Gorgeous Bling

Gorgeous Bling

A couple of months ago, I managed to defeat Blingtron 3000, one of twelve challenge fights in Brawler’s Guild. I admit it took a few attempts before I was able to complete the fight but it felt good to add another boss to the tally. Oh and Blizz, WTB virtual storage space for all these shirts.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried most of the remaining card fights just to see what the fights were like but after seeing The Bear and the Lady Fair, I was anxious to try it. It uses the same mechanic when farming your Shado-Pan Geyser Gun so I thought it would be fun… and it was… until I died a number of times.

Then last night I was making progress getting the boss to 26%, 12% and remaining consistently under 20% until I died at 2%!!! I was determined to keep trying until my flask wore off and by then it was late so I went to bed.

Today I was going to take a break from Brawlers (as I usually do) but I kept thinking about that 2%. It took several more attempts on my main computer before it happened. I had defeated the ‘lady’ trogg!

Now just five to go as well as my bottleneck boss on Rank 7.


Brawler’s Rank 6 Complete

Brawler’s Rank 6 Complete

Holy Crap! I was having a pretty difficult time on this Anzu look-alike but after a number of attempts here and there, I was in the mood to give him a solid attempt today.

Yikkan Izu

Yikkan Izu – My main issues were missing/getting caught in his screech or being overrun by birds. Then when I managed to get him to 23%, 8% and then 2% (with a few dodgy attempts in between), I knew it was close but I was getting quite antsy because I missed his screech a couple of times. If I wasn’t bubbled, I didn’t fare so well but it also depended on how many birds were up at the time. To be sure I caught his first screech on the next attempt, I slowed my rotation down just waiting for his cast.

This boss can be feared and rooted so I used those to keep at range while silencing his first Disorienting Shriek. Just make sure you don’t get overrun by birds as this can happen very quickly if you’re not careful. Killing more than five will enrage him but he is still killable if you are on the ball.


Akama – This was an easy fight for a shadow priest. Roots and fears work like a charm so not much else to say for this one as I one-shot him.


Smash Hoofstomp – This was another one-shot fight, even with two gnomes sitting on his shoulders. I only killed one but noticed a considerable damage increase to Smash so to make the fight faster, I should have killed the second goblin too. Fear and roots also work.


Unguloxx – I didn’t think there was much to this boss until I realised he could hit you for about 30-60K in melee. Again just keep him at range with root and fear and you’ll have him in the bag.

Beating all four meant a new achievement, a new rank and a Brawler’s Pass.



Now on to rank 7… Eek!

Complete My Mog

Complete My Mog

A few outstanding pieces I still need to collect before I can complete my sets.



see Ulduar Collection


Circle of Flame – Ambassador Flamelash

Free Spirit Hood – Galleon

Cowl of the Illidari High Lord – Illidan

Crown of Endless Knowledge – World drop (65-66)


Matsuba’s Breadmaker – BOE drop

Tears of Heaven – Shattrah

Lunar Sphere – Drop

Gaea’s Scepter – Drop

Oppulent Scepter – Drop


Spring Gadget – Azshara

Mok’Morokk’s Grog Bottle (Dustwallow Marsh)

Thermotastic Egg Timer (Tanaris)

Scepter of Passionate Reprisal (Grissly Hills)

Shovel of Mercy (Hillsbrad Foothills)


To be updated over time.


Looking Up

Looking Up

After weeks of farming the Throne of Thunder raid, my off-hand finally dropped from the Iron Qon. I had been using a 516 staff that came from my first heroic scenario bag but I decided to use that for my shadow weapon instead. The off-hand I had at the time left a lot to be desired so going from a 476 to a 502 item was a welcome change. I also managed to get Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne last week so it made a nice set.

Orb of Arc Lightning

Then after my experience with the Celestial Blessings scenario a week ago, I decided to go into the raid as Disc and was pleased to see myself getting back into the swing of things. For a while I was switching my focus between haste, mastery and crit because I couldn’t quite find what was right for me. As I said before, I’ve been playing a lot more shadow these days but after today, I’m feeling a bit better about the state of things.

Straight after the raid, we headed over to Ulduar with one fragment drop from FL. Cat Lady also dropped the mace I’ve been eyeing so it turned out to be a pretty special day.

Titan Mace

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

Brawler Challenge Shirts

Brawler Challenge Shirts

Some of these names might seem familiar but many of the fights have new mechanics which are fun and interesting. Defeating each of the challengers will reward you with a unique shirt, varying amounts of gold and valour points.

More challenge fights

Grandpa GrumpleFloot

Grandpa-Grumpledo Strategy: This fight was easy enough. He randomly Throws Luckydo(n’t) throughout the fight so avoid the red harmful luckydos and run into the blue ones if you need a health boost. After a while, he will also drop yellow luckydos which will start hopping after you (which is quite amusing to watch) so just keep moving or they will explode on contact.
Floot-Tooters shirt Rewards:
Floot-Tooter’s Tunic
Giant Sack of Coins – 400G
50x Valor PointsRank 4

Master Boom Boom

Master Boom Boom Strategy: He will throw dynamite around (which is easy to avoid) and have a couple of fuse phases (as seen in the image). You must run over each fuse to stomp them out otherwise the crate will explode and you’ll die.
Boomshirt Rewards:
The Boomshirt
Giant Sack of Coins – 400G
50x Valor PointsRank 4


Ty'thar Strategy: You have to use your movement keys to avoid his swings as you keep an eye on his cast bar. If he swings left > move right (E), if he swings right > move left (Q) and if he slams hit the S key. Be ready to knock him out three times as you DPS him down although he will have less health each time he gets up. Note: if you knock him out while you are stunned i.e while you have dots on him, you will not get credit for the fight. Also, don’t get stunned more than twice or you’ll be challenging him again.
Undisputed Champion shirt Rewards:
Undisputed Champion’s Shirt
Giant Sack of Coins – 400G
50x Valor PointsRank 4


Razorgrin Strategy: Kind of an amusing fight for a shark that flops around the entire time. Just don’t let him touch you.
Sharkskin-tunic Rewards:
Sharkskin Tunic
Humongous Sack of Coins – 500G
50x Valor PointsRank 5


Splat Strategy: This slime seems to move a lot faster than the original and the puddles of ooze are certainly new. Just don’t stand in them or you’ll be hurting. Fear and tendrils worked well with one use of my fiend when I wanted to get some range on them.
Ooze-shirt Rewards:
Ooze-Soaked Shirt
Humongous Sack of Coins – 500G
50x Valor PointsRank 5
Brawler’s Rank 5 complete!

Brawler’s Rank 5 complete!

A couple of days ago, I had given an attempt or two at Fjoll before calling it a day. Yesterday, I decided to give him another go and one-shot the sucker.


Fjoll – With most of the void zones on one half of the pit or along the edges, I had quite a bit of room to manoeuvre – even with his Shadowy Blast knockbacks and Death Grips. At one stage, all I could see was the wood of the barrier and his health bar so I decided not to move until I saw a Void warning.

Proboskus – It’s imperative that you interrupt his Torrent at every opportunity. Silence works like a charm which I would often use on his second cast while letting my fiend take the first. Rain Dance can hurt but if you’ve killed some of the Champions, it’s exactly the same mechanic. Also stay out of his melee range because his physical hits can hurt A LOT towards the end.

Leper Gnome Quintet

Leper Gnome Quintet – The fight starts off with five gnomes at various health with Queasy having the lowest so it’s a no-brainer to kill him off first. Just make sure to keep dots on all of them, focus firing the one with the lowest health each time. They are CC’able so fear away while taking them out otherwise their Leperous Spew will stack up quickly.

Rank 6

Yikkan Izu – It’s important to take out some of the crows that spawn as he will keep summoning them periodically but don’t DPS more than four at a time as he’ll enrage. The only other thing is to watch out for his Disorienting Shriek. I haven’t quite perfected this strategy yet after a couple of attempts but it’s just a matter of time.

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