Hodir to Illhoof

A couple of days ago I told you about my trip into Ulduar as a furry beast. This time, it was back to normal with a bit of a different agenda. Since we didn’t need anything from Ignis or Razorscale we skipped them, working our way a little bit further than last time.

Once again here’s a quick pictorial of our kills.

Flame Leviathan

XT-002 Deconstructor


As we waited for Auriaya to come back around, I took the opportunity to take a few pics and going back to Disc for the fight.

I spy with my little eye…


Heading towards Hodir, I had a brief incident with a pack of worms proving one snow mound can still be detrimental to one’s health. Cool managed to join me afterwards and made quick work of them. I initially tried Hodir as Disc but we managed to hit his enrage timer so I ended up going shadow again which resulted in his demise.

We ended the raid with a new mace for myself and a shield for Cool.

A little bit later, I headed over to Kara to try and farm my belt again (since I traded it in for a free slot a while ago).

While we waited for the Big Bad Wolf, I took a shot of our new toys.

Terestian Illhoof

Unfortunately, no luck with the belt today so I guess I’ll be back next week.

Heroic Morchok Down


After a couple of weeks on Heroic Morchok, we can finally say that we have our First Heroic Down after 25 pulls. In previous weeks, we tried healing with three, four and today started off with two for the practice. After several attempts, we managed to get him to around 25%. Further attempts consisted of adding another off healer to the mix. With one of our tanks switching to heals and one of our new members switching to tank, we had another go getting him to 2%!

That’s nothing new for us. The same happened before we had our Madness kill. Our main issues today were knowing when to run in and stay out for crystals with a few moving prematurely; particularly before being healed up and before the stomp. Although on one of the attempts, we had really bad placement with two of the crystals, dropping right next to each other. But with perseverance, we managed to get him down with Coolidge (tanking Morchok), Ðisturbed, Azalpha (soaker), Lafeme and Bogarat on North side. The other group had McVoe (tanking Kohcrom), myself, Zespri, Jabs (soaker) and Norallin. From my point of view, I made good use of my barrier during his furious stage, plus lots of shields and PoH for DA goodness.

Grats to Coolidge for his Hand of Morchok and Zespri for the Petrified Fungal Heart.

Let’s do it again next week ;P

Destroyer No More

Dragon Soul - Madness of Deathwing

It would be fair to say there were a few mishaps yesterday. The major one was starting the raid on 25 when it should have been set to 10. Hmm, I thought the Morchok fight seemed to be taking a long time. BTW, our new perk of ‘The Quick and the Dead’ (esp. the when you’re dead part) is such an added convenience. After the rectification, we managed to clear up to Blackhorn, two-healing all but one of the bosses. Due to some connection issues and latency, our Blackhorn attempts were kind of messy. Our kill actually came with me going Shadow to add to the ranged DPS. It seemed to help some but it became really hairy when we lost a healer and I could see Zes was running on empty towards the end of the fight. So with a well timed Hymn of Hope followed by a Divine Hymn to help out, we managed to get the kill we needed. Phew!

Unfortunately today, we had an hour wait before we could zone in for the last two encounters. Not surprisingly, we were itching to get in there since we had a long overdue appointment on Madness; last week getting him to 2% and all. Thankfully a friend of ours logged in, meaning we could finally get under way. We managed to have a pretty smooth run for Spine moving onto Madness after a short intermission. Being down a tank, we were able to get one of our raiders to switch in theirs – Thanks Nok.

The most surprising thing was, the fight we had yet to master, ran like clockwork. It was so smooth, in fact, that we one-shot the last encounter of Dragon Soul. Finally making us 8/8!

Congrats all, now to start working on Heroics…

Madness of Deathwing
Maw of the Dragonlord – Cymre
Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps – Azalpha

So close but no cigar

For a Guild who’s had a lot of issues rebuilding and recruiting being so close into an expansion; I will say that we’ve done a hell of a job in Dragon Soul. It’s only been our 16th day in there at around 32 hours of total raid time, as a Guild we’ve come very close in clearing the place.

When you consider all the setbacks with individuals, late starts and constant replacements, our deficits have not weighed us down so much that we feel like the irrepressible underdog. In fact, it shows that with determination we are on par with a lot of other Guilds out there for the time we spend as a cohesive group. A couple of mishaps that I remember – Jabs not having DBM turned on for Ultra and me to switching back to my shadow gear when DPS’ing for Hagara.

We’ve come close to killing Deathwing on the Madness encounter a few times now, but due to one reason or another, we’ve had to call it a day, mostly due to time constraints. This week we only had ONE raid day, after our raid yesterday was cancelled. So today we went in there with a lot to accomplish. Trying to cram in everything on our one official day of raiding, is not something we’ve had to do in the past.

We started out strong with our team going between two and three heals, solely  dependant on the fight. Since all healers take turns DPS’ing a week at a time it was my turn to draw short straw. We one-shot five of the fights having a slight mishap on Ultra. It was also the first time we two healed Warmaster Blackhorn. Well done guys. However, Coolidge ending the fight on a horizontal doesn’t really count since he died about the same time as the boss ;P

Spine had a a bit of a roll reversal with our whole raid team falling off instead of the adds. :P That was unexpected and quite amusing at the same time.

Now when it came to Madness, as a Guild we have yet to kill him, coming close in previous weeks. But you could not come [i]THIS[/i] close and not feel like we should have given it one more try. When you consider that the fight itself ends at 1% and we got him to 2%!!  Seriously, how much closer could it have been if we pushed it for just 1 more percent!!

Even so, I think we’ll have everyone revved up enough to push it over the last percent and say we have finally cleared Dragon Soul. So with next week on the horizon and an extra day to do it, who knows how fast we can accomplish it?

One Shot Cho’gall

What can I saw other than an awesome effort from all involved last night. Not only did we one-shot the guy but we did it with almost no casualties – well, less Melf who died to get free mana in the last bit.

I must say though that Wired is much easier to heal than Thraso and we did have more than one interrupter. It also seemed like I didn’t have to dispel the CC’s as often and we didn’t get so unlucky with the worships on healers as much which seemed to help. Also slows on the adds seem to work a treat as we didn’t have any adds reaching us at the boss.

So well done Coolidge and Hwired tanking, with myself, Melfina and Biship healing (whooshie, whooshie – 3 priests no less) and our on the ball DPS – Aza, Moopie, Epi, Xyn & Shaba.

Oh and all the mendings bouncing around at the end was extra sexy. All 3 healers ended the fight with empty tanks too. The most ironic thing though was that Moo managed to get his 2nd tier for his OFF-SPEC when no-one else in the group could even use the token!!

Well done all!

Blood-Queen Lana’thel

Ok, so it’s been a few weeks since our move to the new server and what can I say other than it’s been an eventful month! Between 10 and 25 ICC we’ve contributed to the killing of 10/12 bosses, with Blood-Queen Lana’thel just tonight. With a few attempts on Sindragosa we should have her down sometime in the near future.

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