Shadowmoon Valley Rares


In Warlords of Draenor, the Alliance crash land in Shadowmoon Valley after escaping their first encounter with the Iron Horde in Tanaan Jungle. This gorgeous zone is filled with rich draenei architecture as well as forming the base camp of the Alliance Garrison.




Click on the draenei corpse
Drop: Varandi Family Crest.


This frog requires some creative jumping to reach
Drop: Hypnosis Goggles


Drop: Legacy of Om’ra (has a chance to be epic)




Speak to the NPC at the Embaari Defense Crystal and protect him from the wolves and matriarch which follow
Drop: Windfang Sabre


Frostfire Ridge Rares


Vignettes are a new type of silver dragon found in Warlords of Draenor meaning they lose their ‘rarity’ the first time you kill them. Unlike the Timeless Isle, you won’t need to farm a mob over and over since their unique item is guaranteed to drop (as well as a number of garrison resources). Just keep an eye out for any skull in the vicinity and you’ll be sure to see them all in no time.

Borrok the Devourer

Feed him 10 Ogres
Drop: Carapace Shield of the Devourer


Drop: Cold Tusk

Firefury Giant

Click the Fire Stone to awaken the Sleeping Giant
Drop: Firefury Spirit

Gargantuan Frostbeak – not sure if this one still exists



Only available before you build your Horde Garrison
Drop: Gruuk’s Evil Eye

Pale Fishmonger

Skorr the Soul-Gorger

Slogtusk the Corpse-Eater

Son of Goramal

Uglok the Frozen

There are also a number of events (marked by a sword) and treasures to find so be on the lookout for anything unusual.

This list is subject to change.
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