Darkmoon Eye reward

OMG, It Does Exist!


After countless battles at the Darkmoon Faire, it finally happened. There were FOUR items in my Darkmoon Pet Supplies with a Darkmoon Eye sitting in the prime spot. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, it only took thirteen months to get one after all. When you consider that it technically took 13 weeks, it doesn’t sound that bad but we all know the sad truth, don’t we?

According to WoWHead there’s only a 1.9% chance to see one but that’s only counting the players who upload content so it’s only as accurate as the member base allows.

I bought mine after months of disappointment but even after caving and buying the pet, I was still determined to find one the old-fashioned way – plus it’s still an excellent way to level up an additional pet (in addition to the six I do most days). Generally I like to use my Lil’ Deathwing and Darkmoon Zeppelin while I level up whatever elemental pet I’m levelling that week.

Darkmoon Eye reward

Looks like Cool will be getting something special the next time he logs on.


Pets and Stones


Holy Crap! Some people have all the luck with pet drops. I was farming the Jademist Dancer and Ruby Droplet when Cool turns up and gets both over two days but thankfully he was helping me farm them at the time. Then today I was headed into the Cavern of Lost Spirits for either pet and guess what drops while Cool is there – the Ominous Flame.

Ruby Droplet

Over the last day or so, I’ve managed to collect the Death Adder Hatchling and Ashleaf Spriteling but I’d have to say the hardest thing is getting to the rare in time as opposed to getting the drop you need. I’ve also had a couple of issues looting the rares. In one instance, the rare was still moving but when you look at their portrait, they are already dead or I go to loot and there’s no window. This is especially frustrating at the moment when you’re still after something specific.

Ashleaf Spriteling

I also managed to collect my last artifact for Timeless Legends, woot!

Timeless Legends

Don’t forget you can trade in three of your extra family-specific Flawless Battle-Stones in exchange for one Marked Flawless Battle-Stone. Just visit your major city’s Pet Battle Trainer Varzok (Orgrimmar 52.5, 59.3) or Audrey Burnhep (Stormwind 69.4, 25.1).

ShellTurtle helmet

This is my favourite thing at the moment. I’ve collected quite a few of these while trying to make the Monstrous Spineclaw spawn.

You know you’re onto a good thing when someone asks “what’s with your head?” :P

By the way, if you’re up for another treasure challenge, give this one a shot.

Gu'chi Swarmling

Goochie Goochie


Hurray, after a few days of farming rares, I finally have a pet to show for it and I haven’t even killed them all yet. This is only the second time I’ve seen Gu’chi since the patch went live and I was happy to see the pet drop.


I forgot to mention I splurged and bought the Sky Lantern too last night after collecting Bonkers.

Sky Lantern

Today I needed some help finishing off a couple of achievements so after our daily trek to Garnia, Cool and I headed over to the southern wall of Ordon’s Sanctuary. I was just missing the High Priest of Ordos for Killing Time and the Blazing Chest for Treasure, Treasure Everywhere. However, I wasn’t sure if we would be teleported out of the square (like I was a couple of minutes earlier) but we managed to pull a High Priest without any issue; at least until the mobs started respawning. We ended up fighting three extra goons in the process and with a couple of close calls, we lived to tell the tale and finish my double achievement. Woot! Thanks also to the alliance person who lent us a hand with our unwanted extras.

Killing Time Treasure, Treasure Everywhere

So how are you all doing on the Isle? Any luck with the pet drops? I’m thinking of levelling Bonkers just for the entertainment value.

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