Siege, Celestials and Ordos

Yesterday I was looking up the loot from Downfall (the last section of SoO) and was amazed at the number of items worth rolling on. It seems that I’ll be using all three rolls for the last three bosses as they not only drop nice loot but a couple of bosses drop pets as well. Maybe I’ll even get lucky with a pet drop just like Cool last week.


Last night I completed the Celestial Tournament possibly for the final time as I collected my last celestial pet. Chi-Chi was the last one I chose after trialling one on the PTR so I wasn’t in a rush to collect one this time around.


Now If only I could get another Ordos kill. I’ve only managed to kill him twice so far and walked away sans loot. Hopefully that will change in the near future. Luckily for Navi, it did just that.

For those still looking at submitting a YouTube intro, you still have a few days to get your entry in. There will be a few choices for the winning video so what are you waiting for?

Coolidge’s Special Request

Just a quick note to thank everyone for their congratulations over the last day. At this stage, there is no set date for completing my legendary but Cool and I are looking at next weekend due to some commitments we have over the next few days. Stay tuned…

Edit: an email has now been sent to all those who offered to help. Please check your accounts.

Winter Cleaning

It must be that time of year again when I find myself in the same predicament and it’s not even spring! I was having trouble looting all the items to sell during my runs though Kara, TK and SSC but the last straw came when I was doing an exploration run of the third room in the Troves of the Thunder King and couldn’t finish looting a Golden Chest because my bag was full.

Cymre Jones-53

Turns out I had left a Burial Trove Key in the Golden Chest but the dilemma was deciding which item to delete from my bag. This wasted about 15secs trying to decide which object I could live without. In the end I discarded my Ancient Amber which I’ve had since early Cata but in all honesty, I haven’t really used since Dragon Soul.


So now my bank and backpacks are all upgraded with Royal Satchels which helps but I still needed to go through my entire inventory. This included a couple of pieces in my Void Storage and bank since a few turned out to be look-alike pieces, particularly the cloaks.

I was able to free up 18 spots which is great and I even changed my shadow mog to my Cymre Jones outfit since it frees up a bit more room. It’s just too bad I’m using a staff instead of my stake/torch or journal and you still need to show the shoulders which is a shame (not that she really uses them for her outfit). Plus I was holding all my Battle-Stones on my alt since she’s doing more of the pet battling these days but I’m suddenly tempted to hold them on my main. I might just wait for the patch though.

Hippogryph Hatchling

My latest big purchase turned out to be another TCG pet after seeing the price drop low enough in the AH. It feels so great to mark another one off the list. No fragments in Ulduar though this week.

Unexpected Behaviour

So I’ve been fairly busy on the PTR lately, testing the Celestial Tournament and capturing all the rares I can find – silver dragons that is, not the pet variety. In fact, there’s so much to do on the Isle, I’ve been able to find some new treasures, including various chests and unusual objects which make exploring the place a lot of fun. I had to use my thinking cap for a couple of those chests in some funny locations and I’m loving the challenge. I’m wondering if they will be part of some new Lost Treasures of Pandaria or similar since Cymre Jones is itching to go on another adventure.

Then after finding another quest to do on the Isle, I figured I’d check out the Celestial Tournament to see if there were any changes inside. Just as well I did because there were three new Champions to try but really, I was not expecting that kind on language from  Kiryn.

Kiryn battle


I actually laughed when I saw this reaction but then again, it’s Kiryn who we get to know pretty well questing through the Jade Forest – at least for Horde. I’m not sure why but her reaction reminds me of Tome. :P

Oh and I managed to get Haters Gonna Hate with Cool earlier which means I just need to get the portal one sometime.

The Price of Hunting Rares

I had an ulterior motive for logging onto the PTR. At first it was to try out the new glyphs, pets and Proving Grounds but then the Timeless Isle opened bringing with it lots of new possibilities. I was particularly excited about the Pet Tournament but it had yet to be implemented so that left… exploration and rares. It didn’t take long before the rare hunting took on a life of its own as the number surpassed 20.

It’s been fun looking though my journal every day to see any new pet additions but I was floored when I used one of the priest templates and saw Tyrael’s Hilt in there! OMG I couldn’t believe it! The other day I even saw the Ethereal Soul-Trader so I couldn’t resist taking them out as I’ve never been lucky enough to own them before.

Lil Tyrael

Thank you @warcraft for giving me an opportunity to own some of the rarest pets in the game, if only for a short time on the PTR. I never thought I’d have a Tyrael’s Hilt as well as several other highly sought after companions.

Someone asked if it hurts more because I have to give them back and I must admit it is bittersweet so I don’t have the heart to level Tyrael but luckily for me the Ethereal was level 25 already. I even took some short videos to try out their animations and I loved seeing my name attached to them but alas I know my love affair with them is intermittent =/ Maybe I should create a new page called ‘Only on the PTR’ for all the pets I may never own. Of course, I would hope to remove some of them in the future (if that ever changes to owned) but for now this will have to do.

So over the last few days I’ve spent a lot of time scouting out all the new rares I could find including camping a few of the locations for the ones which eluded me. Some were a lot tougher to get so I ended up dying a lot! Mind vision came in very handy for some but if I couldn’t get it any other way I would die in a good spot just to get a near perfect shot. I’ve always been a fan of getting a great action shot but I usually prefer to get a rare in their natural surroundings whether they are yelling crazy things at people or wanting to eat me.

Price of a good shot

Price of a good shot

Yep, that’s the rare running over me. I had managed to die in a good spot but just as I did, some knucklehead kited him away so I ended up laying there hoping they would die and he would reset. He ended up resetting twice in that time so I took what shots I could.

Champion chasings

Furry elites come in threes

This is a pretty dangerous stretch with adds all around you. Especially this elite trio who patrols The Blazing Way so I ended up dying a fair way up the path and then having to wait until they patted all the way back up. I managed to see them in range just as my auto-release was due to kick in.

Then there are the exploration videos for missing elements ghostly crew (minus the ship and cannons) or the smouldering chest that I was dying to loot so I could see what was inside. I know, priorities!

If you’re interested in what else the the Timeless Isle has to offer or even some priest or other offerings, keep an eye on my Youtube channel or subscribe so you don’t miss out on any new additions.

How I Stumped Some GMs

A while ago, I wanted to free up some room in my bags so I headed over to the Guild bank as part of my daily ritual. I was systematically going though all the armour pieces, working out which ones I wanted to keep for mogging purposes and which ones were safe to sell when I noticed that I could store a BoA item in there. At the time I thought it was odd but hey, it worked and saved me an extra spot in my bags so who was I to argue? Being a two person guild I assumed it would be safe since I placed it in my tailoring/enchanting and mogging tab.

Then along comes Coolidge… he was looking through the tabs and “as a joke” said he’d take my apron out to wear. At first I thought he was kidding when he asked “wait, why is it saying ‘you can’t store soulbound items in the Guild bank?'” By this stage, I still thought he was pulling my leg since it’s something he’s done on numerous occasions but a few seconds later I said “I hope you’re joking”. Apparently he wasn’t because he started panicking and asked how I was able to store the item in the Guild bank in the first place. To be honest I wasn’t sure but I just wanted to keep it there for safe-keeping until I needed it again. Now if I had room in my own bank I would have stored it there but then look at who you’re reading about. Considering the effort to get one in the first place – albeit twice (once on the beta) it wasn’t like he could grind one up and then give me his so he opened up a ticket before he logged for the night.

Now all we could do was wait…

This afternoon I logged in and noticed the chat which read ‘Coolidge has logged out’ which I thought odd since I didn’t think he was on. When I checked RealID, it said he hadn’t been on for a day. How weird but then it’s not the first time I’ve seen buggy things like that… remember the 43 year bug?

Then tonight Coolidge told me he received a response from a GM and even the GM was stumped about how this could happen. In fact, he was so perplexed he brought in a few other GMs who responded in varying degrees of confusion (among other things) :P

Hail and Well Met, I am Game Master Marconford *bows*

I’ve been going over the situation so far, and I am happy to say that after checking over this… and several mutters of “whuh?!”, and having my fellow Game Masters stare at our logs in disbelief (I almost got one’s head to explode ^_^ ). We were able to get the Apron returned back to your friend.

If you find you need any further assistance, you can hit “Need more help” to reply to this message or use our Support Site by logging into your account and selecting the “Support” option at the top of the page. We investigate all reports received through this system, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Thank you for your time and patience here.

Kind Regards,

Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

I hadn’t checked my account since this afternoon so Cool asked me to log in. Now I realise it was probably the GM doing his thing earlier in the day.

This is what I found:

Apron returned

I’m so glad it worked out and I’m sure Cool has learnt his lesson (and me too) but it doesn’t mean I’ll be taking my apron out of the mailbox any time soon. It’s ok though, I still have 364 days to collect it.

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