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These days, I don’t head into Kara much after collecting all the pets but since I’m travelling around the continent every day, I decided to clear all but the optional bosses to see if I had any mount and pet luck.


Apart from the wrong opera and nothing from The Curator, I headed up to the Opera Event for my usual quick and easy solo. Now it usually goes without a hitch but for some reason I was stuck in the second piece I tried to move. After several attempts to eject myself from the pawn and log myself out of the game, it actually looked like the game was frozen.

Luckily, the game dropped out about 10secs later so I logged back in to find the match still going. At first I thought I had an automatic win because the cache was sitting there but then I noticed the pieces were moving. By hopping into the King and moving him from his fiery position, I ended up only hitting King Laine twice before he keeled over and died. They must have nerfed the event again because it seems even faster now with literally minimal effort.


At least I didn’t leave empty handed.

Nazgrim - Flex raid

Flexing It Up


This afternoon I had an opportunity to do some Flex raiding thanks to Arvash. At first I thought it was a guild run but as soon as I entered I realised it wasn’t. Luckily I recognised a few names so it was nice to receive a warm welcome from both Rep and Arv.

I missed out on Galakras but managed to do the other three in the Gates of Retribution. Thankfully the fights went pretty smoothly and we even managed to complete Rescue Raiders during the Dark Shaman fight – an achievement I thought we had failed due to an overzealous raider. I was particularly excited to get Gamon Will Save Us! as I never thought I’d have an opportunity with just LFR this expansion.

Nazgrim - Flex raid

By the time General Nazgrim died we lost a few to sleep but soldiered on after a short AFK break. Malkorok turned out to be another story after wiping several times to one thing or another so we called it a day before promising to return another time. Cool thinks I’ve become soft since I kept dying on Malkorok. It always seemed to happen when I was running to a safe zone. I even tried healing for one or two attempts but it became too late for several more people.

Not too bad for a couple of achievements and I even got to meet a reader of the blog :)

Courtesy of the Blizzard website

Soloing the Chess Event in Karazhan

Courtesy of the Blizzard website

Courtesy of the Blizzard website

Creating a WoW video is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but never tried until now so when I asked around my social networks, Fraps seemed to be a popular suggestion. Sadly, the free version only let me record 29secs worth of stuff so I needed another option. In the end I decided to try a program I had never heard of before but once I had figured out what to record, I headed into Karazhan for my weekly pet farming session.

Now I realise there are a lot of ‘how to solo chess’ videos and guides already out there but this is a basic strategy which I’ve simplified over time.

The video shows you how to win using a minimum of 5 pieces. This obviously depends on RNG so some games will be faster than others. It’s also possible to win the event using less pieces than I’ve shown but for me, I’ve had the best success rate using this method.

Basic Strategy

  1. Set your King to focus before you start so you can keep an eye on his health. (I did this a few steps into the video).
  2. Talk to the King – cast Heroism/Bloodlust (key 4) and exit. Note you get an 8sec CD before you can enter the next piece.
  3. Move the Grunt/Footman in front of each Wolf/Charger forward one space.
  4. Now move the Daemon/Elemental into the spots the pawns were in. Cast Hellfire (other AoE) before you leave each piece.
  5. Check the health of your King. If you need to, use the Necrolyte/Cleric to heal your king to full. (Lately I have not needed to do this, even if he’s standing in fire).
  6. As soon as the enemy King gets in range, swap to your Mage/Warlock and start nuking. Don’t forget to use the Poison Cloud (other AoE) too.

That’s it. Now make your way to Prince.

Granted it’s just a basic video as I haven’t done one before but you get the idea.

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